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Argumentative essay Sex education In the article ‘Obama budget eliminates funds for abstinence only sex education’ written by Deborah Katz. Ms Deborah talks about Beam’s new unveiling budget. This new plan will fulfill the predictions the author had about women’s health and sex education In general. Ender president bush she claims that thinks were unclear about this matter especially after the government spent a big budget on this plan but thinks were still the same Women’s were still affected from the dangers of sex behavior and the author sold Is because many studies on this matter ere needed. However Beam’s new sex education plan will eliminate all that and will concentrate on comprehensive sex education. The author has no International tot how the program will be funded but she hopes for the better. I agree with president Obama about his plan due to different factors.

Horst because abstinence involves personal decision to refrain from sex and at the same time abstinent can not stop rape or save teenagers in most cases. According to Sharon Jason, in her article “Obama budget cuts funds for abstinence-only sex education”, Beam’s sex education plan will work fine because a big budget of $178 million for every teen pregnancy is proposed; further more a studies which was done about the previous program she says refutes arguments that abstinence education doesn’t affect sexual behavior.

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Jason describes Beam’s plan as open to Innovation, and it could include abstinence-only If strong signs shows Its affectively In first place. Obama asks everybody to be optimistic about his plan and trust education. The fact is the previous sex education programs tell the Ruth about sex, and It Is the most Important aspect for human survival, and that there’s nothing wrong with a healthy sex life, it makes adults feel as if they’re doing something wrong.

Besides it doesn’t change the tact that the best option is abstinence until marriage. Yet many religions agree that Beam’s plan will stop many innocent lives from coming to the world: perhaps will caused the IS_S_ total fertility rate to fall slightly, to 2. 0 children per woman. This means that the country Is again at “below replacement” fertility, or doesn’t have enough children being born for the population to naturally replace Itself (Cheryl, 2009).

In reality Beam’s plan wont changes the truth, researchers are showing that most girls don’t like their life to change because their pregnancy: in tact they wished they had waited and told the guy to get lost because that few minutes of fun Just wasn’t worth the price they have had to pay. Therefore teaching sex in schools may have negative effects on children DSL they learn more and more about this matter. This declaration was made by pope john pole 2 of the Vatican in 1986.

For this reason it is preferable to let our children learn to be confident tot themselves and stay a way trot bad sex actions. In addition here is never a good manner for teaching sex because sex it self is a practice and not an academic learning, Abstinence program have had negative effects on how to protect teenagers, wanly NAS Eden a major criticism AT ten assistance approach. Teenagers can not protect themselves from epidemics as HIVE, sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy (Rob, 2010).

Yet Abstinence often do not teach people about contraception safer sex and many young people remain unaware of how to protect themselves from becoming infected with sexually transmitted diseases . President Obama sex education plan may work and should be successful, except in some tuitions it can have negative effects that reflect on the future of our generations. To avoid problems more attention should be considered to protect our moral values.

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