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E-Health has invested heavily in product development needs to create product awareness quickly to generate revenues to offset the high costs of product development and introduction. Stimulate demand: The innovative product is in the introductory stage of the product life cycle, E-Health is going to advertising its product by using the Pioneer Advertising Method to focus on stimulating demand for a product category (rather than a specific brand) by informing potential customers (doctors and the patients) about the product’s features, uses, and benefits what it is, what it does, how it can be used, and where it can be obtained. Encourage product trail: Hospitals/doctors may stall during the evaluation stage of E-Health products and services. Therefore, certain types of promotion, such as free samples and/or free tests are employed to encourage product trail. Identify prospects: Those who are interested in E-Health products are most likely doctors, patients, hospitals, health care providers (POP and HOMO) and Insurance companies. Retain loyal customers: The goal is to maintain long-term customer relationships. Such relationships are quite valuable.

Promotional efforts directed at customer retention can help E-Health control its costs because the costs Of retaining customers are usually lower than those Of acquiring new customers. Facilitate user support: To encourage hospital staffs and doctors to push the products and services, E-Heath may provide them with special offers such as working with the patients in the presentation and promotion of the products and services. Advertising Target audience: UCLA Medical Center C] ISIS Medical Center Sidecars-Sinai Medical Center

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C] Loam Linda Medical Center Advertising objective: The primary advertising objective is to produce monthly income from $60,000 to $100,000 within 12 months. Advertising platform: The survey to the Operation candidates indicating the most important concern is the post-pop complication. The use of E-Health products will create post-pop connection between doctors and patients. The services will be available 24/7 monitoring the condition of the patients. Advertising Appropriation: E-Health decided to use the percent-of-sales approach to allocate about 5 per cent of sales as advertising budget.

Media plan: Primary goal is preparing to reach the largest number of people in the target area of Los Angles County an Orange County by using: 0 Local newspapers CLC Magazines L] Yellow pages C] Special events C] Direct mail L] Internet C] Radio CLC Television Advertising message: E-Health products will give the post-pop patients better care with a lower cost. Execution: Advertising manager will ensure that various phases of the advertising work are done on time, and the staff will evaluate the quality of the work and make adjustment if necessary.

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