Mass Media and Its Influence Assignment

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Mass Medal and Its Influence From cave plantings to the Internet, media has become our way of getting information around. The amount of people in society that are connected to media makes mass media a major influence on society. Since television or T. V. And radio began, advertisement has become a huge market. Advertisement in today’s mass media basically tells society what goods and services should be used or purchased. Consider the media’s point of view as well.

According to Faceable (2013), there were 655 million dally active users on an average In March of 2013. “According to Twitters “about” page, the micro-blobbing service has 175 million registered users. (NBC News 2011). Advertisement In mass media tells society what goods and services should be used or purchased. Mass media uses several tools to push a thought or idea of what should be bought or used to the public. One tool that the media uses through advertisement is the image of success and beauty. Many commercials on T. V. Suggest that if one purchases or uses their product that person will be successful or beautiful. One example would be the Dos Squish’ Most Interesting Man commercials. These commercials present the idea that if you drink that beer you will be more interesting and more respected. Another example of this would be Vidal Caisson’s Pro Series Care and Styling commercial. This commercial suggests that if one uses that product they will look amazingly beautiful. Another tool that the media uses through advertisement Is the use of celebrities to persuade the masses.

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Companies use the philosophy, “If the product Is good enough for her, It’s good enough for me” to persuade people to use their product. A familiar face or character can gain a person’s trust easily. Companies also use the celebrities fan base to 2013 Pepsi has used well-known faces like Bayonne Knows, Jeff Gordon, and Sofia Average in T. V. Commercials to help sell their product. Media ownership influences public opinion. What is both allowed and omitted in today’s media is heavily controlled by who owns the media.

Even our news is compromised by the fact that there are only six corporations that own today’s media (Business Insider, 2012). Time Warner owns CNN. So naturally if there is a story that reflects negatively on Time Warner, CNN may not air this story. In the same respect, if there is a story that reflects well on Time Warner, CNN may give this story more airtime. Large corporations also use media to raise revenue. If Disney decides to increase Disneyland revenue, Disney will increase the amount of advertisement for Disneyland using the media that it owns.

There are also corporations that use media to benefit companies that are owned outside of the media. For example: GE owns NBC. GE also owns GE healthcare. By allowing or releasing more exposure of health care needs to the public GE can increase revenue for GE Healthcare. “The limited-effects theory argues that because people generally choose what to watch or read based on what they already believe, media exerts a negligible influence” (Cliff Notes, 2013). This theory suggests that people have their own mind and make their own decisions.

Choices are decided based on personal experience and prior knowledge. If the media only shows the public certain information, then this limits the publics choices. Also this theory came into existence in a time where media was not as dominant as it is today. Mass media is today’s major influence on society. This paper has taken a closer look at some solid points. At any given time there are millions of people watching T. V. Or on Faceable being exposed to the ideas and thoughts projected by the media. Advertisement has many techniques to persuade us into what we should purchase.

This paper has also taken the counterargument that states that we as people have the choice to watch or listen to whatever we want and shown that it is flawed. This counterargument has been defeated with the fact that there is but only so much we are allowed to see. Because the media is being dominated by very few corporations the question must be asked, what kinds of truths are being omitted? If there is so many people connected to the media and all those people are experiencing the same messages from the very few reporter entities, how can it be denied that there is a strong influence from the media on today’s society?

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