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In undifferentiated strategy, it is assumed that the market is one great homogeneous unit, with no significant differences between individuals thin that market. 4. 3) Customized approach: Companies overlook customized approach to make brand profitable in market as it is strategy which is adopt to develop for each customer as opposed to each segment. This approach is dominant in market. This approach can make brand different from other car brands by giving the different requirements in assembly line. Undifferentiated marketing would be the best for England SEC.

According to Blithe, undifferentiated marketing is about using a ‘scatter gun’ approach (2012: 85). In the future plans we will introduce customized approach as well. By adopting this approach we can make our brand different from other car brands by giving the different requirements in assembly line for the manufacture of automobiles. The cars will not be class-leaders, and European models will offer higher standards, but the launch England SEC is at least inoffensive and should offer lots of room. 5. Positioning: Kettle (1997) says that ‘Positioning is the act of designing the company’s offering and target customer’s minds.

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Positioning is not what you do to a product; it is what you do to the mind of a prospect (Rise and Trout, 1972). To make our brand compete in racket we have to focus on some positioning strategies. Fig (AAA) According to market survey Renault has positioned their brand up, that creates a vacuum and Geol. can hold that position. As AKA, Haunted, fiat and Citroen will be the main competitors for our England SEC, so in order to penetrate in the market we have to introduce more competitive strategies. Along with providing low price and longest warranty, Geol. has to pay more focus on customer services.

Therefore geol. is providing breakdown cover for three years and as geol. exclusive Geol. will provide customers with low premium or can also offer them change in their premium n heavy months so that customer will attract to buy the car and can offer discount if they make the payment in full as one off payment. This will help Geol. to stand out than other competitors and will help to get more sales and profit. 6. Marketing Mix: The term “marketing mix” was first coined by Neil Borden, the president of American association in 1953. It is a mixture of several ideas and plans brought forward to promote a particular product and brand.

The elements of marketing mix are often called the four As of marketing which are: product price promotion place Fig (AAA) This four up’s concept was used in old era when choice was limited with no extra services. But now in this changing consumer marketing services with product are essential which gives rise to 5th P I. E. People. Some commentators added two more As which are physical evidence and processes. For our Geol. England SEC, we have used these 7 As as follow: 6. 1) Product: Product quality and reliability should be in our mind if we are going to capture consumer market.

The specification of England SEC is 0-MPH: 12. Sec; Top speed: 1 MPH; Economy: 43. Amps; ICC: 181 g/km; Kerr weight: keg; Engine type: 4 heel drive; Power: EBPP at ramp; Torque: 127 lb. Ft. At ramp; Gearbox: 5- SSP manual. Rupee’s automotive fit-and-finish departments certainly don’t have anything to fear from this car Our brand Geol. England SEC provides convenience and comfort, reliable performance and long warranty of 7 years to compete main competitor Aka because Ski’s unique selling point is its 7-year warranty (business case studies, 2012).

The SEC isn’t going to threaten Rupee’s class-leading family cars – but from EYE. O for a full-sized family car, no one will expect it to. 6. 2) price: Sound pricing decisions are crucial to a successful business and should be considered at both long-term strategic and short-term tactical levels. We priced our brand similar to competitor and Geol. SEC will be EYE that is cheap and affordable for the purchase of a new car. Geol. will be launched as an entry level, for money’. Geol. will providing easy finances and also provide discount to the customers who will pay the balance off in one payment. . 3) Promotion: As people in UK are not aware of our brand Geol., so we will spend a huge amount to promote by participation in automobile exhibitions, advertising on internet, swappers, magazines radio, television and by personal selling leaflets. 6. 4) Place: The place aspect of marketing mix deals with the distribution channel for products and services. In order to control the distribution channel, Geol. at the beginning will generate more automotive dealers so that the car display shops go high and people can easily approach it.

We will increase the numbers of directly operated stores in order to get an access to the local markets and will also create a website in order to reserve a place in the e-commerce world. 6. 5) People: This element of marketing mix covers the front line sales and customer service staff ho will have a direct impact on how your product is perceived. Galleys distributors will not only make their staff well-trained and knowledgeable about the product, but also there will be the right kind of people for the Job. Geol. will consider customer service as top preference. . 6) Physical Evidence: Geol. will provide as much evidence of the quality as possible. To make customer relax and confident Geol. will also offer test drive service, so the customer can have some practical evidence before buying. Geol. will ask for feedback from customers so we can develop to attract new customers. 6. 7) Processes: The process part of the mix is about being ‘easy to do business with’. Geol. will provide customer with customer help line number which will be easily accessible to the right department to solve their problem.

