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You are uncomfortable teaching sex to your own children. You don’t want to talk to your own child about it and you don’t want the school to talk about it. But they are going to get the information about it from someone. Wouldn’t you want your child be taught by someone who is very educated? We the people always say that the “kids are the future. ” We put kids in school to get a better education and to understand the meaning of life whether it is good or bad. So what is the problem teaching kid about sex? We want kids to be protected by making smart decisions in life and in order to o that they must get a good education. Children are best protected by giving them the knowledge and skills necessary for their safety and So should sex be taught In school? Sex education. Whether there should be any discussion about sex and should it be taught in schools, it becomes very hard for the Opposition to argue. The focus of the discussion has been about keeping children and teens safe from unwanted pregnancy and disease, especially increasing spread of HIVE and AIDS or whether It is assumed that the students will be sexually active and should it be taught to practice safe sex.

For me sex should be taught in schools. It gives teenagers a sense of how to protect themselves during sexual intercourse. If sex education wasn’t taught in school, more teenagers who go through sexually intercourse will more likely get HIVE, AIDS. Yeah teenagers know about sex. But it is very crucial to learn how to protect you. We the United States have the largest pregnancies rate. It Is better to learn about sex at an early age around 13 and 14 because it is always better to prior knowledge about something. Sex education should be taught in schools.

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It gives teenagers a ensue of how to protect themselves during sexual Intercourse. If sex education wasn’t taught in school, more teenagers who go through sexually intercourse will more likely get HIVE, AIDS SECT. You would like to have teenagers who make smart decision in life for anything. So if sex was not taught in school, kids who go through sexual Intercourse wouldn’t know the consequences of having unprotected sex. ‘The spread of AIDS in the ass and ass has shown us that education and information is more Important.

Giving sex education In schools Is very crucial”. (Wisped). This piece purports my reason because it states that the spread of AIDS and HIVE in the ass and In the ass it Is very crucial to teach teenagers about the Important of protecting themselves during sexual intercourse. The teaching of sex education influence good behavior about sex and May very well decline the frequency of sex. “Research has identified highly effective sex education and HIVE prevention programs that affect multiple behaviors and/or achieve positive health impacts.

Behavioral outcomes have Included delaying the initiation of sex as well as reducing the frequency of sex, the umber of new partners, and the incidence of unprotected sex. And/or increasing the use of condoms and contraception among sexually active participants”. (move. Adventurousness. Org). This piece of information tells you that teenager who learn about sex and the consequence of it, If not well Protected. Strain away of having 1 OFF sex or I T Ana sex Deter Know not to nave sex Walt new partners Ana It snow you ten benefits of sex because it increase the use of condoms.

Yeah teenagers know about sex. But it is very crucial to learn how to protect you. We the United States have the largest pregnancies rate. It is real sad to know we have the biggest pregnancy rate that female teenager are getting pregnant at an early age than forced to drop out of high school. “In 2006, 750,000 women younger than 20 became pregnant. The pregnancy rate was 71. 5 pregnancies per 1,000 women aged 15-19, and pregnancies occurred among about 47% of women this age-group”. (stomacher. Erg). This evidence is saying that women who are probably 16, 17, 18 years old are getting pregnant and this ties up to what I was saying before the lack of sex education are effecting these young women who are probably not finish with high school are eating pregnant how would your parents feel when you come home with a baby not finish with high school or you are the father of the baby what expression will your parents have if you say “Mom or dad I’m pregnant” or ” I am the father of that child. The lack of sex education is really affecting us not only teenagers but the parents too. “The report, “Estimated Pregnancy Rates by Outcome for the United States, 1990-2004,” prepared by Cad’s National Center for Health Statistics, shows there were almost 6. 4 million pregnancies in 2004 among women of 17-20 years old, about percent fewer than the nearly 6. 8 million in 1990. The 2004 total included 4. 11 million live births”. (www. CDC. Gob). This evidence is stating from 1990 to 2004 the united states were 6. Million pregnancies among women ages form 17-20 and in the 1990 6. 8 million pregnancies including 4. 11 million babies. That is a lot of babies. It is better to learn about sex at an early age around 13 and 14 because it is always better to prior knowledge about something. Parents and teachers are always saying it is always good to have prior knowledge of anything. When I was in middle school my tat teacher always say learn this know because when you get to high school it is just prior knowledge and she was right. It’s best to start talking with students about sexuality in early childhood”. (plenipotentiary. Org). All this statement is say that when that when talk to students at an early childhood it benefits them more then someone who do not know about sex. When kids get to high school they are going to learn about sex and when you already know about sex you might learn something new. “There are many facts that teens under the age of 13 receive sex education fore they enter high school.

Teens at an early age should learn about sex at middle school and their high school year so they could argument to what they have learned during their prior years in middle school”. Juggle. Com) this evidence is saying that what you learn in middle school is Just prior knowledge to what you are going to learn in high school but really sex education is about your health it involves the human body. Some people might say that “if sex education was taught in middle school and it is Just prior knowledge in high school why teach it?

I disagree with this statement because sex education is not only about sex it involves health as well, it tells you what is in the human body for example ” the girl virginal area have sex organs that cause to have premature UCM” it talks about the human body. So you may know what sex is but it teaches you about dieses that can affect the human body. It teaches you about the human body organs. It has been a hard debate weather sex should or should not be taught in schools. One side thinks the sex snouts De taught In cocoons Decease I t Detentes teen In ten Torture. Mom tank sex would not be taught in school because they think it influence bad behavior in the teenage mind. For me sex education should be taught in school. It will benefit us for the better sex teaches us about the human body and about dieses. So decision is yours you have two options. You let them learn from someone who is educated and can probably explain sex to students better then you can or don’t teach them about sex at all and let them find out by themselves. Which side would you choose? Work sited pegs www. Adventurousness. Org www. CDC. Gob www. stomacher. Org www. Juggle. Com www. plenipotentiary. Org Wisped

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