Digital Marketing Plan Assignment

Digital Marketing Plan Assignment Words: 259

Website Simple and effective layout Relevant content Advertises events, contests and programs for customers to participate (4th July Sale, “Golden Ticket” Contest, Bike Share) Calls-to-Action Not clear Customer needs to browse through the page to find Contact information Should have obvious positioning (top right/left), larger font and contrasting color. Social Media Marketing Excellent customer service approach (inquiries answered in an hour) Timber customers can follow posts from the brand on Faceable, Twitter, Mainstream.

Youth and Timber Blob. Social media integration with website Adds credibility with real time sharing and by engaging their audience SEE Low prominence on organic search results Frequently searched keywords do not match with the brand unless this one is specifically searched for Should consider adding relevant keywords to website might increase traffic Content Strategy Customer decides whether they want to sign up for newsletters and offers Provides customized information if customer desires (selecting preferences and gender) Intuitive navigation Enjoyable browsing experience Not Mobile Friendly Does not have a Mobile App

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Website is not mobile friendly Website does not adjust to a smartened screen Customers might become frustrated trying to navigate the site. Needs to keep up with tech-savvy customers Purpose Branding: Innovation within the brand, high costumer Involvement, consistent theme, foundation based on quality (life warranty) Lead generation: letter subscriptions, registration for offers generate high lead generation E-commerce: on top of trends, online shop allows customers to personalize products and Its classically makes the browsing experience more pleasant. Interactively The website has limited visual stimulation.

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