Same Sex Education: Gender Segregated Classrooms Assignment

Same Sex Education: Gender Segregated Classrooms Assignment Words: 679

Same Sex Education Many say that same sex education Is a way for kids to exceed In ways that they wouldn’t In a co-De learning environment. Little do they know that same sex education also comes with many disadvantages as well. Those disadvantages include; sexism, less experiences, and it promotes poor social skills. Co-educated schools are a good thing because they teach boys and girls to coexist amongst one another and to get along. With a same sex educated school you don’t get that interaction experience between the two genders that you deal with on an everyday basis.

When students are secluded to learning in a same sex environment, they may start to think that their gender is inferior and/or better than the other. This, Indeed, promotes bad social skills, School is preparation for the real world. And without gender interaction kids will grow up without knowing how to coexist amongst their opposite sex. This could cause future problems in the work place. People need to start thinking about the kids and how segregated classrooms could affect them negatively In the long run. Kids need to be around the opposite sex in order to see he world as an equal place.

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Co-educated classrooms are a good experience also for kids. Not only are they experiencing good social Interaction, but they are also experiencing many different learning styles In the article Boys and Girls Thrive in Separate Classrooms by Sally Reed it says, “Liberated from gender stereotyping, more girls pursue studies (and later careers) in math, science, and technology; with less to prove, boys tend to collaborate rather than clobber one another, and to get more Involved In art, music, and drama”, which is nice. T not entirely true. You see, studies show that boys and girls have the same brainpower and are capable of learning the same things. There are indeed unique learning traits in both genders. When boys and girls are learning together, they benefit for the exposure of many different learning styles. High school is also a great experience for kids on its own. It helps kids find who they are and it sets them up for their lives ahead. It wouldn’t be the same in a same sex Just like racial segregated schools promoted racism, gender environment. Segregated schools promotes sexism. Being In a learning environment that favors the needs of one gender can lead to students thinking that their gender Is better than the opposite. Men tend to believe that women only belong In the kitchen when they’re not out having babies, which as we all know, is untrue as well as extremely sexist. Men say this because they are used to having their gender dollied in society. When being taught in same sex classrooms this will only get worse.

School is opposed to show that everyone Is equal no matter their gender, so it only makes sense to include both boys and girls In the classroom together. When genders are being favored in their classroom it makes it hard for kids to grow up thinking that the tofu opposite gender Is equal to tenet own. In conclusion, gender segregated classrooms don’t show to be as effective as co- educated classrooms. Yes, though same sex classrooms seem to be a good idea, there are indeed upsides to it, but the downsides overpower the good aspects to it.

For example, we as a nation try to teach that everyone is equal, no matter their gender, skin color, or ethnicity. Well, when being taught in a classroom that favors the needs of the gender, kids do start to believe that they are superior to the opposite gender. You cannot let these children out into the real world thinking that they are better than their opposites. It will cause an imbalance in social equality. We, for years, have had co-De classrooms in schools and things have gone Just fine. Why ruin it with gender segregation? You can’t fix something that’s not broken.

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