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So people are always buying this it is a shopping good item, but one that you only need o buy every few months or so, and don’t put much effort into buying. Deodorant in general is a generic market item, but is then broken up into target markets to get the needs of individuals/target groups. Product Part of their marketing strategy is to sell you confidence, strength and fearlessness. Much of the commercials and advertisements are geared towards women being able to not have to worry about sweating, odor, or being uncomfortable.

With the use of Secret deodorant you are able to find the right deodorant for you to be completely satisfied, and not have to worry about your armpits no more. With Secret, you can be active, get nervous, lift your arms and live your life without fear of embarrassment over the fact that you sweat. ” There are a few different products on the Secret line; including clinical strength, natural mineral, original, outlast, fresh effects, and scent expressions. Within these categories there are sub categories depending on whether or not you need it for sensitive skin, natural, for athletes, you want bolder scents, waterproof, and many others.

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There is also are gels, solid sticks, invisible solid, roll- on, and aerosol forms of the deodorants. With all the variations there are over 55 products in the Secret brand. By expanding the product line to have so many different variations, they opened up the target market to be from 13 to 40. They have made available products such as the natural mineral, unlike other Secret products this product Is for the woman who is looking for a more sophisticated deodorant option. This was the biggest step in trying to get aloud of the majority of the population of women, which Is where Its competitors are, at the over 25 age group.

Proctor & Gamble are also In the men’s deodorant market using the brands Gillette and Old Spice. These products go under a different name so not only to make distinguished. For instance, if you heard someone say Secret deodorant you would subconsciously think of a woman’s deodorant. The designs of the deodorant containers help to make the product stand out. The logo contains a signature petal design with the word Secret on it. All of the products within this brand carry this logo.

But depending on what type of deodorant and who the target market it the logo can have some fluctuations, like color, size and how it is incorporated into the entire design of the bottle. P ice Prices for Secret Brand products vary based on item, location and amount you buy. For instance if you were to look at Secret Clinical Strength antiperspirant you can find it for as low as $9. 99 to as high as $1 1. 59, with C.V. Pharmacy being the cheapest in my area. Comparing these prices to some of their competitors, it looks relatively expensive. Dove Clinical and Degree Clinical both sell for $7. 88 at Wall-Mart.

The way that Secret tries to look more competitive is by selling a package deal of 2 clinical strength deodorants for Just $13. That Wall-Mart, which is Just under what you would secularly pay for 2 separates with a competing brand. Meaning $6. 95 per unit, which is a great deal if you are able to pay for a bigger quantity. This could be considered a quantity discount, where the larger the packs you buy the cheaper per unit you have to pay. They really want you to buy bigger quantities and then they hope that by the time that you need it you have forgotten, lost, or gotten rid of the extra ones you bought so you end up buying more.

It is really a good system; you can get the customers to buy more and more of your products with them still satisfied that they got a fair price, and with them coming back for more. Often online retailers are able to sell this at lower costs because they can purchase them in bigger quantities than other places. Amazon sells clinical strength for only $5. 50 plus applicable shipping and handling. Often online retailers are able to sell this at lower costs because they can purchase them in bigger quantities than other places. Amazon sells clinical strength for only $5. 50 plus applicable shipping and handling.

Often Proctor & Gamble distributes coupons in newspapers and online. This is an easy way to try and get new customers, by basically reducing the price of the antiperspirant people will be more willing to try something that is normally outside their price range. Then hopefully they realize how much they like the product and thus are okay with paying the full price in the future. Also as we have learned in our class, sometimes when you have clipped out coupons Just the mere fact that you had one makes people remember that you wanted to buy something, even when you leave your coupons at home.

So the coupons create a way for the company to increase the sales of their products and hopefully be able to make the customers aware of the product. Although this may not be due to Proctor & Gambles, stores like Wall-Mart offer discounts for employees, usually 10% discount on none food items. This would not be something that affects Secrets profits because this comes right out of the profit that Wall-Mart would make on the product. But this might make the product look more favorable and more reasonably priced for these workers and their families.

Thus this is why Wall-Mart insists on pushing the price they pay for the product to be so much lower so that when they give these discounts they will still be able to make money off of the products. One huge key that often people are not aware of is Secrets money back guarantee. “If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of the following SECRETS products, you can get a full refund of the purchase price. This refund opportunity applies only to Clinical Strength, Flawless, Fresh Effects, Natural Mineral, Scent Expressions, and Smooth Effects. This is a great idea, if more people were aware of this when they first thought about trying the product, then maybe people would be more likely to risk it, meaning would not be so worried about buying something that they do not like and having to waste their none on something they won’t use. Place You can pretty much find Secret Brand deodorant at any local chain store; from Wall- Mart and Target, to C.V. Pharmacy and Rite Aid, to Big Y, Stop-n-Shop and Price Chopper. This is intensive distribution, having it in as many stores as possible.

The idea is that if you are going to buy an antiperspirant and you go to the deodorant aisle in any store that you will be able to find products from the Secret brand. Some stores may limit the variety, size, and quantity that they can carry in the store. If you are not into shopping in-store, you are in luck, you are also able to purchase Secret Deodorant from online retailers such as Amazon, drugstore. Com, Walgreen, and Wall- Mart to name a few. Proctor and Gamble have an online e-store where they sell all of the products that they make.

Many stores have now created APS for smartness, pods, and pads where you can buy things with Just one click. This makes it easy to do shopping from virtually anywhere that you have internet. Proctor and Gamble has two manufacturing plants that create all of their Secret deodorant; one is located in Greensboro, North Carolina, and the other in Mexico City, Mexico. The products are old in over 180 countries worldwide. Promotion One way that Proctor and Gamble is trying to market their products is through social media.

Using sites like twitter to get people to circulate their brand name and tweeting, and re-tweeting about Secret deodorant. Kevin Hickman, marketing director for Secret, said “each satisfied customer can reach out to hundreds of others” while talking about social media. I would say that word of mouth is one of the most powerful kinds of marketing. Personally I am more likely to be intrigued by a product if I hear from someone I know, and respect the opinion of that they like a reduce, and then I am more willing to try it out. The Secret Backbone page has more than 1,650,000 fans.

They are able to post links, commercials, information about new or existing products, and events that are happening. Recently most of the posts done by Secret have been regarding stress sweat, all the different ways you can get it, and it tells you that their clinical strength antiperspirant. Also through social media the company was able to get some marketing research done; in 2009 by using Passbooks polls, they were able to see how likely people were to buy Secret the next time they deed deodorant. Secret has launched a campaign in 2011 that is called Mean Stinks. This campaign aims towards ending bullying.

The website Animations. Com gives “anti-bullying content and encouragement from across the brand’s social channels with searchable peer-to-peer advice, so it’s available to girls when they has brought a lot of interest into the brand. “P&G Anti-Bullying Campaign Increases Secret Deodorant Sales By 9%”. Youth is a very big part of the social media marketing. P&G is able to display commercials, and have user reviews for everyone with a computer to be able to watch. Youth also makes it easy for all of these video advertisements to be shared on other sites such as Twitter, Backbone and Namespace to name a few.

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