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By using forms of marketing and promotion this alps organizations Involved selling a product, to bring a product forward seeing Its potential and make profit keeping consumers happy therefore, they want to buy more products from the organization within the future, this supports the ideology of Mulling (2007). This idea of promotion suggests that sports promotion includes activities designed promoting sports products and also non-sport products through sport.

This essay will help to look at different approaches In sport marketing and also promotion helping to reach organizations aiming to sell a product to consumers and show arioso ideas and ways producing the same message of showing consumers providing examples using sport. By using the marketing mix which Includes price, product, place and promotion regarding market research the product can now be used in conjunction with the promotional mix regarding advertising (Irwin, Sutton & McCarthy, 2002) promoting the product within the market.

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Referring back to Mulling (2007) benefits of products can be either tangible or intangible or in some cases both, other Ideologists In agreement with this would be Schwartz, Hunter & Leaflet (2012). Just by using the commercial for Aids predator pulse (2004) for example, this shows that this specific product could and shows benefits being tangible and intangible.

Benefits being tangible are shown by the way the product is different to any other by making and showing emphasis of new features of the commodity being used; e. G. By Just looking at the commercial it portrays the introduction of the power behind the pulse, external heel counter and also the new power technology which is a beneficiary of the commodity.

In correlation to the above he product is seen to be also intangible due to the presence of famous, popular footballers such as David Beckman and also Celandine Sedan wearing the boots, this just pushes for sales as ‘heroes’ like them are wearing them not just because of that purpose but also it makes the buyer believe if they themselves wear the boots, like these boots they will become as good as the famous faces. Another impacting factor upon a consumer would be a situation where an event would be held.

As Horned (2006) suggest governments are interested in holding sporting events because of the promotion of the area it’s held in and the investing Impact It can have through a tourism aspect Like for example the London 2012 Olympics and the Impact that has had throughout the world making London the place to be. An additional example would be the commercialism’s of the rugby 1 OFF cup through commercial footage shown to the public which uses the country of New Sealant’s involvement promoting what the country has to offer to potential tourists in relation to the rugby world cup promoting that it will be a great event.

Furthermore consumers who attended the world cup were highly attached emotionally which is suggested by the views of Harrison-Hill ; Challis (2005) shown through footage of highlights symptomatic of not only about rugby but Just the whole atmosphere and experience of being there. Communication is another aspect of promotion which is important as it can be used as a way in which product; price and place are displayed and received (Mulling, 2000).

Also it is highlighted by Shank (1999) the communication process produces the best out of a commodity using celebrities to put the proposition across for the product so it can be effective. Proportional (2003) also agrees by suggesting that with the rivalries use of celebrities in advertising, it is necessary to have valid instruments to measure celebrity characteristics to facilitate selection of the right celebrity, another advert would be the ‘Golf: The Race to Dub/Dub World Championship’ (2010). N addition Proportional (2003) supports the ideology of Shanks (1999) suggesting that for effective communication sports stars in advertising need to come across to the public as attractive and trustworthy, as you can see in the advertisement of the world championships stated above the pleasant and good-looking appearance of the rouses and all the players involved portray they are the best in the world in what they do.

The dependability of the advert can build up tension portraying what will happen at the event by going through a in-depth process to come across the event and also showing the expertise and talent of all the golfers. Another form using promotion is the involvement of women within advertisements. Sutton ; Waiting (1994) found within their studies that women prefer to be portrayed as skilled and independent in advertising rather being seen as sexual objects. Portraying this in a particular advertisement would be the Mike Women –

Make Yourself (2010) advertisement, where females are shown to be independent and skilled athletes when they are training during the commercial , this is compared to the view of Spence ; Acumen (2003) who note advertisements fail to meet the views of women showing them as sex symbols a current example of this view is portrayed in the Rebook advert in 2010 ‘Easy Tone’, it shows that women in sport are non-skilled in a manner when they are not participating, again this backs up research and ideologies claimed by Spence ; Acumen (2003) as it only focuses women as sexual objects.

Branding is another aspect important within an organization, the way you promote yourself can be recognized by a logo, and brand name representing the element of the brand this idea is claimed by Mulling (2007). A logo is the element of the brand which can’t be spoken, any symbol associated with a brand like a trademark phrase or a combination of this helps a organization to define itself from competition a example of this is the usage of the Mike logo and some of it catchphrases used to design and the way they promote by using campaigns against the opposition to prove they are the best brand in the world.

In the ‘Make it count’ Mike campaign (2012) it emphasizes the usage of trademark phrases defining itself from any competition described by Mulling (2007) and brings new dimensions within the world of sport. The usage of marketing and promotion within sport, it helps progression on a global scale. Just by this essay it has shown organizations usage with marketing and promotion getting consumers to purchase products or campaign for people to go to events.

Organizations use these methods like helping a two way process in conjunction within sport, consumers get the best products by spending money, Hereford its money worth spending as the organization promoting products gets them noticed and if it goes well, there comes a chance to go further in more and different products and projects that will be able to sell and be good usage for the consumer. Also there becomes a trusting relationship between buyer and the organization, this would develop a better understanding what the consumer wants from companies and also starts the process of good market research.

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