Sales & Marketing Director Assignment

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Napped Information Technology Co. , Ltd. S At Napped Technologies we believe that the pulse of life is the “technology” and, Hereford, we provide IT products and solutions that offer unique services of its kind in the world of information technology, making it easy for companies to conduct its operations at a quicker pace and less cost to achieve the highest return on investment.

Napped Technologies was established in 2013, in light of the development of information technology and growing requirements of the local market in the region and we are proud that in such a short period we have been able to attract more than 25 exclusive agents to provide services and solutions to them, turn them with financial returns and growing in competitiveness to them directly. The vision of Napped Technologies is, to create an environment of fast growth to achieve success of both of our customers and staff alike.

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Our efforts are focused on the provision of most sophisticated and advanced solutions in the field of business management and technical integrated solutions in all areas of programming, Internet marketing, consulting on the World Wide Web, after-sale services, using adaptation, and more advanced tools that are available in this field to face all challenges to prove he feasibility of work and deal with us, both for our customers and our employees.

Full support for multiple users, whether under the Environment Windows or Novel networks. The possibility of working on internal networks LANA or WAN external networks. Support giant databases MS. SQL & Oracle etc.. The independence of the databases, including the transfer of the device to another and from one location to another. Full interdependence and integration between all parts of the system and programs without any additions or requirements.

Support for multiple languages for all languages supported by the operating system Windows. The powers of the security system users on all components of the system, including reports. 2 PULSE CRM Leverage the instantaneous opportunity tracking, and easy and simple contact management. Grow revenue using insights from our enterprise analytics with fully customizable reports – an important tool for small businesses to large enterprise businesses.

The customer relationship management customer relation management is one of the most important solutions that provide follow-up to activities of sales and marketing to work in the first instance to make the customer at the center of the main interest is helping to create an integrated database can on his way established the accomplishment of all business sales is estimated and the follow-up and opening accounts or customers and all the events that take place on a daily basis and issuing reports and arrange business and preview the efficiency of the staff in the performance of the work of the sale and to keep good relationship with the customer and the section as a whole in addition to the system of management of customer service can be exploited to the full so that the fax, text messages via mobile, which makes the service embodied modern methods of communication.

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