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Caucasian females are Purses main focus to target because Caucasians are usually the regular ethnic group who would buy chocolate and sweets from a high-class self promoted store. The Caucasian female will originate from Canada, United States or Europe who knows fine chocolate and are interested in spending money for chocolate. Moreover these high class ladies probably have a higher income than others since they are willing to pay high prices and usually work as well with Jobs such as In an office, accounting, teacher, or somewhere wealthy and the business that is doing well.

Most ladies are married; however do not have a child so are spending money lavishly for others and themselves. Finally, their hobbles and interests are hanging out with their girlfriends and going out for dinner with them. As well, reading books and attending parties might be an interest, therefore making them have an influence on how much money they spend for themselves. In the other end of the spectrum, this chocolate is trying to attract children around the age of 3-12 who are in the age when chocolate is ideal to have every day.

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However, most of Purses’ child friendly products such as ice cream, jellies and chocolate bars are set to target parents with children ages 5 to 9, because many parents are in distress when their child is begging for a product because it creates an unnecessary commotion in front of the whole mall. Usually the children would be a male since males are more persistent about food, than girls at such young age. However Purdue’s Is open for both genders since chocolate is applicable for most ages.

The children are narrowed down to Caucasian child with a 1 OFF street companies and average, but well-known stores. This family probably has 2 or more children, and so the parents are struggling with managing work and children. Their hobbies might be spending time with their family, relaxing with a nice book or talking a walk with friends since there is usually lots of stress and it would be great to live it from time to time. Anyway;says since this product happens to be chocolate related many kids will drive their tired parents insane for a piece of chocolate.

Nevertheless, even though many would think that a chocolate’s target market would be to focus on children, I believe that Purses is trying to bring higher class adults around so they are comfortable with their higher pricing. As well, I believe Purses wants adults to buy most of their products because adults cherish what they buy and they will spread the word if the product is good or bad. Moreover, since almost half f their sales are because of celebrations, this would be a great way for Purses’ engraved logo to stand out amongst the crowd.

In addition, females are Purses main focus because this business is women run, therefore causing most of their executive employees to be female and the business into a feminine area. Moreover, this chocolate has a very prestigious aura and palatable chocolate, this usually attracts females. Therefore, Purses chocolate attracts Caucasian, female, middle aged women, and stubborn children with their parents. Product Founded in 1907, Purses is known for their diverse variety of chocolate and their rich ND flavor assortments appealing many people.

Purses contain candies, snacks, chocolate bars, gift baskets, assortments and barks and brittles. Purdue’s’ products are meant to give you a sophisticated aura when eating their chocolate and so their name of the company is almost wanted as a brand. For example, Apple is a company, most, if not all, people buy Apple because of its reputation that it has not let go of and how it is appealing all around the world. Purses is on the way of making this dream happening by selling an assortment of chocolate and candy to higher class.

Purdue’s’ Chocolate only contain good quality chocolate made using only the finest ingredients from around the world including chocolate from Belgium. , ginger from Australia, cashews from India and dairy products from farms across Western Canada. On Purses’ website they claim that their chocolate is “on the highest product quality’. There company image is projected as a fancy, high class and sophisticated chocolate that serves the bests of chocolates in all of Canada. In addition, Purses has informed others that they are the leading chocolate in Canada, with 64 stores in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.

By saying this there company image rises and when customers look at Purses the store and the products they know that they are buying one of the finest chocolate in all of Canada. In every chocolate assortment, jelly, or chocolate bars Purses is sure to make their mark and to add their signature purple ribbon to remind the person indulging that the delectable were found in Purses. On the other hand, other chocolates have the name of the company engraved in front of the boxes or are included as a name tag, hanging loosely.

This helps the people remember the product even after it is finished. One of Purses’ trotters competition is Sweet Allophone in Edmonton, because they are also a chocolate and were named eight under Purses as the best chocolate in Canada. However, Purses has impeccable chocolate that has been well recognized around Purses will have to wait until serious competition arrives their way. Price Since many know Purses is known for their finest chocolate made from impeccable ingredients usually the pricing is very expensive ranging from $7 for a truffle to $30 for English toffee.

