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Taking it down too smaller scope where they teach players how to et the upper hand in a transition. This is a refined one on one technique versus traditional camps which focus on large group instruction like scrimmages. Jeff Serious created a system of teachings that have taken a lifetime of hockey to breakdown, compile and methodically construct. They have taken the pieces of hockey advice, drills, systems and concepts from their favorite youth, prep school, Division I college, ALL, ILL and NIL coaches.

Pro Ambitions has a strong network with peers, former and current NIL semi-pro and elite academy players, and coaches ho are also now coaching in management positions at the top prep schools, colleges and NIL teams who apply their methods to their camps. The battle camp curriculum is their niche in the market. Created from a compilation of best advice, drills, and game theory from his career, Jeff believes, makes them the master of “Circuit Training” and small area games, and is passionate about bringing Pro Ambitions offerings to the Midwest.

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Situational Analysis Pro Ambitions believes that they would be greatly successful in the Midwest and have not yet tapped into the potential due too general disconnect. They are looking toward e-marketing solutions to bridge the Midwest to their camp and grow their brand. They believe that due too heavy youth hockey population here there is great opportunity for growth. Due to market saturation in the greater Boston area Pro Ambitions, in order to grow, must look into other geographical locations. The Midwest is a desired focus based on the open market for a niche curriculum for youth hockey.

The Midwest has a hockey culture that respond to a low cost e-marketing campaign. Due to their grassroots culture and operational style, Pro Ambitions will use their star rower and technology to bring brand awareness to the Midwest. Target Market Analysis Pro Ambitions will target parents and athletes at hockey tournaments. These Marketing Plan Sport By melee tournaments are large statewide events Witt nigh school and youth players. Typically these are three day events with many vendors. This is where parents will be open and shopping for opportunities to advance their players.

Events like the NCAA Division I college hockey championship which was held in Minnesota in 2013, is a good example of the types of opportunities Pro Ambitions will be taking advantage of o spread brand awareness. Currently the Midwest offers many hockey camps in the summer during off season. There are many summer leagues to Join as well as different styles of camps focusing on specific aspects of the game. Currently in this desired location there is no loyalty to a specific camp but Pro Ambitions desires to create brand loyalty. They believe there is a core to build on and develop through repeat enrollment in their camps.

SOOT Analysts SOOT Analysis Action Plan: The Pro Ambitions marketing campaign will harness Social Media, a mobile app, and Pro Ambitions’ unique brand, while leveraging brand wariness in Midwest markets to young and emerging Midwest players to produce a marketing campaign that will maximize ROI. E-Marketing Strategy A company’s website is it’s nexus for their digital presence and therefore critical to all digital marketing. Enhancing their website will be the first phase of the e- marketing strategy. Pro Ambitions has an uncommon access to a myriad of elite all- star and hall of fame players such as Jeremy Irenics.

He is a super star hall of fame player who was the captain of the Midwestern NIL Original 6 hockey team, the Chicago Blackjacks. Mr.. Irenics and many of his colleges make themselves readily accessible. The most effective way to engage parents and players is to begin by using this unique resource on the forefront of their website. Built further into the website will include player profiles and history. This information is already recorded at camps and can be presented as an ongoing player profile and updated daily. This interactive feature will set Pro Ambitions apart from other camps and programs.

By continually engaging with the web site will build brand loyalty from the player’s perspective. From the parents perspective product enhancement and branding will e AC dated through testimonials put into the website e. T These testimonials will display real life scenarios from the parents who were satisfied with the product, due diligence, and safety of their children. Being displaced from their home environment is common for these youth hockey players attending these camps. Parent testimonials will be used to promote collaboration and the Pro Ambitions camp culture.

People are increasingly interacting with PC centric channels on mobile smart phones and tablets. A reformatted Elite or simpler version of the website will be offered as a downloaded app from the website for these devices. This app will allow users to view the coach’s daily evaluations and ongoing player profiles with real time attendance tracking via SMS/MS notifications, as an opt-in feature. Therefore those who wish download the app may or may not want updates. Additional features may be built into the app to include information on local weather, entertainment, restaurants, hotels, and transit locations.

