Public Relations and Its Effect on Sales Assignment

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Find out the general knowledge of the firms (Tax Nixon Tot and Amelia dressmaking) about Public Relations and the actions they have done for it . Find out the Revenue statistics of the firms before and after the Public Relations activities 3. Find out the attitudes and responsiveness of the customers for public Relations Methodology Methodology may be standard. However, certain methods are unique for each project. For this one, the followings are: Research Philosophy All of the objectives, especially objective 2, require extensive quantitative data collection.

However, the objectives 1 and 3 require qualitative data collection also. Therefore, to reflect these and the subjectivity and objectivity that come long with them, the project will be conducted within Realism Research Philosophy. Research approach The nature of the research objectives requires the application of the Deductive Approach. First of all, a wide variety of literature will be critically reviewed and, consequently, hypotheses will be developed. After that the researcher will collect both qualitative and quantitative data in order to test the hypotheses.

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Thus, the deductive Approach allows the research conduction in a highly structured way. Research Strategy Survey is the main Research Strategy to meet the objectives, the results of which will be used to tailor existing foreign ways of assessing importance and effect of Public Relations on the companies’ revenue growth. The survey is directly related to deductive approach and refers to multiple data collections. By using this strategy, semi-structured interviews and self- administered questionnaires will be conducted to meet Objectives 1 and 3. Objective 2 will require in-depth interview and financial statistics of the companies.

Sampling Non-probability Sampling is to be used. Close personal contacts in the firms chosen make it possible to conduct in-depth interviews with them. The questionnaires will be distributed to over three hundred customers representing different groups of age, social background, and demography. Access and Ethics An important factor to influence the process and, hence, the results, of the research conduction is concerned with physical access and another factor to influence the research results is concerned with cognitive access (Saunders, 2003).

In order to overcome such problems, the researcher could use the following approaches (ibid): Using all existing contacts and acquaintances in the chosen companies; Explaining to them the purpose and objectives f the research and its possible benefits to all the parties involved and its contribution to the science; and The usage of the right language and “friendly look” in all stages of interactions with the interviewees, participants, and respondents.

Ethics will also be taken into consideration during the whole research project, so that unethical issues will be excluded. The individuality of each respondent will be considered and confidentiality assured. In case of willingness to anonymity, the interviews will be conducted in anonymous ways. Also, if required or desired, the statistics Of the impasses will be presented in the project only through percentages without giving away the numeral values. Reliability and Validity Reliability is an important factor as it is the state of how persistent and stable the research findings are.

In order to assure the reliability of the research, the researcher will conduct interviews by making appointments in advance so that the convenient time for the participants will be scheduled. To decrease or eliminate any participant bias, all questions in both interviews and questionnaires will first be pilot tested and will be clearly and specifically stated. Due to the big sample size and the importance of the project, questionnaire interviewing will be conducted by at least one person other than the interviewer, which will help to decrease errors and have reliable information.

As for the Validity, which is concerned with the accurate assessment and interpretation of the data, the researcher will carefully determine whether the answers of the interviewees and respondents are not influenced by certain previous events or temporary feelings/attitudes. Timetable See Appendix Resources Time: The time is the most important issue and the limit for the research is within even months. However, as shown in the timetable (see appendix), the timing is well allocated and will be sufficient. Cost: The cost of conducting research will be covered by the researcher.

It will include the cost of hiring assistants, traveling, printing, different types of communication, etc. Although it is unclear at this stage, (and the researcher is well capable of covering all the costs of the research conduction regardless of the amount) the chosen companies might take sponsorship for this project. Equipment: IT instruments will be mainly used, which are readily available in the researcher’s possessions. Moreover, skills which are needed for research are mainly communication skills of researcher in order to conduct the interview and data analysis.

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