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Nokia PRODUCT:- The product is the centre of the marketing mix and the other three P’s are based around it. Consumers purchase goods and services for a variety of individual reasons and a company must be aware of all of these when selling a product (that is why they conduct market research). Nokia does exactly the same and comes up with innovative phones almost every six months. The new phones that Nokia launches have some new feature or price difference, thus appealing to the consumer. Sometimes, Nokia launches special and limited editions of its mobile phones, on special occasions such as the Olympics.

In short they offer phones of great variety with various designs and high quality. ???Variety: In every series of Nokia there are large numbers of sets thus large variety. .e. g. entry level include 1200, 1208, 1100, 1110, 1110i, 1112 etc. ???Quality: Nokia gains brand personality and market shares because of its quality. ???Design: Nokia sets are of various design such as Flip sets , Flat sets, Slide sets , Sets with rotating Camera etc ???Features: Each set of Nokia has its own features. The models of Nokia are based on features. ???Brand name: Brand name is written on each set. Packaging: On packaging of Nokia set detail information about the set is given and packing is made attractive by picture. Each set has its own booklet with information about its features. Price:- Price is a key factor in the selling of a product, and is usually the one that is open to the most change based on different pricing strategies, for example, competitor based, penetration or skimming. The three main factors affecting the amount charged for a product or service, are; the cost of production, customer demand and competition.

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Since its entry into Indian mobile market in 1995, it focused on manufacturing of mobile handsets based on GSM technology. Nokia built a strong brand image with focused marketing and distribution network. It started focusing on the low-cost mobile phone segment for rural markets in India, but, faced stiff competition from Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and Motorola who also started offering low-cost handsets. Nokia has come up with the perfect prices for each and every consumer segment in the market. A lower middle-class person can go for a Nokia 1200 costing around Rs. 200 while an executive can opt for N-96 costing around Rs. 33,000. ???Nokia has a reasonable price for every series. ???Price is listed on every packing ???Nokia also offer cash allowances: ?By buying 1200 and 1208 get 50Rs ?75Rs on buying 1650 ?100 Rs on buying 2630 and 3110 ?200 and 250 Rs on buying 6300 and 5310 Place:- This refers to the chosen outlets for a product or service, for a product to be very successful it must be easy to access, Nokia mobile phones are very easy to access nowadays, they are sold in supermarkets, Nokia Priority, Nokia Care and specialized outlets (e. . The Mobile Store). ???Channels: Nokia ; Distributer ; Whole seller ; Retailer ; Customer ???Coverage: Nokia is widely available all over Pakistan ???Distributer: Nokia main distributers are I2, United mobiles, Mobile zone and Advance telecom. Nokia mobiles are mostly available through every mobile outlet. Promotion:- This involves providing information to the customer over a variety of media platforms, using radio, television and print advertising as well as using other promotional tools such as “money off deals” and “free giveaways”.

The advertisements that Nokia comes up with are very successful in targeting the customers in a consumer market. The advertisements are made in such a way that it appeals to the psychology of the consumer. They also have various sale promotion schemes like offering discounts on special occasions and giving free gifts along with a purchase of a mobile phone. ???Advertising: 1. Though TV , Sign boards , Bill boards , Radio and Newspaper 2. Broachers , Posters ,Dummies and display stands ???Personal selling: 1. By product training to Distributer(what is product) ???Sale promotion: 1.

Gift like Yamaha bike , Philips TV , Mitsubishi split AC , watches and digital diary 2. With N73 mobile offer 2500Rs original Blue tooth free 3. With 6220 offer leather Wallet 4. With 6300 offer caps and shirts ???Public relation: 1. Nokia spot light 2. Road shows 3. N-gage. com for game lovers 4. Nokia football crazy ???Nokia strategy for promotion is “Eye level is buy level” STP ANALYSIS SEGMENTATION AND TARGETING:- ?Entry level: (Rs 1,200-6,000):- Nokia targeted low income people and first time mobile buyers in this series. Sets include are 1200, 1208, 1100, 1110, 1112 etc ?

Classic Series: (Rs 7,000-17,000):- Nokia targeted decent people in this series. Sets include in this series are 6300,6233,6120,3120 etc ? N gage Series: (Rs 8,000-16,000):- Nokia targeted game lovers in this series . These sets include game like play station, PSP and Xbox. ?N- Series: (Rs 7000-35,000):- Nokia targeted the young generation who wanted to possess mobiles with the latest technologies such as a 5 MP camera, a decent music player, GPRS, etc. This series is also called multimedia computer. Named as on step ahead multimedia. Sets include N72, N81, N95, N96, N97, etc ?

