A trip to the old globe theatre Assignment

A trip to the old globe theatre Assignment Words: 546

I went to visit the old globe theatre. I went to see the then brand-new play; Romeo and Juliet. As you can expect it was a very busy event. As I entered the huge complex I dashed straight up the stairs to pay for a seat in the middle gallery so I didn’t have to be squashed in amongst the poor and revolting people in the yard. It was like a stampede! There was so much excitement and people were so desperate to see this new performance that the entire place was filled up in about a minute.

In the middle gallery (where I was sitting) it was strangely quiet- robbery because there was so much anticipation flooding right through every one. The only thing you could hear was the impolite chatter in the midst of the ill- mannered peasants in the yard. You could even smell the faces from down there- bearing in mind I was seated in the middle gallery! Before the play started similarly to the people around me I was waiting there patiently for a good half an hour. But those rude souls in the yard looked almost frustrated in expectancy.

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They started chucking food and other things on to the stage after about ten minutes! Shocking behavior! This time however was very awkward for me as I had two elder gentlemen sitting either side of me. They both looked extremely posh. I assumed one was Scottish as he was wearing a kilt and had four bottles of whisky by his side which by the way he had all finished before the start of the chronicle! It Just goes to show how far people would travel to watch this play. As the performance begins you can hear cries of relief from the immensely agitated citizens down in the yard.

A man in a dark purple comes in and announces the following, “A tale of miracles, love and conflict is bout to begin for the first time. But before all of that Just for a minute think about whom you love and after this play ends tell them that you do. This is not Just a play; it’s a lesson. ” During the play the audience are strangely silent and fully engaged in the gripping play. This is the basic plot: there are two star crossed lovers (Romeo and Juliet) from grudge families (Caplet’s and Montage’s). This makes it very hard for them to see each other. After a brawl Romeo becomes banished for the murder of Table.

As a result of this they hatch a plan to be together which then fails very badly, causing them both huge grief’s to the extent of that they both commit suicide. The quality of acting was outstanding and made it very special. At the end of the play the audience clap and then rush for the exit to grant the purple mans wish. Even the gallery exit in a rush and at the bottom, down in the yard there are people being trodden on and seriously injured. In general it was one of the highlights of my life! My essay on a trip to the old globe theatre By master]chauffeuring

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