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After moving several times and purchasing other properties to expand, the HICCUP now has over 85,000 books (an annual circulation of over 200,000). These are currently available to over 37,000 library card holders in the Western Kentucky area. (You do not have to be a permanent resident of Hopkins County to have a library card. ) They also provide outreach services, computer services, and online resources, while hosting many events for the surrounding communities.

HICCUP receives monies from an inter-local agreement between the City of Mademoiselle and Hopkins County governments, as well as from the state of Kentucky based on a KODAK formula. County funding supplies the biggest portion of their income. It also limps along on donations, fundraisers, and grants to help purport its extracurricular functions. Grants are great ways for the HICCUP to receive funding; however, they are very unreliable and difficult to get.

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For this reason, the library budgets on city and county funding and (usually) only has extracurricular activities if they can raise the money to fund them. Type of campaign The HICCUP needs a Standing Campaign for the reasons described in the next section. Reasons for the Campaign At the moment, the HICCUP major business goal is to be moved into a more permanent facility. (Their original building has structural damage. ) The organization s trying to achieve this while they continue to operate and serve the public. Funding this move is coming directly from the budget allocated to them from the county.

Unfortunately, this leaves little to be used for the programs and resources the library provides the public. This is where donations and fundraisers are needed. Unfortunately, reports show that their current promotions are not reaching their intended audiences. Word of mouth seems to be their best way to inform. Following this would be articles in the local newspaper, then social networking (Backbone, Twitter, etc). The in-house promotions do quite well with posters, flyers, etc. Although they spread awareness, they do not help as much to raise funds.

In order to continuing running their programs, the organization is going to have to incorporate a new public relations campaign that can raise the interest of the public and gain the support that they need to keep providing these resources and programs throughout the duration of their move. Overall Goal of campaign To raise the funds needed to maintain the libraries extracurricular activities and resources during the 2 months of their move, thereby establishing another source of income to pay for these expenses on an ongoing basis (permanently).

Objectives & Strategies 1) Promote the extracurricular activities and resources that are available to raise participation by 10%. * Library newsletter sent by postal mail, email and in person on location * Information packets distributed through local school systems, churches, and youth organizations * Provide schools & local businesses with pencils/pens with libraries information * Website promoted on local news websites, social networking websites, and newspapers * Promotions on local radio tattoos (am-am & pm-pm for intended audiences) 2) Hold a Fundraiser to help pay for extracurricular activities and resources. “Buy a Book” Fundraiser * December 15th, 2012 * Will be am-pm (extended library hours) * Sale cheap used books that the library is trying to get rid of * can also be done at local schools * Set up as a book fair * Also promote extracurricular activities during the fundraisers 3) Branding of each Extracurricular Activity * Ask local businesses to sponsor one (or more) of the activities Monetary donations Book Donations Time Volunteering * Promoting the activities through their business

On the back of their business cards Flyers handed out in their establishment Posters in their establishment * Sponsors receive: Business broadcasted as the sponsor at the event broadcasted as the sponsor on radio and online promotions * Fundraiser Do so by: Business Online promotion will have link to their website if available * Contact information posted in header/footer of all flyers/posters for events they are sponsoring TACTICS 1) Target the younger generation (students, teenagers) and the electronically inclined of the local and surrounding communities through social media. Create a social network profile for the HICCUP * Create a Backbone * Increase participation in the library through online monthly giveaways Requirements * Attend at least 1 library event within 30 days before winning (or) Show participation through revolving account activity (books) 2) Target local businesses, organizations, groups, etc. Through business promotions (branding the library events & extracurricular activities). * Should work due to many other small businesses in local area with low funds needing promotions.

Ask local businesses to sponsor one (or more) of the activities through face-to-face intact, email, phone, and postal letters. * Business broadcasted as the sponsor at the event * Business broadcasted as the sponsor on the radio and online ads * Online promotions will have link to their website if available * Contact information posted in header/footer of all flyers/posters for events they are sponsoring References About HICCUP. 2012, August 1). Hopkins County Mademoiselle Public Library. Retrieved December 1 , 2012, from http://www. Applicability. Org/index. PH? Library Public Relations. (2008, June 1). Ohio Library Council. Retrieved December 1, 2012, from http://www. LLC. Org/ marketing/pr. HTML

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