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Sex Education, the Subject for Children In the modern day. Increasing premarital sex and pregnancy rate have worried adults and make them want to assign sex education to schools. Recently, some state that sex education will prompt them to have sex before the proper age However, to have sex education Is actually to give them the right understanding about sex against unexpected sex troubles. With this point, it provoked me to stand for supporting sex education in schools. Among This. Mom claim that sex education is unsuitable for the children as they do tot be mature enough to understand the lessons end they can copy misbehaver In some study cases. Honestly, schools are the spaces for children to share and learn openly before they become mature, and Glenn them sex knowledge leads them be able to protect themselves and plan family life properly in the future. If we try to exclude sex education from children, it is possible that they will violate and will not let parents know until problems occur. Isn’t It better to protect Instead of solving problems.

Although Thai teachers lack in sex-course-teaching experiences as they say, they have to study the curriculum before teaching. And sex curriculum In schools which contains many useful lessons can eliminate children’ sex misunderstanding and eventually decrease premarital pregnancy rate, they will be educated how to conduct against unwilling pregnancy or protect themselves from sexual diseases. Furthermore, when the unexpected sex troubles happen, they will feel free more to consult with teachers because they all used to discuss about sex in classrooms before.

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It is better than they fear and try to conceal as adults make them consider sex shameful to talk about. On top of that, if we hide the sex fact In schools, it arouses children to violate sexual norm. In fact that. Generally people desire to do what they are prohibited. So when adults even teachers do not make them fell sex like normal subject in human being. One day they meet some posters or short video about sex, It can prompt them to try having sex experiences somehow.

Opponents of sex education in schools say that giving student sex education is not he way out for Thai youth, and It leads to further sex crimes since It guides them navel sex Wendell studying. In a t 001 Ion sex Locutions In classes Is unconventional Tort Thai culture. However, the main goal applying sex education is to protect our youth and diminish sex troubles rate. In fact that, the sex curriculum will be set based on Thai students and teachers background and will be revised if it is practical before applying.

It is quite ancient attitude to conceal children from sex knowledge among he modern day that they can access to every kinds of media even sex. So it would be better to let them get the right understanding instead of letting them trial and error by themselves Sex education in schools will make the students understand more and have positive attitude toward sex, and it plays important role to prepare the children to be ready for mature life which leads to decreasing sex trouble rates. It would be good news for Thai if sex education is applied in schools. Then we will have a chance to see a great change for sex issues in Thailand.

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