Marketing Strategy: Clearsil Case Study Questions Assignment

Marketing Strategy: Clearsil Case Study Questions Assignment Words: 361

Adventure trips around the world * However the same strategy would not work in the modern scenario * Hence the brand was to undergo a brand transformation and also appeal to the young teens * Young teens mainly consist of the school kids who are not VERY worried about skin care but Just want to upkeep basic skin care * Late teens are very self-conscious of their looks and would want to keep themselves presentable In their early college life * Young adults enter the market with new-found purchasing power parity and hence an afford to buy ultra premium range to provide the best available care for their skin 2: Clearance Ultra and Stay clear are two products which need to be positioned properly. According to current positioning these two products. Though being deferent are catering to same segment that is 11-24 age group. Ultra is a product for acne treatment, pimple treatment. It is a quick result product. * Stay Clear is a product which removes dirt , reduces blackheads. It is regular results product meaning Stay Clear has to be used regularly for results. He company is also ambiguous. Hence in a way both the products are cannibalizing each other. Hence the market share of Clearance is decreasing and going down. * One solution for this would be to change the positioning and targeting of Ultra and Stay Clear. Ultra, being a quick results product should be targeted at pre-teens and teens from the age group 11-17. The main reason for this is people in the age group 11-17 are more anxious and impatient.

Stay clear should be targeted at teens from the age group 18-24. This way they won’t be cannibalizing each other’s market hare. * This strategy would help Clearance in increasing their market share over the years. * Lower Efficacy (less Harsh) In perception mapping, according to the new positioning, stay clear would be lower anxiety and lower efficacy product. Q: How to bring this “new’ Clearance brand positioning to life through a few key go- to-market strategies? Bringing it to ‘LIFE’ . Points to be considered for pre designing the campaign:- * Low Budget * Recent Trends * In sync with Current Positioning

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