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There are many tooth pastes on the shelves the previous advertisers just could not come with a catchy advert and I am about to come with that catchy and vibe image, first of all because this is a new and classy product it cannot e in an * ordinary container it has to be different because it is a w whitener and the owner can use it any time after eating it has to be small and can fit in a hand bag or smoking can also damage teeth it must be able to fit in a pocket or a work bag and the label and logo are just too much because have already identified the class that is going to be the potential buyers of this product their logo ids just too girl it is focused on one gender so the product will change its logo and name in to a bold simple and classy logo so it can be perfect for any gender and age group.

The company that was making the toothpaste had to be sure that it comes with a different or unique product and indeed it did come with it but what made the product not to sell is because when it was being advertised they didn’t make it clear that it was not only a tooth paste but a whitener and of course many tooth paste promise white teeth but they do not have the enzymes in them to fight the dirt causing bacteria in the teeth and the liquid part of it which makes the dour go away the public wants that they want something new to spend their money on The product is optic white it is a tooth paste for a company called personal products that produces or makes household products and cosmetics. The toothpaste has been struggling to sell because the advertising was poor and it was not classified to which target market it was made for and the pricing was insane. The company that was supposed to market the product did not identify who the product was for and they did not do a good advertising job because people did not know about it.

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The toothpaste clearly is a whitener it whiteness teeth and is cheaper so its target market is the middle class aged 8-60 because it is affordable and they can buy it and it is not for the upper class because they can afford surgery or dentists so it is for those teenagers and old people who can’t afford them So our strategy is to take the billboards available near the high way and next to universities and near the boutiques and shops they all like to go to and on mass media we will advertise the advertise when there are dramas and documentaries showing and we will advertise when there is a commercial because the research has shown that the middle class likes watching drama and documentaries/magazine The aim f this proposal is to get the public talking and purchasing the tooth paste for it is great for business and also them, the product hasn’t been introduced to the public very well and feel the urge of giving it the marketing it was supposed to be given from the first place.

My team and I will do different tasks there will be groups at shops , , robots and all over the malls advertising the product and giving out samples of the product the product will also be advertised on mass media as well on the television there will be catchy adverts that will catch the viewers’ attention the color scheme and ambitions are out of this world and will grab the viewers enthusiasm it will be made for the people from the age of 18-60 most of them are professionals, students and smokers who are based in middle class communities we will be playing them mostly when there are dramas and news because that’s where most of them will be watching and because most of the people don’t care what they are using for their oral health they just buy what they see first but this will change all of that because the box itself of the toothpaste will change their way of buying and thinking that the old rand’s are the best and it’s all they have known On the adverts they were playing a lady who is broke because of going to the dentist to whiten her teeth every three weeks because her teeth are getting yellowish or brown every after three weeks and she will be introduced by a friend to the tooth paste and she will end up being happy and confident popping out her tooth paste with huge bright smile they did not tell what the tooth paste has and what they also did was to play the advert only on television and not playing it on the radios especially on the breakfast shows when majority is listening and whilst going to work and the taxis also like playing breakfast show, the other place that they did not show the advert to is on the internet because knower days electronics media is popular they should have created a page on twitter, Backbone etc. Where people were going to like it and then they were going to promote it nicely.

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