Nudie Marketing Mix Assignment

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How has Nude approached the four Fays of marketing? Base your answer on the given case, and your own research into Nude’s products. Product Nude’s drinks are made solely of fruit with no additives or preservatives. Their Nothing But range which Is original products and was launched to address the growing consumer concerns around the use of concentrates and added Ingredients in many of the other juice products on the market at the time.

The company has since diversified into other areas, including yogurts, ice cream and soups. The Meany’s ice cream and yogurt products are produced in association with Nestle, a multinational corporation, and the products have proved to be a success. Place As Australians become more aware of the impact of obesity and the part that food and drink consumption plays in that, there Is more demand than ever for proper, traditional fruit Juice.

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So In the beginning, the company launched only with three people, Including Petcock, one stockiest, one blender and one small office In Kidney’s Bellman. After several successful marketing strategy, Nude;s products now sold In ever 6000 outlets across Australia, and It will sell Its products In Hong Kong and Singapore market. Price Premium pricing – most juice products are less than $10/L vs. other brands at $5/L, sodas are more than $5/L of other brands prices , yogurts are around $1 5/keg compared with Competitors 5/keg, in Australian local supermarket.

Nude didn’t go with a low-price strategy due to their high quality products. But even though the price is relatively higher than other Juice, customers are still willing to buy Nude’s juice because of Its no additives and healthy Image. Promotion Founded in 2002, the company founder Tim flirts introduce the product by inviting his family and friends to have breakfast. He also gave out the free samples and ask customers to request the nude product to local retailers.

Later on, the company utilized several opportunity to broadcast at TV and continue to build the brand on the internet by telling company story and information on the website as well as designing market activities to draw customers’ interests to the website. In order to expand to international market, recently, Nude has cooperated and produce reduces along with Nestle, a large global cooperation, while remaining its own identify and keep a market presence in the global market. ) Which consumer groups are targeted by Nude’s marketing? Young children, who love fruit Juice and are particularly vulnerably to chemical substances preservatives. This can be observed from Nude’s brand image – the cartoon child figure and all the parents are more willing to pay for the premium price for pure, organic fruit Juice products than normal customers. On the whole, Nude’s customers include that looking for healthier drinks which is made solely of fruit with no additives or preservatives.

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