Social marketing and individualism Assignment

Social marketing and individualism Assignment Words: 382

This advertisement by Amnesty International definitely plays on the social marketing strategy. The way It Is presented (with all It’s graphical violence) wants to make you know that there Is cruelty going on In the world, In this case In Sudan, and that you could and should help fight It. It uses “see-through” ads as If the crime could be happening close by and with this it wants you to feel like you have a social responsibility to help their cause. This is an advertisement by the New Zealand Government.

This ad uses “Asseverating” to directly warn people of what their reckless behavior could lead to. It’s telling them they should sleep enough before driving as this could lead to accidents. The government is playing its social role (and responsibility) to ensure that the country colleens are acting safe and not endangering themselves and/or others. This is an advertisement for the pod and extremely based on the ideology of individualism. As can be seen, only the silhouettes of anonymous individuals are kibbles but still all of them are unique.

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This Is to show that we are all different from each other and should take pride in It. Thus the Pod can be used to express our Individualism to the world. Because this ad Is heavily based on Individualism It might not be received well In Eastern collectively cultures. The problem Is that this ad Is too much focused on the “l” and a collectivist culture has a more “we” consciousness as be better to emphasize being a unity rather then different in an ad for it to have a argue impact.

Text: I am independent, I want to settle down, I want my own place, I want space for my family, I want to be myself, Be Yourself. This is also an excellent example of individualism. The whole ad is about “you” and your immediate family. The Eastern collectivist culture is based on the whole society working together as a whole and not Just focused on their selves. So it is very much possible that this ad won’t be received well in such an Eastern collectivist culture due o not being focused enough on the society as a whole.

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