E-Series: (Rs 10,000-60,000):- These mobiles were launched for people who needed mobile computing on the go especially business people. These phones are enabled with word, spreadsheet and presentation softwares. They also are equipped with GPRS/ EDGE technologies thus functioning as a palmtop. Sets include E90, E75, E61, E62, etc ? Xpress music Series: (Rs 6,000-20,000):- Nokia launched this series basically for the people who loved music. Good dolby digital earphones and long battery life are the features of these mobile phones. Sets include 5800, 5610, 5320, 5310, 5220, etc ?

Premium Series:(Rs 80,000-1,500,000):-In this series Nokia targeted people who show visual status. Sets include in this series are Sephiraarte, 8800Gold, 8800arts etc POSITIONING:- Positioning of a product refers to creating an image about a particular product. Nokia has been very successful in this strategy. Nokia has created a distinct position in customer mind by:- ? Nokia logo: ?Slogan: ?Standard Ringtone ?Standard message tone. ?Long battery backup. ?User friendly mobiles. ?The specific message that is conveyed to the customers in every advertisement is: “Nokia enable you to get more out of life”.

These specific aspects have been embedded into the mindset of the consumer in such a way that every time they saw the logo or heard the ringtone they associate it with a Nokia product. Hence Nokia has been very successful in positioning it products in the market. BRAND PERSONALITY: ???Nokia focuses on building customer relationship and trust. ???Building friendship and trust is the heart of Nokia brand. ???The Nokia Logo shows their brand personality. 5C 1. Company a. Product line Nokia comprises three business groups: Mobile Solutions, Mobile Phones and Markets.

The three units receive operational support from the Corporate Development Office, which is also responsible for exploring corporate strategic and future growth opportunities Mobile Solutions is responsible for Nokia’s portfolio of smart phones and mobile computers, including the more expensive multimedia and enterprise-class devices. The team is also responsible for a suite of internet services under the Ovi brand, with a strong focus on maps and navigation, music, messaging and media Mobile Phones is responsible for Nokia’s portfolio of affordable mobile phones, as well as a range of services that people can access with them.

This unit provides the general public with mobile voice and data products across a range of devices, including high-volume, consumer oriented mobile phones. The devices are based on GSM/EDGE, 3G/W-CDMA and CDMA cellular technologies. Markets is responsible for Nokia’s supply chains, sales channels, brand and marketing functions of the company, and is responsible for delivering mobile solutions and mobile phones to the market b. Image in market Provider of durable, sturdy yet trendy mobile devices which cater to a wide variety of needs on the basis of functionality and price . The market share of Nokia in the Indian mobile market stands at 54. % (2009) but is slowly being eaten into due to emergence of local players such as Micromaxx and Karbonn. c. Technology Technology underpins and drives all Nokia’s business strategies, ultimately enabling the company’s growth Nokia’s use of technology is a key contributor to the company’s overall business goals. The right technology strategy provides revenue through differentiation, brings cost advantage and a favorable supply environment. It gives access to the right technologies at the right time, helps shape the future competitive landscape and encourages innovation through openness to benefit consumers. . Goals Nokia plans to significantly increase the percentage of its product portfolio that feature touch screens, and that it plans to offer the first Maemo 6 “mobile computer” in 2010. It is also re-engineering the Symbian user interface and will deliver a “major product milestone” before the middle of 2010, and yet another before the end of 2010. The company also focusing on services, and maintains its target for 300 million active users of its various services, like Ovi, by the end of 2011. It is also still aiming for 2 EUR billion in net sales of those services for 2011. 2. Collaborators

In India Nokia has collaborations with various companies to handle its sales and service franchises of which HCL systems are a renowned name. Recently Reliance Communications Ltd. and Nokia India Private Limited jointly announced a first-of-its-kind multi-faceted business alliance. The RCOM Nokia alliance will aim to foster greater use of mobile services, giving consumers an opportunity to get richer experiences and do more with their phones For technology Nokia has partnership and collaborations with various technological service providers such as Symbian , Microsoft and Siemens 3.

Customers a. Market segments, size and growth Nokia devices cater to a large segment of the market varying from entry level phone (rs. 1200 onwards) to premium series phone and limited edition devices (rs. 80000 onwards). the current market share of Nokia stand around 54% with a drop of about 2% in the past year due to strong competition from local player who have recently entered the India market. Nokia’s growth strategy is based on the following principles ? Integration of Human, Technology and Process ?Placing Value in Sales ?Specifying Job Roles b. Retail channels and information sources

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