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The following are examples of each of type. Informative Advertising Informative advertising is defined as “advertising that simply informs” (Miller & Stafford, 2004), such as the information of the product being carried out in an informative matter. For example, Dell computers advertise on their flyers or ads pertinent information about key features such as its price, specifications, and availability. This type of advertising is used greatly throughout the world. In many ways it is comforting for a consumer to know s much as possible about a product before the purchase.

Persuasive Advertising Consumers usually find some kind of relationship or correlation between specific products with a certain lifestyle or image (Miller & Stafford, 2004). This is known as persuasive advertising. This method typically does not contain any facts about the product advertised. It is dependent upon the consumers psychological necessity. One example of this is the popular fast food chain McDonald’s. It has been well known for it hamburgers and French fries. Recently it started to advertise its healthier choice menu items for children such as, apple slices and 2% milk.

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The persuasive advertisement is an upside down Golden Arches with a broccoli on top. Parents see this and believe that it should be healthier, but it is still fast food. Comparative Advertising Another advertising example is one that names competing brands when comparing them with the advertised brand (Miller ; Stafford, 2004). This is known as comparative advertising. This illustrates to the consumer that a specific brand or product far outweighs the competition. For example, Burger King advertises that its meal items are more superior to that of its competition.

The advertisement illustrates an employee at the counter taking an order and the customer is Ronald McDonald in a hat and trench coat. Burger King believes that its products a so good that even Ronald McDonald himself would go there to eat. Those who utilize comparative advertising show only what the advertiser wants the consumer to know. Defensive Advertising Defensive advertising, as defined in “Economic Issues for Consumers,” advertising intended to rebut claims made by competing firms about a firm’s product or business practices (Miller & Stafford, 2004).

A perfect example is a Verizon advertisement. Verizon claims that its service and coverage area for its network is exceeding better than its competitor AT&T. But AT&T has rebutted the claim with its own advertisement stating that Verizon has omitted some of the facts from its advertisements. AT&T has elaborated though that it has its competitive network with other amenities that consumers would have in addition. Conclusion Advertising companies will, more often than not, do whatever is necessary within the scope of the law to sell its product.

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