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Ceylon Biscuits Limiter’s Munched brand a household name, has invested a billion rupees in a new plant in Randal to increase production capacity and expand Its product range. The company, which recently acquired a big biscuit plant In India, Intends to widen its product range to bakery Items, such as cakes, and expand the Raillery chocolate range, which is number two In the local market. The company Is well known for products such as Marie, Lemon Puff and Super Cream Cracker and has been responsible for novel products such as Tiffin and Chocolate Puff.

Andean A. Healthcare, Director of Marketing and Sales, told The Sunday Times FT In an Interview that modern machines have been Imported from USA and Italy for the new plant. Ceylon Biscuits Is the largest Sir Lankan exporter of biscuits, chocolates and soy products and Its Munched brand has a 48 percent share of the local market. The firm has one of the largest distribution networks that covers the entire Island. Last year the company had a turnover of $2 million from their exports which are expected to rise this year.

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The company produces 2,500 metric tones of biscuits everyday and has a workforce of around 1,500. It currently exports to 35 destinations around the world, including the US, Canada, and Europe. Its newest markets are African countries such as Ghana and Botswana. Australia is the biggest market for the chocolate covered biscuits and savory biscuits. Ceylon Biscuits also does manufacturing for around 10 private brands in Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand and supplies supermarket chains such as Walter and Smart. Ceylon

Biscuits exports soy products under the brand Lankan Soy and products under the Cecil brand which include dehydrated fruits, fruit Juices, fruit pulps, desiccated coconut, cashew and spices. The company promotes its products by participating in international food fairs. Ceylon Biscuits has an understanding with the Ferrier group to manufacture one of its fast selling brands, “Tic Tact”, and to distribute the famous Ruche Ferrier. Its main products in the local market are Marie biscuits, Lemon Puff, Super Cream Cracker and Chocolate Puff.

The Chocolate Puff range was launched gently and has already equaled the demand for Lemon Puff without sales dropping In any of the products. Other products such as Tiffin, Hawaiian Cookies and Ginger Biscuits are increasing in demand and the company sees positive trends In biscuits, chocolate and soy products. The company acquired Soy Foods Lankan In 2000 and Introduced new flavors in its soy products. Ceylon Biscuits has a manufacturing plant and marketing operation In Achaean, India and recently bought Indian’s third biggest biscuit company, Baseman’s.

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