Marketing Strategy: Clearsil Case Study Questions Assignment

Marketing Strategy: Clearsil Case Study Questions Assignment Words: 297

Don ten products cater to ten same segment . I en communication Trot he company is also ambiguous. Hence in a way both the products are cannibalizing each other. Hence the market share of Clearance is decreasing and going down. * One solution for this would be to change the positioning and targeting of Ultra and Stay Clear. Ultra, being a quick results product should be targeted at pre-teens and teens from the age group 11-17. The main reason for this is people in the age group 11-17 are more anxious and impatient.

Stay clear should be targeted at teens from the age group 18-24. This way they won’t be cannibalizing each other’s market hare. * This strategy would help Clearance in increasing their market share over the years. * Lower Efficacy (less Harsh) In perception mapping, according to the new positioning, stay clear would be lower anxiety and lower efficacy product. Q: How to bring this “new’ Clearance brand positioning to life through a few key go- to-market strategies? Bringing it to ‘LIFE’ Points to be considered for pre designing the campaign:- * Low Budget * Recent Trends * In sync with Current Positioning * Consumer Reach The Campaign:- AGE groupie – 17

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Understanding the current market trends in the Cosmetics Industry along with the competitor analysis of different brand campaigns in the same it is evident that there is a huge chunk of youth in the category 11-17 yr and 18-24 yr are very much active on internet which includes social media * Tie- Up with upcoming E-commerce Retailers Reason/ Impact:- There are many upcoming E-commerce Retailers which are famous among the youth and gives a big opportunity to the company for making their presence felt to the right target group at convenience.

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