Geol. will also design its website with update technology, which will show the availably or non-availability of the product in particular shops. These advances processes will help Geol. to attract customers because of its ‘easy-to approach’ method. 7. SOOT ANALYSIS: weaknesses, opportunities and threats involved in a project or in business venture. The soot analysis for Geol. SEC is briefly described in table below: Table (AAA) 8. Recommendations: We should go for media advertising to improve brand image by spreading company policies and innovations to our consumer.

Advertisement of Geol. through different channel like web, print media etc. Is also necessary. As customer today has become more cynical, time constrained and demanding therefore to deliver real customer satisfaction, our priority at launch is to have a trained representative network. Mostly customers have concerns about customer services, to get market edge we have to make and consistently keep our customer service as good as customer needs and acquirement. Geol. can target new customer through logical appraisal and feedback.

We should have to customize our product according to customer desire like fancy styled alloy rims for young customers, diesel engine for customers doing high motorway mileage etc. Geol. should do engine modifications to attract wide range of customers. Geol. should not be market orientated only for capturing the consumer technology and have to do some innovation regarding car specifications like car interior/exterior design in order to compete with other car manufacturers and to capture consumer intentions. We have to widen our range as quickly as possible, probably at least a new model range every year for the next few years. 9.

Summary of Days article: the Days article says that business performance depends on the advance skill in understanding the customer which has being generally approved by the marketing researcher who says the impact is high in market orientation on business performance. It is almost axiomatic that through on-going monitoring of customers, their needs, and market conditions, firms adapt to develop and deliver the products and services that are valued by customers by using total quality management (TTS). This behavior, termed market orientation (MO), is now central to marketing thought and practice as a key predictor of firm performance.

However, the construct continues to receive critical, largely adverse, commentary from some scholars, Hammer and Parallax (1994) argued that an MO leaves the organization open to the tyranny of the server market in which managers see the world only through their current customers’ eyes and develop TTS which does not give positive output. Brother, Hilbert, and Pit (1999) suggested that being market oriented detracts from innovation. The common theme among the criticisms is that businesses pay a penalty or being market oriented.

Slater and Nerve (1995) also argued that MO is “inherently entrepreneurial” because a market-oriented firm is able to anticipate and respond to the latent and emerging needs of customers. Mentor, and ??isomer (2002) found that MO mediated the impact of entrepreneurial proclivity on business performance. Although they advance the literature, these studies do not explicitly acknowledge or measure the proactive dimension of MO and thereby fail to respond adequately to the charge that MO is overly responsive However, significant gaps remain in responding to the critics.

First, scholars present an overly positive view of responsive and proactive MO they neglect the potential costs associated with each dimension of MO that may diminish firm performance. The responsive and proactive market orientations may influence overall new product program performance through their impacts on incremental and radical innovations, respectively. This suggests that project teams working on product improvements may practice responsive MO, while those working on radical innovations practice proactive market orientation. 0. Summary of “the new consumer” article: See appendix, page 12. 11. Critical appraisal of recommendations in relation to Days article : In our recommendations we are quite agreed with Days initial statement that customers are very important and the more you know what customers want, the more you are going to do business profitably. And we also recommended that business should relate and regulate its capabilities according to customers demand. But we are not agreed with Days statement of being totally market oriented using TTS.

Here we will oriented because it get distracted from innovation and that’s why we recommended that Geol. should not be market orientated only for capturing the consumer market UT also should have a look over future aspects and innovations. 12. Relating critical appraisal to the new consumer: As relating new consumer to the recommendation made on the days article, we analyses baker also said that the consumer should be given be given importance as the business environment has been changed now.

He said the key challenges facing consumer marketers have been thrown up by the tectonic change that has impacted the macro-marketing environment. In the shift from a production-driven to a consumption-led economy, conventional approaches to consumer marketing are not succeeding in enabling organizations to master the dynamic complexity of the new market place. These key challenges can be summarized as the need to: Address the concern of brand owners and retailers. Embrace the new consumer. Help organizations develop real consumer responsiveness. Lift marketing out of its crisis.

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