Purses branded products are usually a bit more expensive than the local brand chocolate found in Wall-Mart, Superstore, and the Sweet Factory cause this company wants to be known as the country’s finest chocolate and since the mentality of many is that if it is on sale the product is not good quality and if the product is very expensive meaning very good quality, the higher class will only buy the product for the highest price. Though Sweet Allophone is one of their competitors, Purses differs from them because their chocolate is overpriced making customers believe that Purses is higher than Sweet Allophone in terms of product.

Having these products that are highly priced creates a high quality and rich ambiance that is given to Purdue’s. This is because the price is determined by the target market and how in need people are for the product, making their reputation correlate with the price as well. Moreover, that is why Purses has never had sales where most of their prime chocolates are on sale, because many will think that Purses is desperate and their business is running low (which will then repel customers) and it shows that these products on sale are not in their highest quality, since Purses has always sold over-priced chocolate.

Their increased pricing made the consumers think that Purses branded products that had something more special n them and that were why the products were heavily priced. However, since parents and their children are Purses other main focus, they keep some of their products affordable such as their ice cream stand that stands Just outside of Purses. As I said before, Purses’ prime target are middle aged female to come into the shop, but want the children and their parents to go for their little ice cream shop.

Nevertheless, the ice cream is still a bit over priced because they have to maintain their good quality products, but is made to believe affordable by using different tactics such as odd pricing, (changing $30 to $29. 9) to lure parents in. Place Purses products are sold in 64 stores all over Canada located in many malls including Guilford Mall, and Willow brook mall where many hang out with friends and walk into. This makes the product to be advertised easier because a well-known mall will keep their reputation as a fancy chocolate and will not bring them as a “main street shop”.

Purses is not placed in strip malls because it is out open with grocery stores that do not serve high quality food, and if they mingle with these types of stores, many customers would indent into their mind that Purses used to be very pesticide, but now is slowly dying down. To help recreate their quality every day they chose shopping malls to project themselves in. Also, since Purses is a proud owner of diverse chocolates for different celebrations such as Dial and Thanksgiving, a mall is a great area to sell their products.

Since many shop throughout the mall to find gifts for one another, Purses can attract these people with their spotlights throughout the whole shop and their signature logo. Customers’ favorite gift that is simple to buy is chocolate; therefore Purses would be perfectly placed in a mall. Moreover, they would not be placed downtown because downtown malls are usually known for their bartering and to keep their prices low for the image will be shattered. A company must be a place that will help influence their company into many customers and will help flourish their reputation.

With more than 60 stores scattered in Canada, Purses is an impeccable store that is become an international known chocolate and will remain leading with their succulent chocolate all over Canada. Promotion To promote their new products, Purses has been involved with social media such s Youth to advertise their products. They send out regular advertisements in their channel for many grand occasions and so this helps their products flourish in the growing audience of Youth. In fact, Purses’ Youth channel has over 200 viewers subscribed to them. This population will indeed grown bigger helping market their products.

In addition, Purses has released themselves in media and have been invited in many shows such as the famous Undercover Boss, where their products were to flaunt as one of the richest chocolates in Canada. As well as Undercover Boss, hey have accepted to do make chocolate reviews in Youth with more than 11,000 views! With series of reviews being done in Purses this will help market the name of the company and will help the customers watching about how well their products are to be bought. If one customer buys this product for their friend, this will mean that they are spreading the word making people around them acknowledge this brand.

In the end of watching the advertisement sent out in their channel, many would be mouth watering for a taste of their chocolate because they send out the correct message about their luscious and silky chocolate. To keep the attention of their target they show the richness of the chocolate as well as the different assortments Purses has to treat everybody. As their motto says “Everyone has a favorite” making us believe that I can find my perfect match of chocolate in Purses! AS well, Purses has promoted it to teenagers and are trying to capture ten’s attention by offering themselves as a fundraiser for elementary to high school.

While selling the chocolates Purses will be promoted to different households that might have not tasted Purses chocolate at all, and are capturing the vivid attention of the kids and managers handing them out. Since Purses was in Undercover Boss and has been a regular company in the Food Network, it is obvious that they are trying to target their female, Caucasian category, who are trying to learn how to cook food; middle-aged. In addition Purdue’s will attract many kids’ attention because showing off the silky and mouth watering chocolate will drive them insane to get chocolate.

