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Core marketing strategy to achieve objective 4. Reference 1. Corporate objectives and how they lead to marketing objective Mission statement , a long-term view of what the organization wants to be . Marketing objective , a statement of what is to be accomplished through marketing activities . A,Sharon p. 54).

Queerly founded in Australia in 1985, hey develop each product using potent blends extracted from the herbs and flowers objective of Curlicue is to proof that nature and science can come together . The company advocates the green, organic, healthy life style rather than a single perfume brand. They believe that nature and science can be beauty . Curlicue has spent over 25 years unearthing potent organic and patronymic ingredients and developing the unique Bio-Intrinsic process to create the purest, most powerful skin care. Now curlicue has became one of the famous skin care brand in the world, especially in

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Asian area. Curlicue insist to use nature ingredients and never been found to use any of chemicals over 25 years . They got customers’ trust on their product an build the goodwill in the market . 2. Organization marketing concept Obviously Curlicue is following the marketing concept ,production concept and social concept during 25 years. Social concept: For Curlicue, this currently includes working with suppliers when sourcing new packaging materials to ensure that environmental impacts are considered with designing new and/or replacement packaging items and accessories.

Curlicue takes into consideration packaging life-cycle during the design process, incorporating sourcing, material type, production processes and potential wastage, void space in packaging, and packaging risibility/respectability. Relieve International Pity. Ltd. – Action Plan 2011-16) . 1 am the one of big fans of Curlicue . Every time I got their product packing box , I can see the end of the box said ‘This carton contains 80% recycled fiber and 20% sustainable sourced fiber . Please recycle . ‘ And it can be found n their formal website : commitment about their animal testing .

They continue to adhere to the strict requirements of global cosmetic regulations regarding animal testing, with utmost respect for our customers and environment. Without any doubt , Curlicue always follow the production concept and marketing concept. Nestled in the Adelaide Hills is the magnificent patronymic Curlicue Farm where many of the herbs, flowers and plants are grown for our natural skin care products. Curlicue is one of the world’s most recognized skin care brands and is renowned for using the best in organic and patronymic ingredients to deliver quality skin care products. Reliquary web site ) 3. Core marketing strategy to achieve objective Curlicue offers pure and harmless products with good price. They impress the customer with the good quality and fresh fragrance. SOOT analysis : Strengths -Own organic farmland , nature ingredients , harmless to skin . Their supply chain expanded to America , Asian . Good reputation due to their environment protect . Weaknesses -Lack of creativity , lack of sale promotion activity Opportunity-More and ore customers and realize the important of nature product.

Threats- With customers’ realization of important of nature production , more pretenders are using 1 . Make the consumers add the whole bunch of reliance credits in our brand equity account. 2. Trying to generate the new demands in existing market and get more market shares in this niche market. 3. Increasing the wide acceptance of our brand. Relieve 2012) Based on the marketing objectives and SOOT analysis , Curlicue need to make strategy to increasing their Brand effect .

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