Sex Education Assignment

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STUD, HIVE and pre-marital sex and other reproductive health issues are the common problems faced by the adolescents in our country today. For these things happen because of lack of awareness and knowledge about what sex truly Is and Its essence in our life. STUD and HIVE are diseases that we can get by having sexual intercourse with multiple partners. Thus, if we are aware of this, we can think of many ways to not Just prevent this, even avoid it. Also, if you believe in the sacredness of sex and in the sanctity of marriage, you cannot afford to play fire with sex.

In the other hand, pre-marital sex is the problem of all teenagers now a day, because they let their emotion rule over what Is right. They are willing to give themselves up to their boyfriend/gladdener not thinking what will happen after they have sex just to show how they love each other. Which they define make them defining love wrongly. Also, most of the teenagers don’t have enough knowledge and unaware of when they can impregnate or be pregnant. If this will ever happen to me, I will tell It to my parents first.

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I will say sorry for supporting and hurting them. Then, I stand with my wrongs. I will admit It and face bravely whatever consequence I will be facing. And I will pray to God to give me His blessings and guidance. Opening our mind will help in preventing this problems. With proper guidance in opening our mind in the true and not malicious concept of sex will be a good help. As teenage pregnancy continues to increase, I will make a stand not to be part of that number. I will serve as a role model to those people younger than me. Like my sister and my cousin.

I will always tell them that there is always a right time with the right person when it comes for sex. I will open their minds in the possible consequences when they engage in premarital sex at a young age, specially the negative effects of it so they will be aware of what will happen to them if they take everything for granted. Lastly, I will remind them everyday the most Important lesson Vive learned from the last discussion, “we should think many times before we act or decide on something because regrets are always at the end. ”

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