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When reaching a dozen no longer serves its purpose and the scale of recipients is now in the thousands and even millions, mass media lives up to its name. 100 years of mass media Going back a bit more than just the last 100 years, one of the earliest mass media methods introduced quickly became a must-have, must-use method. The words “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men of good will,” were preceded by a violin solo played by Canadian inventor Reginald Possessed on Christmas night, 1906 (Fun 2013). The first radio broadcast, by the standards of the times, was a mass media success.

The broadcast reached out for 12 miles and throughout the 1 ass’s, ass’s, and well into the sass’s radio was the dominant process in mass media for average income Americans. Perhaps the most well known radio broadcast in American history is Arson Wells’ delivery of, “The War of the Worlds,” which first aired in 1938. Some estimates have the audience at close to 12 million listeners. In 1923, the next evolution of mass media came to life through the imagination and ingenuity of two men. Vladimir K. Corking, a technology consultant at Radio Corporation of America (RCA) and Chairman of the Board at RCA David

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Sarongs introduced all electronic television to the masses unveiling images only held in the imagination until their contributions. In 1939, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt became the first televised President of the United States after his speech at the opening of the New York World’s Fair (Stephens, HAY). Television held a firm grip on mass media production and delivery for decades, broadcasting iconic and historic moments like the first televised offering of the 1960 Olympic Games in, the report of John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1 963, and Neil Armstrong walk on the Moon in 1969.

Things were about to change for the mass media giant. The introduction of the World Wide Web was not far off. While the history and development of the Internet, the original Internees earliest days can be traced back to the early 1 96(Yes. The modern Internet as many know it today was finally and internationally available in 1989 (Computer History Museum, 2004). By 1 992, the World Wide Web had been established and mass media had an entirely new, light speed process for delivering information. Any person who had access to a computer connected to the internet could access the website.

This and the introduction of electronic mail (e-mail) (1974) made mass media faster and easier to access than ever before. The influence of the influx of mass media When considering the impact mass media has had on Americans and American culture, an entire dissertation could be written. Using an extremely narrow view, however, some poignant changes and significant influences can be addressed. The introduction of radio broadcasts sparked a generation of inspired, imaginative kids, with programs like The Lone Ranger.

Franklin Roosevelt fireside chats gave Americans a sense of closeness to their resident like never before (Public Broadcasting Service, 2011). Another influence was the introduction of mass marketing and advertising. The use of psychology coupled with business management aimed to influence people’s actions, decisions, and desires by using colors, nostalgic sensations, relatable enactments, and a litany of other techniques. These methods are used in both radio and television advertisements with great affect.

Iconic, worldwide recognition of prod cuts like Coke and McDonald’s was achieved by advertising and marketing. Another one of the recent, and more positive, effects is disclosure and transparency. The amount of information available today is nearly immeasurable. News from around the world is available in the palm Of one’s hand. Political truths, corporate earnings, environmental impacts of mass production of goods, and the practices of large banks are all topics that would have been closely guarded in the past are all readily available to anyone who is willing to look for the information.

Mass media has given way to the access of mass information. This in turn offers Americans the opportunity to be more informed about their country and fellow countrymen than ever before. Let us not focus only on the serious in nature as art holds TTS place, as well. Mass media gave us television series like Sesame Street (1969-current), and Mr.. Rogers’ Neighborhood (1968-2001). Children were able to learn fundamental grammar, math, and social interaction skills through the use of friendly monsters and a culturally diverse human cast.

Mr.. Rogers’ Neighborhood encouraged children to be creative to use their imaginations to have fun. Films like The Wizard Of Oz (1939), Star Wars (1977), and Back to the Future (1985) opened the proverbial door to a new and full view world of fantasy and science fiction. Entire subcultures exist because of the power of the American film industry. The convergence of media As the modern state of media and the distribution of mass media is the richest and fastest its ever been, a new method has emerged.

With the introduction of personal wireless devices like laptops, smartness, and tablets, the center of all mass media can be shifted into one of these devices. The user of a modern smartened can take and send photos via e-mail, access the internet to read the news or make purchases, visit favorite radio stations, and download previously recorded talk radio episodes. Media convergence has given mass media the opportunity to exist and reach users t through a variety of mediums. The value of media literacy The importance of media literacy can be misunderstood from time to time.

When someone has decided that a particular source is credible, the desire to challenge that credibility can decreases over time. Additionally, if someone has no guidance as to what is pertinent and what is not, the inundation of all the information, advertisements, news articles, and pleads for political allegiance can quickly become overwhelming. The issue with a lack of media literacy in the case is the user will either attempt to avoid the messages and sis important and useful information, or make poor decisions based on misinformation.

Affiliations can be established based solely on the biggest and best production with little regard for content. Conclusion In the last 100 years, mass media has affected our country in a near endless list of ways. From the time of families gathering around the radio to listen to their President speak, to the imaginative children’s television shows. Fantastical films about far off galaxies, time travel, and the recent internet with its instant access to billions of people around the world; mass media is here to Stay. References Computer History Museum. (2004).

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