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In this essay, the writer is going to issues about how the brand of a hot pot restaurant, Ha Did Lasso’s brand strategy to meet their target customers’ needs and wants from several parts, the most important part is they have no fault to find with their services, their idea of the guidance, and then the care for the employees, at last it provides the extraordinary experiences for their customers. Background Chuan Ha Did Ala catering co. , LTD. , founded in 1 994 on March 20, is a business Chuan-style hot pot is given priority to, hot pot around the characteristics in a large retail chain enterprises.

Company has always been adhering to the “service first, customer first” philosophy, innovation as the core, change the traditional standardization and simplification of service, advocate personalized characteristic service, dedicated to provide customers with pleasant dining services; On management, advocate the hands to change the fate of the values, create a fair working environment for staff, implementation of human nature and management mode of affection, improve employee value. (Hidalgo. Com, 2015) For 20 years, the company in Beijing, Shanghai, Asian, Gunshot, Tannin, Nanjing, Hangout, Sheehan,

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Examine, Guanos, Human, Changed and other domestic 29 cities has 1 1 1 restaurants directly. Abroad, there have been 1 2, Los Angles, LISA, Singapore and South Korea Seoul 1 restaurant directly. Hidalgo always adhere to the “pollution-free, one-time” makings and base principle, the pass of raw materials and ingredients. In 19 years after inspection of market and customers successfully create high credibility, have the characteristics of Chuan hot pot hot pot brands. (Bike. Baud. Com, 201 5) The services Ha Did Ala is a typical brand.

And brand is product and service that have added value. A brand is represented by a name, symbol, words or mark that identifies and distinguishes a product or company, from its competitors. (201 1) And the service is the action of doing something for someone or something. It is largely intangible (i. E. Not material). People cannot touch it, see it, taste it, hear it or feel it. So a service context creates its own series of challenges for the marketing manager since he or she must communicate the benefits of a service by drawing parallels with imagery and ideas that are ore tangible. Marketing Teacher, 2014) The hot pot restaurant hidalgo always needs to queue in line for at least two hours to sit in and have the meal. However, while the customers are waiting they provide free simile, lemonade, snacks, free cleaning shoes services, free Internet access and free manicure services. Thus relatives and friends either have a leisurely chat, or have already spread out to play the cards. When customers are seated, the waiters will immediately send elastic band to bind their hair with and also the apron, cell phone sets.

In addition, during dinning, there will be a waiter add in the hot tea from time to time when they see the customer’s cup is empty. (CNN. Cabs. Com, 2015) The services let the customers feel warm and pleased to have meal. Marketing communication People can hear the advertisement while taking a taxi, and they can see the colorful hot pot picture on the newspaper. This kind brand strategy is called marketing com unction, which is the promotional element of the marketing mix need to be understood first as a general model of how the marketers send and receive messages.

Stokes and Llama, 2008) it is used to communicate elements of an organization’s offering to a target audience. This offer might refer to a product, a service, or the organization it self as it tries to build its reputation. Care for the employees Also, it is worth mentioning that, for the welfare of the employees, hidalgo did really well. Only care of employees will the employees care about the clients sincerely. Hidalgo rent a dormitory for the employees are all normal residential units, and the houses are all equipped with air conditioning and computer with the Internet.

In order to decrease the pressure and save time for the employees, they can go to work from the dormitory no more than 20 minutes by foot usually. The dormitory has cleaner who is responsible for cleaning, unpick and wash bed sheet for employees. If the employees are couples, they have separate rooms for them. When Ha Did Ala opens another new shop, they will spend 500000 on the renting for the employees each year. The extraordinary experience Furthermore, digital technologies are becoming increasingly important in most sectors of economic activity.

And digital marketing is the application of digital technologies that from channels to market (the internet, wireless communications and interactive television) to achieve corporate goals through meeting and exceeding customer needs better than the competition. (Jobber, 1995) In the every restaurant of hidalgo, people use the pad to order the food by themselves, which is different from other restaurants and this step gives the customer a sense of familiarity. Since most of the people use the pad whenever they are working or playing the games.

And this kind of revive offer consumers and the restaurants considerable benefits, like, it is much more convenient for consumers to access to information and the companies would know what the customers ordered as soon as possible. In addition, during the meal, there are magician perform the magic show during the meal, and if the customer ordered noodles, the chef will perform how to make noodles in public while the customers are eat Eng, so the customers are not just there to eat but also enjoy the pleasure of the process.

Also, the company provides the delivery service for those who have no time to cook or ant to have meal in Ha Did Ala but do not want to wait. There are many customers really like the restaurant but each time they have to wait at least two hours; in this case the company might loose a lot of regular customers. Thus they provide delivery the hot pot to their home service. This can be considered as market segmentation, which described as how the marketers can divide the market into groups of similar customers, where there are important differences between those groups. (Holey, Pierce and Included, 201 2) Conclusion

In conclusion, the brand Ha Did Ala is a famous hot pot restaurant in China, and it has some chain restaurant in the U. S and Singapore. The brand is highly focusing on services, which let the customers feel so warm and become regular customers. It also gives the clients the extraordinary experiences, like, customers can have free nail do, play the cards, processing free Wi-If and there are people helping the customers clean the shoes without charges while the customers are waiting outside. And they also use the strategy of digital marketing through ordering food on pad by customer homeless.

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