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Teaching Sex Education to 5th Grade Students Schools across the nation are beginning to teach sex education to 5th grade students. There are varied opinions on whether or not this topic should be covered at such a young age. I believe teaching students sex education at this age is appropriate because the lessons learned far outweigh the consequences of not being informed properly. When students are taught as 5th graders they are presented this information before becoming sexually active.

Teachers can give information on dangers of sex like sexual transmitted diseases and unwanted teenage pregnancy. This may convince students to remain abstinent for many years. If sex education is taught later in life or not at all it will be too late. The desired effect and lessons will not be absorbed in the adolescent years. By this time some students have already become sexually active and would not be open to listening to an adult. If students are not given sex education it tends to lead to incorrect information passing from student to student.

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Kids need to be given the proper facts. They need to know all of the correct terms and workings of the reproductive system. There is no need once a child becomes a 5th grader to believe a stork delivers babies to parents. Teachers with training should be the guiding our youth and not the sex driven media. The media has made sex seem so carefree and without consequence. The music, television and radio all promote casually, thoughtless sex. This is not the message society should allow to be exposed to the youth of America.

Teachers are properly trained to provide sex education to students. I believe they will do a better job in a classroom setting than parents answer questions from their children. Parents may be too embarrassed to talk to their children about this subject. Some parents can do an adequate job of teaching children but collectively the children will be better informed by a trained teacher. Teachers attend workshops and seminars developed specifically for sex education programs. The curriculum and learning exercises will provide the students with a better understanding of sex ducation. Many federal, state, and local governments are now supporting sex education with additional funding and resources. These resources are providing a better education for the students. Most funding is also allocated to programs teaching abstinence only sex education. These types of programs are crucial to preventing STDs and teenage pregnancy. Studies have show that when students are given sex education pregnancy rates and STD infections have been reduced by staggering numbers. Failure to provide proper education will clearly lead to a rise these figures.

The implementation of sex education has had a positive effect on the world and the youth of America. Without sex education teenage pregnancy, STD infections and unprotected sex will certainly increase and an alarming rate. Students must understand the consequences of their actions if the decide to become sexually active. The teachings today will decrease the percentage of students that decide to not remain abstinent. Sex education must be taught to 5th grade students to insure the students are properly informed of the dangers and consequences of any sexual activity.

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