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What are the elements of marketing promotion? Mans: Marketing Promotion: Promotion is the process of bringing a product or service to the attention of the ‘market’. In sport and recreation terms this is how you ‘sell’ your activity, club or event to interested people. For example, advertising, direct marketing etc. “Promotion is the persuasive communication activities and efforts used by a seller to introduce buyers to buy its products”—-Russ & Kirkpatrick So, marketing promotion is one of the efforts of the seller by which they try to inform, persuade and sell their reduces to the customer.

Elements of marketing promotion: Advertising Advertising is any paid form of non-personal communication of ideas or products in the “prime media”: I. E. Television, newspapers, magazines, billboard posters, radio, cinema etc. Advertising is intended to persuade and to inform. The two basic aspects of advertising are the message (what you want your communication to say) and the medium (how you get your message across) Direct marketing Direct marketing creates a direct relationship between the customer and the business on an individual basis. Personal Selling

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Personal selling refers to oral communication with potential buyers of a product with the intention of making a sale. The personal selling may focus initially on developing a relationship with the potential buyer, but will always ultimately end with an attempt to “close the sale”. Sales Promotion Sales promotion refers to the provision of incentives to customers or to the distribution channel o Public Relations Public relations is the communication of a product, brand or business by placing information about it in the media without paying for the time or media space directly Q.

What is advertising budget? Describe method of advertising budget? Mans: Advertising budget: Advertising budget is the money a company willing to set aside to accomplish its marketing objection. Method of advertising budget: 1 . Objective and task method (to increase sell) 2. Affordability method (how much they can afford) 3. Percentage sales method ( based on predetermine percentage) 4. Competitive method 5. Recommendation advertising agency. Q. Why sales promotion is important for today’s marketing? State some of the commonly used sales promotion tools?

Mans: Sales promotion: sales promotion is a short term incentives to encourage the arches and use of goods and service. Importance: To provide marketing information To increase consumption To encourage repeat purchase To encourage retailers To enhance channel relationship Sales promotion tools: Samples Coupons Cash refunds Price packs Premiums Advertising specialties Patronage rewards Point of purchase displays Demonstrations Contests Sweepstakes Games Q. Define Advertisement copy? Describe the important properties of good advertisement copy?

MANS: Advertisement copy: Advertisement copy is the text form of advertising massage aimed at catching the attention and persuading the prospective buyer to make arches decision within a few second. Properties of good advertisement copy: Headline Subheads and body copy Slogan and illustration Identification and closing idea Q. What is story plan? Why selling is important for an economy during the economic recession of a country? Mans: Story plan: the story plan is an outline in considerable detail, of the complete presentation that the sales person competent to make.

Selling is importance: To Giving information To solve the problem To make intelligent purchase decision Develop standard of living To ensure economic growth Q. Define Advertising media? What factor would you consider in the selection of a particular media for your brand? Mans: Advertising media: a channel through which an advertising massage is delivered to the public is called Advertising media. Factor affecting for choice media: Reach and frequency Scheduling Creative aspect Flexibility Media type Budget consideration Q.

State the difficulties that may arise in the time of sales presentation. How can sales person handle them? Mans: 1. External interruption (telephone) 2. Internal interruption (story) 3. Difficult prospect Inattentive silence indecision hostility indifference Q. What is advertising appeal? Briefly explain its types? Advertising appeal: the form of stimulus used by advertiser is generally referred to as the advertising appeal. Types of advertising appeal: 1. Rational appeal (real estate) 2. Emotional appeal 3. Combination of rational & emotional appeal 4. Ear appeal ( close up) 5. Humor appeal (Gap) 6. Sex appeal 7. Musical appeal 8. Scarcity appeal Q. State the different type’s promotion strategies that a marketer can use to promote its brand in the market. What factor would a company consider in the selection of marketing promotion strategy? Mans: Type’s promotion strategies: Direct marketing Personal Selling Public Relations Factor consider for marketing promotion strategy: Factors setting the promotional mix: There are 3 factors of setting promotional mix: 1.

Type of product market 2 Buyer readiness stage. 3 Product life cycle. 1 Type of product market: Market off product can be divided into 4 categories / types: I) Consumer market: It’s basically based on fulfilling consumer’s satisfaction. Here to reach a product to the consumer following steps should be taken: a Sales promotion b Advertising c Personal selling Public relation in that order it) Business market: This market is for customer who purchase product from producer and sell it to the consumer for profit.

