Sex Education Assignment

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Everyone has an opinion about sex education. I am all for having comprehensive sex education as a part of the standard curriculum. Other people might be against it because they believe it will not be suitable for a certain age, cultural upbringing, or developmental levels. It will be beneficial to have sex education because it will increase and balance the sexuality education received from families and other support groups. Comprehensive sex education would include lectures about human sexuality, reproductive choice, relationships, anatomy, development, puberty and many other topics. Sex is not a topic of discussion at most homes.

Maybe it is because parents are not at ease while discussing sex. This is where school could be a good source to learn about sex education. If we have more sex education the rates for teens getting pregnant or getting Studs will decrease. Kids have easy access to media with sexual topics and images. All you have to do these days is Just turn on a television, search the internet, or read a magazine to find sexual information, but the media often does not present the correct information. As an alternative of telling kids to refrain, or “Just say no” to sex, it is better to give kids all the information so they an make wise decisions.

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Telling your kids to refrain or say no will Just make them rebel. Basically, in order to assist kids to make knowledgeable decisions about sex, we need to have comprehensive sex education in all our schools. If this subject is not addressed by our schools and we leave It up to parents who either aren’t comfortable or Just easily decline to discussing the topic, or your kids friends, or the media, then we have to be ready for greater rates of pregnant teens, Studs at earlier ages, teen depression, and suicide rates. Which all of can be linked to kids having sex before they are ready.

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