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You need to have the best unique selling points possible. If you have seen the press, or perhaps he launch show itself, this marketing strategy certainly achieves these goals, don’t you think? Let’s evaluate the keys to this launch marketing strategy and why we believe it achieves its goals: Pre-launch build up A week after the official announcement of this event date, Samsung released a teaser video. In It, the company promised nothing short of the most amazing product to hit the market since TV’s went color.

Anticipation around Samsung latest smartened salvo had built sufficiently that attendees line up around Radio City Music Hall beforehand and eventually filled the menu up to its second mezzanine. Even the tag line of the teasers is not coy about it ‘Be ready 4 the next Galaxy]. Launch location/venue New York City and the Radio City Music Hall Samsung could not have selected a setting to create better ‘pop’ or press. What do you think?

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Broadway Show Story After Samsung mobile chief J. K. Shin ran down some of the Ex.’s key capabilities, a cast of nearly 20 actors and a full orchestra performed four scenes depicting stories of how the Samsung cell phones can be used In everyday life. In the first such vignette, a father at an elementary school talent show used the dual- Amerada functionality to photograph his family and his own reaction at the same time, superimposing his face onto the Image of his son and wife.

The second scene demonstrated how the SO can translate between nine different languages -?? 10 if you separate British and North American English -?? depicting a backpacker visiting Shanghai typing a question in English and playing a Chinese translation through the phone. The next enactment showed a Broadway actor using the phone’s S Voice Drive feature while driving through Manhattan. S Voice allows users to take calls, check the theater, play music and perform other tasks without using their hands.

Using Just voice commands, the driver was able to get directions and receive a message from his agent about being cast in a Steven Spielberg movie. The final scene portrayed a wedding party In Miami using the Group Play feature, which allows SO owners to sync their phones to each play the same song at the same time. Group Play can also turn five phones Into a five-channel surround sound system, according to Samsung director of product marketing Ryan Abidjan. Building on the distinct brand image. Stories are a great way to convey marketing usages.

Keep in mind that people don’t watch ads they watch what interests them. Rather than explicitly pitching the phone as an Apple alternative as it did with the Galaxy S Ill, however, Samsung argued that the new features will help users achieve a “richer, simpler, more full life. ” The tagging for the phone was “Life companion. ” This message certainly grabs and holds attention based on many novel, new features. Target market relevancy Keep in mind that one message does not fit all. “We have listened to you to understand what a smartened should do” It starts with knowing your target market.

Here the target market are millennial and were featured prominently in the in all elements of the strategy. Commitment to technology We are committed to innovation. We have taken technology and innovation forward to help us get closer to what matters in life, to help us live a richer, simpler and more full life. – J Shin, president and head of IT and mobile communications at Samsung The hardware design doesn’t look that much different than the Galaxy SO, but the device is noticeably thinner and lighter than before.

And even though Samsung stuck with a plastic casing, the materials don’t feel cheap. The phone’s front-facing camera can tell when you’re looking at the device and automatically adjust the screen brightness based on the kind of content you’re looking at. (It will darken when you’re reading an e-book, for example. ) Samsung also added a feature called Hover that lets you hold your finger a centimeter or two over the screen to view extra content. This was most useful in the email app. When you hold your finger over a message in the inbox, you get a pop-up preview of the message.

The Galaxy SO also has an eye-tracking feature for scrolling through pages. When joking at the phone, you have to tilt the device to make the page scrolling. Product tagging Consider the end state values to your customers customers and particularly the target customers are always looking for new technology features. It will take good ones to get them to upgrade to a new model. Not the key message Samsung used however. Samsung message was simply that the new features will help users achieve a “richer, simpler, more full life. ” The tagging for the phone was “Life companion. No reason to buy without these and the marketing strategy certainly is addressing this end state in our opinion. Positioning versus Apple Make comparisons to your competitors if you can. Galaxy certainly knows who its pitching the phone as an Apple alternative as it did with the Galaxy SO, however, Samsung argues that the new features will help users achieve a “richer, simpler, more full life. ” A good move we believe. Define unique selling points Create ones that truly discriminates you from your competition. Give your customers reasons to select you.

With the SO Samsung has added many new technological features to represent very good unique selling points. They illustrate Samsung as a many that is a technology leader, which is their objective in our opinion. Make your launch a component Make your launch a component of an integrated marketing campaign. While the entire marketing and advertising campaign lies ahead, a pervasive theme has been set with this launch. It is going to be interesting how Samsung builds on its tagging theme. Samsung says the GAS will launch in the second quarter of this year and will be available on all four major U.

S. Carriers. Samsung did not announce pricing or a specific launch date. Did Samsung Cross The Line With The Samsung Galaxy SO Marketing? Y Rut Lade , Initiatives I May 2, 2013 Enterprise fail wow Samsung Galaxy SO Marketing is often the most important thing which decides on the success or failure of your product. Even an average product can strike sales records if marketed correctly. And who knows the art of marketing better than Samsung? Samsung has reached the top rung of the smartened battle today and has become a force to reckon with.

They have effectively toppled not Just Monika, the one leading smartened maker but have even put in chunk in Apple’s armor. Samsung won the hearts of the masses not Just with their innovations when it came to smartness UT even strategic and detailed marketing. They have managed to capture both, the budget phone segment as well as the premium segment. The Samsung Galaxy SO is sure a great device and even comes with the label of the fastest smartened but it is not the hardware but Samsung promotions and planning that created the rage among audiences.

