Nature’s Body: Marketing Strategy Assignment

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Product Strategy Nature’s Body currently offers a large supply of high end skin care and aromatherapy products such as; bath oils and soaps, facial moisturizers, bath salts and aromatherapy candles. All products bear our logo and slogan, “Where Will it Take you? ” Inferring that customers will be able to transport themselves into a state of complete relaxation and rest through the use of our product, In order to promote the idea of product superiority the firm has researched the color scheme and logo that best displays prestige and quality, along with relaxation.

We intend to carry out this olor scheme and logo throughout our marketing materials nationwide. Over the next three years Nature’s Body plans to expand our all organic, age reversing product line to body lotions, make-up and hair care products. The growing demand for organic beauty products has proven to be more than Just a trend. Women want quality products that they can rely on to do what they claim. By providing more product variety, customers will be able to have a trusted, high quality, body care system for the body and mind that not only promotes relaxation but reverses the signs of aging.

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Distribution Strategy Natures Body Is currently marketed though small boutiques and department stores throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Utah and Montana. Over the next 12 months, Nature’s Body plans to expand distribution to large department stores and boutiques across the nation, focusing on the Midwest and Northeast areas of the united States. Based on past sale numbers, our main focus will be to sell our product though national department store chains, which have a greater customer base and has therefore given our firm the largest profit, and most success. romotion Strategy Nature’s Body currently advertises to its customers through word of mouth, retailers, and via the internet. The company relies on personal contact with retailers to establish and market the products in their stores. Our company has built strong relationships with our retailers through providing free samples for employees and customers to test, as well as asking for product feedback and suggested product improvements, which are implemented, every month.

Nature’s Body currently works with retailers to set up beauty promotions within their stores. Samples of each product are provided and customers are able to try out he product before they decide to purchase. After a customer’s first purchase Is made a discount coupon is given for the customer’s second purchase. This is to help ensure repeat business in the future. Product advertisements via flyers and posters are displayed throughout each store our merchandise Is sold in.

Over the next 12 months Natures Body plans to expand our marketing to dermatologist offices and reputable spas throughout the nation. We plan to build the relationship within these businesses the same way we did with the boutiques and term, value added relationship with all companies we do business with. We know that our face moisturizers and aromatherapy oils and bath salts will appeal and benefit the clientele of Dermatologists.

Our aromatherapy candles and oils will be marketed to sell directly to the spa as well as the clientele of the spa. Our Company also plans to display our product line at beauty trade shows throughout the nation. By marketing our products at trade show we will be able to provide samples and our product information to product buyers from all over the nation. This exposure will help our company in our nationwide distribution goal. Pricing Strategy Nature’s Body has experienced considerable growth throughout its short 2 year history.

Within the last year alone the company’s sales has doubled, and there shows to be no signs of slow down for product demand. Due to the companys high sales and quality of our product we have priced our merchandise to be affordable for middle class mothers and working women, while still providing a considerable profit. Our product competitors are high end beauty retailers that are priced slightly higher. Our product provides the same quality at a price that can be afforded by the middle class working woman.

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