Promotional activities at this stage follow this order. A Personal selling. B Sales promotion. C Advertising. D Public relatives. Iii) Global Market: It is a huge market because it’s function is internationally. Multinational company’s mainly try to capture international market through following activities: a Advertising b Sales promotion d Public relation ‘v) Non-profit Gobo. Market: Generally Gobo. Organization work for public interest. Its motive is to provide service.

There are other organizations which are also non-profit organization, such as; School, Hospital etc. Their promotional activities are: a Personal selling b Public relation c Sales promotion d Advertisement 2 Buyer readiness stage: This figure shows the relative cost effectiveness of four promotional tools: A Advertising and publicity play the most important role in the awareness building stage. B Customer comprehension is primarily affected by advertising and personal selling. C Customer conviction is influenced mostly by personal selling.

D Closing ales/ordering is influenced mostly by personal selling and sales promotion E Re- order also affected mostly by personal selling and sales promotion and somewhat by reminder advertising 3 Product life cycle: There are five stages of product life cycle. These are: a Introduction: At this stage a new product is introduced to the market. It is the stage of launching product. Ex: Fairer & Lovely face wash, 36 Internet b Growth stage: At this stage product become popular gradually. Customer talk about the product. Ex: Merrill Splash, Lifebuoy, Walton. C Maturity: At maturity stage profit is gained.

Product is known to others all people. Ex: LUG, Para d Decline: At this stage products popularity start to fall gradually. People become interested on other product. Ex: Tibet This figure shows relative cost effectiveness of different promotional tools: a Introduction stage: Advertising and publicity have the highest cost effectiveness, personal selling helps to gain distribution coverage and sales promotion introduce trial use. B In growth stage: Demand increase through word of mouth. C In maturity stage: Sales promotion, advertising and personal selling become more important.

In decline stage: sales promotion become strong advertising and publicity reduced, and personal selling give the product only minimum attention. Q. Define corporate Advertising? Showing its types. Corporate Advertising: in corporate advertising here marketer not only highlight product but also combined all product through slogan, public relationship activities to build positive image in consumer mind. Types of corporate Advertising: 1. Image Advertising Sponsorship Recruiting General financial support Event sponsorship 2. Advocacy Advertising (save the tiger -SQUARE) 3. Cause related Advertising ( Robs ) Q. What is demonstration?

Explain its principle -briefly? Demonstration: Demonstration can use for capturing the prospect interest achieving conviction, providing information and making the sales person sink in and saving time. Principles of Demonstration: Visual aid Covering vital product features Making the sales talk interrupt the Demonstration Making the product look its best Making the Demonstration clear Making the Demonstration true of life Maintaining control Demonstration involve present customer Following up the Demonstration Q. What step involved in selling process? What are the technique sales person normally use in case of prospecting new customer?

Mans: Step involved in selling process: 1 . Attention 2. Interest 3. Desire 4. Conviction 5. Purchase Effective technique for prospecting new customer: 1. Endless chain 2. Referrals 3. Center of influence 4. Other seller 5. Publication 6. Telephone 7. Direct mail 8. Observation 9. Junior sales people 10. Company records Q. What is illustration? What are the basic method of illustration? Mans: Illustration: illustration is a visualization made by an artist such as Drawing, sketch, minting, photograph other kind of image of things seen, and imagine using graphical presentation.

Method of illustration: Diesel and mazurka subcategories illustration into technique which being applied Drawing, painting, printing and pasting these technique in various ways. Choice can be based on the requirement of illustration, constraints of artist, cost and other factor. Q. What is public relation? Explain its tools/process? Public relation: public relation is a verity of program designed to promote and protect a company image or its individual product.

Tools/process public relation: Determining and evaluating public attitude Establishing public relation plan Developing and executing public relation. Q. Selling solving buyers problem-explain? 1. Determine the nature of the problem 2. Analyze and classify the problem 3. Accumulates number of possible ways to solve the problem 4. Comparison and completion stage. 5. Verification stage Q. What is the common first call difficulties? 1. Uneasiness in the presence of stranger 2. Getting a full hearing 3. They are busy 4. They are not interested Thankful For any enquiry: realnasir@gmail. Com

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