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McDonald restaurant (Hong Kong) Limited; McDonald was a neighborhood restaurant established in USA, in 1955. The first McDonald was established in Hong Kong in 1975 and offered customer the American Big Mac Meal and located at Paterson Street, Causeway Bay. Mission of McDonald: “To be our customers” favorite Place and way to eat with inspired people who delight each customer with unmatched quality, service, cleanliness and value every time.

Company Objectives: * Easy accessibility of product and services to the customer * Easy accessibility of roving essential services and value-add services * Easy complaint handing process * Covering whole target market Sales Objectives: * To increase sales by 40% in upcoming 6 months * To increase brand awareness among non-existing clients The Strengths of McDonald: * It is worldwide fast food restaurant while having huge on its competitors * It is market leader in both domestic and international markets. It has been facing long term economic growth and is taking advantage by expanding itself globally * It aggressive marketing plans has enabled it to capture every next market segment which it targets. The Weaknesses of McDonald: * Market saturation has made the expansion difficult for McDonald’s * The health food control have been effective McDonald’s image.

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The Opportunities of McDonald: * It can make its outlet chains better and more attractive for new customers by giving value services like internet access * International expansion is still available as an opportunity for McDonald * Product innovation is another big opportunity which McDonald’s can catch The Threats of McDonald: * It is open to the alterations in the worldwide economy. * Fluctuations in foreign runners rates are also a big threat for McDonald’s Who are competitors?

Top Companies like KEF, Burger King Corporation and Hosanna are serving as major competitor of McDonald. Target Customers of McDonald: Geographic; Country region : Chinese City Size: Seven million Demographic; Age: from 4-28 Gender : Both Gender Family Size: 3 – pup persons Family life cycle: all range of married with children Income: HOOK$8,500 and over Occupation: Student Mcdonald Marketing Plan By wants Education: High School Cryptographic; Social class: working class Lifestyle: like fast food and simple Personality: outgoing Occasions: Student, hard worker and teenage.

Positioning of McDonald: Positioning is a process of creating an image in the mind of consumers by which consumers can understand the uniqueness about our product when compared to competitor’s product. In Hong Kong positioning of McDonald has been directed as a Family restaurant. Then they started positioning according to the kids as well by introducing new advertising of toys with their products such as “Happy Meal”, Nowadays youngster and working people are so use to get their meal fast, so McDonald start target them and try to position McDonald’s as a place for all.

Product Line: There are 7 Product Line in McDonald as below: Burger, Snack, Drink, Dessert, Salad, Breakfast and Rice. We selected the product line; Rice for our marketing plan and in this product line has product which choose the Karakul Beef on Rice. It was the main item promoting when the product announce out. Quality: McDonald has their Quality Assurance Department to control their quality; therefore they will make decision on quality and supplier of the ingredients.

Each product have their own quality control file, all the shop manager will be study and go for train on he quality control of the product, then the shop manager will be train and give inspect the product quality at their own shop. Kari Beef on Rice has been used the best ingredients such as: The rice from popular rice country Australia, the beef from select the best beef patty country USA and the flesh vegetable will delivery from our local market every day to all the shops. Design: This product has been designed a very health tasty good.

Attached the design and outlook of the product: it show the size of the product is fit one person dinner and easy pack it as take away. Brand name: :pm It’s Mac time “Rice Fun Bowl” Packing ; Labeling: As usual McDonald has been used the card paper box to serve it. This product designed to use dark blue color, it stand for the serve time only from pm until 4:mama. Attached the design and outlook of the product: it show the size of the product is fit one person dinner and easy pack it as take away.

Size: This is food product, so we will base on the packing size :CACM Warranty: McDonald serves it in not, the customer will be warning about it and the rice mixed with corn so it might suck for eldest and youngest. Replace / Return ; Refund: During food item is no refundable. When customer found out the food have problem, they must need to hand to the counter proof the matter of the food. McDonald able to replace other product or return a new same product to customer.

For complains from customer, McDonald will listen and help to serve the best for customer. But the customer has to proof the problem of the product in reasonable matter. Pricing Price: HIKED. O/set (one beef rice box ; jazz soft drink) Discount: -Company has offer some value meals ; value picks items ; food are available after 1 lam for customer. -E. G. HOOK. O of McDougal, HIKED extra value meals Allowance -If medium fries ; medium soft drink change to large fries ; large soft drink Just increase HOOK.

O of upon any purchase of any extra value meal. – Sometime the morning newspaper had attached the discount coupon. -Sometime to buy which meals then free to give the Coke glass cup. Payment period/credit term: -Customers need to take the order and give the payment first, and then the staff will take all food on the dish. Payment method: -Pay the cash -Octopus card -Visa card, -PEPS Price level: If base on Kentucky Fried Chicken (KEF), their price is HIKED. 0/set (BPCS chicken, one small mushroom/chicken rice ; jazz soft drink). If base on Hosanna, their price is HIKED/set (beef bowl rice ;jazz Soft Drink). Base on the price of these two company with McDonald, then McDonald price is low than these two company. Distribution Channel: 236 store , Mac Delivery , Web site Coverage : * Hong Kong location * New Territories location * Kowloon location * Island location Assortment : 04:O-11 Breakfast Menu , Phone APS 00 Regular Menu Dinner Menu Doleful Menu –

Location: 236 store Inventory : Rice Wed , Sat Delivery Brief Moon , Thro , Sat Delivery Vegetable – Moon , Thro , Sat Delivery Corn – Moon , Thro , Sat Delivery Boxes – Moon , Thro , Sat Delivery Regular Menu Folk ; Spoon – Moon , Thro , Sat Delivery Burger – All Sandwich * Brief Burger (hamburger , Cheese burger , Big Mac , Double Cheese burger , Big ; Taste burger ) * Chicken burger * Sausage burger * Fish burger Snack – Mowing ,Nuggets , Pie , Fries Rice – Chicken Rice ,Brief Rice Mice burger Dessert – Chocolate / Strawberry Sundae , Chocolate / Strawberry Shake Drink –

Coke ,Faint Sprite , Pear , Milk , Coffee , Tea, water, Hot Chocolate Salad – Salad , Corn Breakfast- hot cake , Paste , big breakfast Promotions Advertising -Sometimes known as “above the line” activity. Key objectives of advertising are to make people aware of an item, feel positive about it and remember. -McDonald’s slogan is ” Million’ it” and logo is yellow “M”. -They had done TV, Online advertising, using poster outside the shop window and in the press for example in newspaper and magazines. -Also, Packaging advertising such as employee’s uniform, paper bag, tableware etc.

Public relations -Building good relations with the company’s various publics by obtaining favorable publicity, building up a good corporate image. They actively participate in community activities to support those in need. -Donor relations/Sponsoring for example The House that love bull c an House” is a snort term residence tort timeliest, while their seriously ill children receive medical treatment. -Event marketing for example Run for fun, run for love “CITATION”, at 2012, 4,000 participants put into practice and help raised $million funds for Ronald McDonald House.

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