From hoardings to TV adverts, local distributors to smart-cafes, Samsung has tried it all. The South Korean handset maker recently followed Apple’s footsteps and launched MI schemes and cash-back options for their premium range of devices. While the assure sure worked for the handset maker, they also projected a positive image among the masses. The media frenzy, insane promotions, offers and schemes are all good. But for how long? And, how much is too much? The sails of the Sydney Opera House have been Samsung seems to have finally crossed the line with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy SO.

Not only did Samsung pull all stops but some of the promotional measures adopted were plain ridiculous! During the main unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy SO, there was more dance and promotional shenanigans than talk of the actual product. From dance numbers to Hess music, the New York launch had it all. There were even skits performed around the device with a sudden, theatrical explanation of some feature or specification. Enough to exasperate the vast members of the audience. However, Samsung did not heed the snickers and snide remarks and continued with such absurd promotional strategies world-wide.

The next to top their chart was Australia. The launch was held in the iconic Sydney Opera House. Samsung changed the entire look of the Opera House! Images sent by locals and audiences were projected on the sails of the Opera House coloring it completely! Though we agree he effect was impressive, the charm of the Opera House are the White Sails and their simplicity. Samsung completely ruined that for us. Diana Hayden launches the Samsung Galaxy SO and tells the audience about the phone’s features.

We were willing to pardon Samsung apparent blasphemy but then came the Indian launch. And the lesser said about the launch, the better. The launch had everything from ramp-walks to dances with models suspended mid-air on harnesses. Samsung even roped in Diana Hayden who in all her feminine glory chose to elaborate on the features of the Samsung Galaxy SO stereotyping women-folk to be infatuated with lour and of-course, the front camera! And then, lastly, and hopefully the least came the Arrange Sings Samsung Galaxy SO number.

The Plywood star effectively ruined not Just a viral pop-sensation but poured cold water on the dreams of many Samsung buyers. We have absolutely no idea what Samsung was thinking of when they hired Arrange to do a Samsung rendition of Sys Kananga style in a Plywood-meets-Kananga-buys-Samsung dance. The entire activity was a disaster on so many levels that we cringe Just thinking about it. Samsung seems to have forgotten the line between effective marketing and cheap, lezzy promotion. Choosing the latter seems to have done more harm than good as Youth comments reflect.

Samsung might have created a phenomena with the Samsung Galaxy SO but they dug a hole for themselves with over the top marketing. Hope Samsung learns a lesson and sticks to the good 01′ TV and print advert in the Samsung SO Lines Up phone AS And Motto X For Price War by Haydn Gaucheness, Forbes I July 12, 2013 Comment Now Follow Comments Following Comments Unfold Comments The start of the week saw a lot of speculation about the future of the smartened. Has it peaked/ has it not? Well, maybe, but competition is intensifying anyway, particularly on price in the high and mid ranges.

It looks like Google Google will soon put $500 million into launching a new Motorola smartened against Samsung and Apple Apple products in a market where price reductions and deals will be commonplace. There are doubts around where Google will pitch the phone with some speculation it will be at $199. That would be a nudge- type product but Motorola cannot be seen as Google’s poodle – that’s the role of the Nexus. Motorola needs to launch a high end product, even if it intends to chase the rower end of the market later. Samsung will very likely launch the Note 3 at the same time that the Motorola and new phone go on sale.

It has begun aggressive pricing of the Galaxy SO to ensure that it maintains market share in what looks like being a tough summer and Fall. The SO is now, in many locations, cheaper than a basic phone, even though it costs more to produce. Move up http://I. Forgeries. Com t Move down Samsung is using extra margin in its new SO family, where key component costs are lower, to make a statement about price rather than to claw more profit from its remit smartness. When the original Galaxy SO launched in Europe in April Samsung customers paid a premium of up to Euro 695, or $895 at today’s exchange rate.

Since then the price has come down to about Euro 550 (about $700) and eager customers are expected to pay about the same for the new SO Active, which is due out soon in Sweden. In contrast, the phone 5 costs IEEE in the I-J, nearly $790, for the 16 KGB version and IEEE or over $1,000 for the 64 KGB version, on the Apple online store (of course you can get it “free” on contract). The original SO is now $90 cheaper than the basic phone. In India, where Samsung wants to capture big market share with the SO, the SO Mini went on sale earlier this week at Just $465, the Zoom at $500, according to the Economic Times.

The Mini in the I-J is priced at a whopping $645. In India a regular SO is now priced at about $600. Samsung has said it wants the new Sis to make up as much as 20% of its Indian smartened sales by year end: “Galaxy SO has received a phenomenal response since its launch in the Indian market. We are confident that Mini and Zoom will also do well… We expect the SO range to comprise 15-20 per cent of our smartened sales (volume) from India by the end of his year,” Samsung director (mobile business) Mann Sahara told PIT.

T Mobile has been selling the SO for $579 contract free in the US over the past month (Google’s version if $649) and you can get it for $549 at Meteoric. The cheapest phone 5 is relative costs of the SO and phone 5, a new phone versus one nearing its anniversary, are instructive. In the highly price sensitive US market Apple are much closer to Samsung and the SO (though prices are dropping). In Europe, a tough market right now with buyers sitting on their hands and inventory building up, Samsung has discounted already.

And in India it has set the price of its cheaper SO variants with an eye to gaining market share Just as Apple gears up for a cheaper phone launch for the fast-developed markets. Samsung pricing is aided by downgrading the chips, cameras and displays in it new Sis. It’s a hidden strategy that could prove very effective in a tight market. The Active has a lower quality display, camera and chip but additional cost in the dust and water proofing and in the more rugged casing. The Mini is a big cost saver and it seems the Zoom is too. It means that variants of the SO are priced to compete with whatever Apple comes out with this Fall with the

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