Product Planning and Development – Marketing Plan Sample Assignment

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Organizational Structure Chief Executive Officer Executive Secretary UP for Legal and Corporate Affairs UP for Sales & Marketing Director Marketing Communication Director for Marketing UP for Finance Financial Administrator Financial Coordinator Accounting Director for Sales Responsibilities of Each Position Chief Executive Officer. Ensures the staff and Board have sufficient and up-to-date information. Looks to the future for change opportunities. Formulates policies and plan recommendations to the Board.

Oversees the operations of the organization. Implements the plans. Manages human resources of the organization according to the authorized personnel policies that conforms to laws. 0 0 Manages financial and physical resources. Assures the organization and its mission, programs, products and services are consistently presented in strong and costive image to stockholders. Executive Secretary 0 Provides office supports services in order to ensure efficiency and effectiveness within the organization. 0 0 Receives, directs and relays telephone and fax messages.

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Assists in the planning and preparation of meetings, conferences and conference telephone calls. 0 0 0 Maintains an adequate inventory of office supplies. Provides word-processing and secretarial support. Types confidential documents on a word-processing system. Vice-President, Marketing & Sales 0 0 0 Ensures the product is competitive, complete, clean and timely. Responsible for creating annual and tactical marketing plan. Analyses market research to determine risks and marketability of potential products requirement and definition for development. Ensures timely and effective execution of the marketing tactics and programs. Vice-President, Finance 0 0 0 0 0 0 Prepares, manages and maintains expenditure budget. Determines forecasts and projections. Sets and establishes financial vision, objectives, policies and procedures. Prepares financial analysis for contract negotiations and product investments decisions. Recommends benchmarks for assuring the financial and operating performance. Oversee the daily operations of the finance and accounting department.

Vice-President, Legal & Corporate Affairs 0 0 Serves as the legal advisor. Establishes corporate policies, procedures and programs for managing legal risk and monitoring and ensuring compliance with applicable laws, policies and regulations. Corporate Social Responsibility COOL TRUE footwear will be organizing a concert for a cause entitled “Love and Roll Concert” wherein the proceeds will be used to produce shoes and slippers for children who do not have footwear this will be given to the hillier of Metro Manila.

The concert will be supported by the local bands such as Kamikaze, Parody in Edgar, Sponginess, 6 Cyclamens, and Silent Sanctuary will rock your heads with our special guest BRA. The concert will be held at MOA Concert Grounds on February 14, 2014 at exactly 7:00 to 12:00 am. Product Features The shoe is made out of high quality grade materials made in the Philippines. The upper part of it is made out of a light double lining canvas that allows better airflow to minimize perspiration. On the side, there are fine garters for an easy foot slip. The idle part is rubber which supports sole flexibility and better weathering durability.

The zipper is as a main part of the product allows easy zip for detaching the sole which is made out of a molded PVC that provides better floor grip on slippery surfaces Target Market 0 0 0 0 College students Male, Female 16-21 years of age Class upper C Expose to indoor and outdoor activities 0 Practical user Segmentation The target market for this product are those belonging to the upper C Class. The company is inspired to introduce new varieties of shoes that can catch their interest facially during these days that teens are looking forward to some sort of fashion them to find it time consuming to carry shoes and slippers at the same time.

Shoshone, as a dual purpose product will be a solution and satisfaction for their needs. Marketing Objectives; 0 0 0 0 0 Increase market share Increase brand equity Increase customer retention Increase the number of distribution Increase sales by 20% after the release of promotions Well established brand First company to offer convertible slipperiest in the Philippines Less product visibility Few distributing store Less visible promotion

Increasing demand of the market Active participation in University activities Extreme exposure of target market to internet Patronizing of imitated products Emerging of new brands Indirect Competitor Nikkei Puma Aids Sketchers Having Planet Sandbag Tribe Panama World balance Advance Converse Integrated Marketing Communication 0 Shoshone on the Go Shoshone on the Go is a Campus Tour. We will be inviting college students to Join the viral online marketing showcasing their skills and talent in creating the best advertisement for Shoshone. Winner would be the University brand ambassador/ ambassadress of the Shoshone in different campuses.

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