Feminism Hurts Everyone Assignment

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Do you believe feminism has helped or hurt today’s woman? Feminism was created to encourage equality between genders. It was created to benefit the women and make them equals to men; however that still has not happened. The feminist women were feared and disliked by many. Maybe this fear was needed in the people’s minds to keep the women safe. Their ideas have hurt the modern women in many ways instead of helping like it was planned. Now men cannot be blamed for something a group has done.

It generalizes the male gender, and also discriminates against them. Through this feminist movement, to gain equality, women are discriminating against men which contradict their beliefs of equality. On the other hand the radicals of the movement have made men seem like animals and are completely against women everywhere. They are the ones who hurt today’s woman rather than help. Through their radical views they hurt the image of the females as a whole and made them seem like “man-haters. ” Although times have changed, the public opinion still holds true.

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Modern feminists are looked down upon by many plainly due to their views. Although termed modern feminism, it holds a negative implication to it. No matter how much their view might have changed and how hard they have worked to change it, that negative undertone will always remain. Due to this negative approach people usually fear the subject or those involved with it, or they are exasperated by it. In doing so they’re disconcerted to speak against them and causes an unease, which does not help the cause of feminism, it continues to hurt it.

Feminists look at feminism selfishly, they want equality; however not everywhere, when it benefits them. One great example of this is women cannot be drafted into the army, while men can (Sullivan 2007. ) There’s very little predicament there, not many feminists are seen protesting against it. This also has hurt the self-esteem of some women. Housewives who were satisfied with what they did were put down by the feminist movement. They felt as if what these women did was degrading to the females in general.

There are many other incidents where this has happened and have been ignored because it didn’t benefit them, or the female gender. That is why it is said, that these feminists are here to create a more superior female gender rather than equality to males as their founding principles. The image set by the feminists of the past has lead fewer women to believe in, or even follow, in our modern time. Feminism’s followers are decreasing and people are losing interest. This has not been a benefit for women; rather hurt them, in the sense.

After telling these women that it was bad to be a housewife, they offer no real solution so these women could make a change. Although modern feminists have different ideas, contradicting those of orthodox feminists, they still have fewer followers due to the negative approach and misconception the old feminist had. The modern belief is to attain equality rather than superiority; however they are having a hard time proving it. Women use feminism as a facade to hide the real problems and difficulties we are facing. In doing so it hurts today’s woman and destroys their self-esteem.

These women become more frustrated due to the damage that has been caused to their self-esteem, they come out too bold for men, which cause men to take a step back, not believing in or supporting these feminists. Although the fundamental principles of feminism are based on liberating the women as a whole; however, that is not how it started out. Modern women are having a tough time trying to change societies view on feminism. It has always been looked upon as a negative view, but was not intended to be. Double- standards that feminists created, we can conclude that they have hurt the modern women more that benefit them.

This contradicts their beliefs and discriminates against men at the same time. If women just tried to be feminine rather than so masculine, it wouldn’t hurt them so much. On way that has been a stepping stone in gender equality is The Civil Rights Act of 1991. The refusal of unwelcome sexual advances in the work place without consequences (Langley 1994. ) Another way is FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act), which allows women to take up to twelve weeks off of work to care for a child, spouse or immediate family member with a serious health concern. They will not lose their seniority or be disciplined for attendance while under this act.

In 1950, 1 in 3 American women working age had a paying job; now 3 in 4 do (Hale, 1999. ) In the United States 99 percent of women will work and be paid for it at some time in their lives (Hale, 1999. ) References Sullivan, T. J. (2007). Sociology: Concepts and Applications in a Diverse World. Boston: Pearson. Langley, W. , & Fox, V. (1994) Women’s Rights in the United States: A Documentary History. Westport, CT: Langley & Fox. Hales, D. (1999). Just Like a Woman: How Gender Science is Redefining What Makes Us Female. New York: Hales.

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