Musical Theatre and Utter Wonderful Masterpiece Assignment

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Power to the People Urination was a complete and utter… Wonderful masterpiece! I was so entertained the whole show. I’m a sucker for a good comedy. I loved every minute. I went home singing, “this is Urination”! It was a wonderfully written show as well as directed. It was as golden as urine. It was very difficult for me to pick my favorite actor. They were all really solid characters; all really well developed. My one I picked would have to be Bobby Strong. The play is Just written for the audience to fall in love with him and we did. The actor really pushed the audience into loving him too.

He had a lot on his plate (lines, musical numbers, dances) but, he still pushed his objective though. His objective was clearly to get the love of his life while getting Justice for the poor. Bobby had my eyes glued to him every moment he was on stage. Bobby and Hope had the perfect Disney romance connection. It was sappy and glorious Just like it should have been. Once again it was very difficult to pick my least favorite also because they really were all so wonderful. I have to pick though and I pick Mr.. Macaque. He was really awesome in the first act but the second act he wasn’t as on the ball.

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He didn’t hit all the punch lines as well. His character was in and out. The first act he did do wonderful with the breathing heavily when Hope was in the room and walking to the wall like a little kid in time out. Then in the second act he Just blended in with the ensemble. I expected more from his character. The play was so funny! I’m most likely going to go again Saturday night (I went Wednesday) with my mom. I can’t even pick out my favorite part. I really like how they added all the musical spoofs in, like Less Miserable with the flag and West Side Street with the snapping.

The actors you can tell had a complete blast performing this play and it is always super fun to watch that. I did notice a few things that could be fixed. One, you could see the conductors hands pop up every now and then. That was a little distracting. Two: I noticed a few lines that were lots because the actors didn’t hit them at the right moment. Overall, I still loved the show and saw it twice. I have never heard of it before and it stole my heart. It is one of my favorite musicals now. I want to see a professional show. I’m sure it would blow my mind. Musical Theatre and Utter Wonderful Masterpiece By Lounger

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