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The Company also plans to finance the purchase of residential and commercial properties in the developments through a wholly owned mortgage finance subsidiary. The projects the Company is currently considering is the development of 1300 acres on New Providence Island, Bahamas; the acquisition, renovation and expansion of an existing Hotel and Country Club on New Providence Island, Bahamas; and a joint venture residential/commercial development in the La Romano area of the Dominican Republic.

New Providence Island, is one of the smaller islands in the Bahamas chain of islands, but one its most populous. New Providence Island presents two opportunities the Company is currently evaluating. The city of Nassau lies on the northeast portion of the island and is the seat of the government of the Bahamas. It is also one of the major commercial and banking centers in all the Caribbean. The first project represents the development of one of the last large parcels of real estate on the island.

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Infrastructure and government subdivision approval is in place for a mixed use development encompassing several residential communities, a golf community, hotel resort development and marina development. Encompassing over 1000 acres and 3 miles of beachfront, the property is situated on the southwest end of New Providence Island and is part of an already formed subdivision made up of seven different parcels. The parcels are broken down into east and west parcels depending on which side of Baccarat Road the property lies and is further broken down into subdivisions.

The Stateside parcels include the following: 1 . Waterfront plots on 92. 63 acres. With a proposed lot size of five acres each the Social Media Marketing Plan By emerging property can be developed into an upscale marina community . Land is surrounded y water on 3 sides. 2. Hotel [resort on 170 acres. Beachfront and lagoon acreage. The land is surrounded on 3 sides by water. Proposed hotel development was part of original plan with government approval for a casino license upon completion of a five hundred-room hotel resort. 3. Golf Course Community on 487 acres.

This parcel is located on Millard Sound (inland lake). Proposed development would be an upscale golf course community composed of single family and condominium residences. The Wayside parcels include the following: 1 . Residential Marina Development on 69 acres of canal frontage. Approximately 196 tots for development as residences along with attached boat docks. 2. Commercial and Marina Development on 65 acres. Next to above frontage that can be developed into a small boat marina and retail commercial complex. 3. Residential and Small Boutique Hotel Development on 275 acres.

Property also encompasses an existing 18- hole golf course on 145. 94 acres. Proposed development of 97 acres for residential property and 16 acres for hotel development on beachfront acreage. The subdivision is approved for development and the golf course was operational in the ass’s. 4. Gated Upscale Residential Community on a 14. Acre private island. In the heart of the waterways. The island can be converted into an exclusive gated community. The second project on New Providence Island represents an opportunity to acquire, renovate and expand an existing hotel resort property.

The hotel currently has 238 rooms, fresh water diving pool, 4 tennis courts, restaurant and banquet facilities. The 18-hole par 72 golf course was designed and developed in the sass’s by Joseph Lee. The Company sees opportunity in the project on several fronts with minimum risk. These include, expansion of the hotel to over 500 rooms, obtaining a casino license upon completion of expansion, partnering with a major hotel casino operator such as the Hard Rock Hotel/Casino Group or the Palms Hotel/Casino Group of Lass Vegas, redevelopment of the Country Club into a world class golf course community.

The La Romano, Dominican Republic project encompasses a Joint venture to develop into a commercial/entertainment complex a 200 acre site at the mouth of the ROI Chevron and Caribbean Ocean. The site is in close proximity to the docking facilities of major cruise lines at La Romano, the world famous Case De Camps resorts and the Altos De Chevron artist complex. It poses an extraordinary opportunity for tourism development and upper end residential resort community.

The Company plans to finance each project using a variety of financing options including debt -equity offerings, primary, secondary and mezzanine financing, letters of credit, serialization financing and other structured financing programs. The Company has extensive relationships with investment bankers, lending institutions, money managers and other financial institutions in which to garner the needed cap tall tort the Company’s projects Proposed Corporate Structure Country Maps and Highlights Dominican Republic

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