Therefore when they pass Purses in a mall, they will recognize this store immediately and will drive their parents insane to buy anything at all at Purses. Therefore with their recognizable logo engraved in every of their products and their attempt to get help from the media to advertise, rather than advertising themselves will perk up many customers when passing through Purses. That is why I think Purses has been clever to get into media to help them market their product, rather than taking the attempt to market a product they have not yet. Advertising URL is: http://youth. E/vs.-Sowbelly and giving. It is the ideal advertisement for children watching because they will be hooked by the chocolate the chef is mixing because our attention is captured very quickly with food. Unfortunately, I have learned that the real trick of an advertisement is to make the advertisement look like you are trying to help the customers, not the other way around. Therefore, as following AID, desire was not included in the video because they only showed their products such as chocolate and truffles to the viewer, but did not show anyone (customer) trying out the product.

However, in the beginning of the video it all started with a bowl whisking smooth and silky chocolate in a royal and sophisticated kitchen room labeled Purses Chocolate. The man whisking the chocolate was staring dreamily at the chocolate and smiling, directing our attention to the chocolate, not him. This also shows us how pure the chocolate is because it is being handmade and another important factor is that the man was wearing a chefs coat and hat indirectly indicating that in Purses it is all about professionalism and that your chocolate was taken care by a professional and well suited man.

Right after this scene was another scene of the man dripping the chocolate, luring the attention of children and middle-aged women interested in chocolates. Since Purses’ target market is middle-aged Caucasian women, in a higher class they had a scene where they flaunted all their different assortments of chocolates which will make any one drool. Finally, they ended off with a purple screen with their logo on it, telling the viewers that “Everybody has a favorite at Purdue’s”, telling us that we will find our perfect match of chocolate in Purses because they have various variety of chocolate and sweets to hand to us.

In conclusion the advertisement kept many people’s attention because in the background you could hear the light Jingling of bells indicating Christmas which would have capture middle aged Caucasian people because they are always in a hunt for Christmas presents, therefore their ears perk up when they hear anything of that sort. As well, the clear, soothing voice in the advertisement made viewers believe that this product was going to help their Christmas struggle and Purses will take care of all the hassle of buying chocolate.

In my opinion, the advertisement was not very well done because my attention was not captured the entire time because of their ineffective us of AID. * A – Attention – In the first h second, it grabbed the viewers attention by hearing the jingling of bells indicating to us that it is a commercial for Christmas; alerting everyone who has not bought their presents. As well, it grabs the viewers’ attention cause the first scene is the chef whisking a bowl of chocolate. We see the man smiling at the bowl, therefore our heads turn to look at the bowl with luscious and silky chocolate that everybody is ready to pounce into. I – Interest – In the first 3 seconds we see the man smiling at the bowl and it clearly is shown that the man is wearing a chef coat with Purses labeled on it. This shows professionalism that many seek, as so do their target market (women). As well the viewers are hooked with the chocolate the man is whisking. Unfortunately this AID factor- interest was not put immemorial many in a hurry, while watching television will slide through the commercial like it wasn’t even there * D – Desire – The desire factor was very weak because it does not show others using it, and in fact the only person on screen was the chef whisking the chocolate.

A slight factor of why customers will be intrigued would be their different assortments of chocolate and hopefully by all the textures of chocolate correlated in the commercial. As well, in the end they put a motto “Everyone can find a favorite” making us think that we can find what we are looking for at other shops here at Purses. A- Action – Even though it does not show phone number; it creates brand recognition very powerfully. It creates brand recognition because the three out of four scenes in the commercial show their logo engraved.

In the first scene they showed us the man with the chefs coat with the labeling Purses and the background which was a nice gold color had an eye- catching purple logo in the middle. As well, when Purses was showing their different assortments of chocolate everyone chocolate had the label Purses so when looking at the chocolate you would remember the popping purple and the name of the company. At the end of the scene they ended with a bright purple background with their logo on the top, big and gold and underneath was their simple website URL www. Ruddy. Com. A very good aspect of this action factor is that the website was short and easy to remember. Moreover, since the name of the brand is very simple it will stick into many viewers’ mind (bright purple). Unfortunately, Purses Chocolate did a very ineffective Job in capturing the attention of potential customers throughout the commercial because they did not keep our interest and did not have the desire factor intrigue us even more into the advertisement.

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