The Marketing Planning Process MMoser Associates Assignment

The Marketing Planning Process MMoser Associates Assignment Words: 429

Companies that promise to provide same result at a lower cost are having their time now. MMoser sits in between a high end interior design consultancy and build company. They offer design with the intention to sell also the build. On the following scenarios, the factors hat affect MMoser business internally and externally are highlighted. These scenarios were chosen based on the influences of the property market, general construction / fit out market in the UK and the interior design companies.

Another important influence is done by clients increasing requirements of technology, flexibility, agility and cost value solutions to build their workplace environments. On the external scenarios the main points raised that will affect the company on short to medium term will be the economic instability leading to a decrease on spend in relocation and increase on refurbishment work with ower value. An additional scenario that can potentially affect the company in a medium term is the decrease of office spaces in 40% by 2017 as stated by Corenet.

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The sociological challenges companies are facing such as staff retention / motivation and adaptability to different work style requirements are very important aspects that affect MMoser clients and directly influence on their requirements of workplace design and planning. Another very important requirement that is changing considerably how people work is technology. The environmental aspects related to office environments are also ncreasingly being part of client’s requirements lately.

On the internal scenarios, the fact that some competitors accept and give commission to agents or any party involved can be a threat. Another important point about MMoser competitors is their focus on marketing actions, whether is done by public speaking by R actions to provide the market with state of art information or by just having a strong policy of customer retention, they have a clear strategy. The client’s different sectors selection was done by internal analysis of the last 3 years companys clients list.

On that list showed that MMoser client’s were mostly financial/ insurance and media company, followed by very few legal and other corporate business. The legal industry on the other hand has potential to grow on MMoser’s client’s share that s why it was highlighted as a potential focUS. On the internal company analysis is presented a grov. vth despite MMoser still being dependant on its parent companys cash flow. Among the marketing mix MMoser offers to its clients the main services are interior design and planning or interior design consultancy and design and build that includes procurement.

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