Pro Ambitions overall mobile strategy is to increase customer engagement and improve customer satisfaction. This will build brand loyalty and future consideration for camp attendance. Pro Ambitions will appear innovative as they customize consumer reach. The goal of Pro Ambitions strategy is to learn the nuances of mobile marketing and engage the consumer through multiple channels (website, app, twitter) and ultimately integrate the mobile experience into their brand DNA. This will reduce cost as staff will be freed up from unbearably coordinating with parents who may otherwise feel left in the dark.

This gives parents the Pro Ambition’s brand standard peace of mind. Mobile is the most ramifications technology since the internet itself. Companies can no longer succeed by simply building a great product or distributing it effectively. Total product experience will create value for Pro Ambition customers enhancing every aspect of the product, and ultimately enhance branding and advertising as well. In addition to real time SMS/MS notification with the downloaded app, Twitter can be leveraged as a safety net for camp coaches coordinating with parents.

In the Pro Ambitions camp model, the player to coach ratio never exceeds 5:1. This intimate yeoman makes it easy for coaches to send out attendance verification for the morning and afternoon sessions. Parents will be made aware of which coach their child is working with during each session and how to follow that coach on Twitter if they so wish. It’s understood that not every parent would want their child’s real time information put out on Twitter. Therefore, the parent piece of mind Twitter resource would only be for those who opt-in and wish to receive it.

In addition to attendance alerts the afternoon session will contain the analytical breakdown of the morning session. Much like the parent testimonials from the website, the Twitter feed followers will catalyst the development of the Pro Ambition hockey community as these followers interact with one another as well. This social sharing will allow Pro Ambitions to engineer a Midwestern crowd and will be able to broadcast marketing messages to this audience once established. Lastly, there will be redirects back to their website.

Implementation Pro Ambitions will employ guerilla marketing tactics to take efforts to a whole new level and raise brand awareness in the Midwest (MN, MI, WI, IL, IA) and will be started immediately. By being present at state hockey tournaments, holiday/summer tournaments, and holding fund raisers, they will utilize their star power with hall of tamers tottering autographed photos. This will be done by using a positive point to sale technique. The athlete will have their photo take with guys like Jeremy Irenics. The photo will be available on the website by entering a special code. This will be the action taken to initiate consume engagement.

The implementation phase will be when determinants such as who will be in charge of delegated tasks, who is doing the tasks, and by when, are made. Required action, management, and follow up by web designer and technician will begin based on a 6-9 month timeline. In this startup phase budgeting will begin with 50 hours/ week at a rate of $90-0/hour, totaling a monthly expense of Plans for contracting work after startup phase will be put in place. E-training for management and coaches will be required to ensure those responsible for player profile updates and tracking web traffic are knowledgeable and stay current.

Measuring results will include tracking and monitoring total clicks and frequency of individual customer’s visits to website. Efforts will be made to determine and ncincreaseuration of individual and Twitter followers visits on website as well as other interface engagement. Data will be collected monthly on indicators and stored in a database. This process enhances the business by making it possible to focus on strategic actions that are most leveraged by picking critical sets of interim measures to monitor performance against and hindering strategic objectives.

Summary Our forward-thinking e-marketing strategy empowers Pro Ambition employees to wrWrightrongs on the spot enabling them to become more proactive in creating the ultimate customer satisfaction experience. By linking the power of the ultimate customer engagement this e-strategy offers, Pro Ambitions can fuel marketing efforts into the Midwest and innovative market practices into the future, thus increasing the likelihood of retaining customers.

Realizing the full benefits that this e-strategy can deliver acknowledges even greater respect and customized consumer interaction. From our perspective, the sum of total customer knowledge takes on greater significance in this proposed e-marketing arena, and leveraging the understanding of why and how customers engage with the company using ullatitudinalnterface is crucial for moving forward into the Midwest and beyond. Parrish, M. (2012, February). Mobile Marketing: Three principles for success.

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