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In my opinion, I feel that feminism still has its place in today’s world. Although, some take it too far and are somewhat extreme. I feel that as the feminist movement has progressed, more women have risen to power acquiring the taste of equality, it seems it comes at a cost. We are humans and in order to continue living on our planet we need to reproduce, and I feel that women are the best at rising children; I was raised solely by a women. I feel that women are very important and are equal to men in many aspects. Should women be able to choose what they want in life?

Yes indeed, because of equality. Should every women feel the need to pursue to be in a high ranking Job or position in society? To me I feel if they want to, that is their choice. The fact is that some women like to take on the traditional gender role. My question is, is that a bad thing? I don’t think so, because behind every great mind, there are influence’s that aid in shaping their environment allowing them to achieve greatness. So with that, women in both respects, regardless what role they play in society, serves a vital part in society and always will.

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In the early phase of the enemies movement, as Adrienne Rich states in her 1929 essay, “Responsibility to yourself meaner refusing to let others do your thinking, talking, and naming for you; it meaner learning to respect and use your own brains and instincts; hence, grappling with your hard work . ” (Rich). As I dissect this statement, I come to the conclusion that in 1929 men were thought to control women, thinking for and talking for women, meaning they neither had a say, nor were able to think for themselves.

Women like Rich were very important to the movement, and I feel it was very appropriate for the mime. As for recent times, as Cantor states in her article, “Despite decades of efforts, and some visible exceptions, the number of top women leaders in many fields remains stubbornly low: for example, 21 of the current Fortune 500 chief executives are women. ” (Cantor). Thus, the feminist movement has been a success, 21 of the current Fortune 500 chief executives are women, but it comes at a price.

As Slaughter states in her article, “Every male Supreme Court Justice has a family. Two of the three female Justices are single with no children. And the third, Ruth Bade Ginsburg, began her career as a Judge only when her younger child was almost grown. ” (Slaughter). In my point of view, everything that the feminist movement had done eventually came at a cost. These sacrifices included not having a family, sounds like one hell of a sacrifice to make to me, Just to show that you can rise to higher stature.

If these women could go back and change the way they had lived. I wonder how many of them women would chose to live the traditional role verses rising to higher stature in society. The movement still has work to do if it wants to reach the shiest levels of society. For instance as stated by Slaughter, “The line of high-level women appointees in the Obama administration is one woman deep. ” (Slaughter). Evidently this fact pretty sad, even though there are many women working in high positions in the business world, there is only one in the Obama administration.

Although, there still is work to be done women have come very far in a short period of time; women will fill increasingly more positions in the government and some day may even Presentment Nine unlace s s Although, ten Tenements movement NAS add it far with great stride, the extreme part of the feminist movement needs to lay off of the extreme side of things. If a corporation like Logo wants to sell their product showing more of the traditional female role in society, let them, let’s face it, some women like that role.

In fact, it has proven evident, as sales are going well for Logo, in regards to their girl-targeted line. As stated in Millers article, “McNally said the girl- targeted line is selling well, and generating positive feedback from parent’s. ” (Miller). Not everyone shares the same ambitions when it comes to what the extreme side of enemies movement is seeking. In conclusion, I still feel that feminism still has its place in society, from top Fortune 500 companies and the government, to traditional roles, women are very important and should be treated equal.

With that said, let each individual women decide what they want, whether that is being a stay at home mother, CEO of a large cooperation, lawyer, Judge, or the President. In order to make sure the right message is moving forward the movement needs to combat the extreme cases like the Logo situation. Not every women wants to be the President, or be in a high executive role ROR Fortune 500 company.

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