Marketing Plan of Olive Tea Assignment

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Ltd. Has come forward with a slogan- “olive Tea in Bangladesh for building freshness”. We are going to provide a new product named Olive Tea. The current marketing situations such as market, product, and channels are positive. It can fulfill the needs and wants of the target market. The product offers a competitively unique combination of advanced features and functionality at value-added price. The product is also helpful for health. Despite there are a lot of competitors, our success about the Olive tea is sure. The primary racketing objective is to achieve sales of 50’00’000 units first year.

The primary objectives are to achieve revenue of TX. 840 million first year. We will try to keep first year less than 80 million breaks even early in the second year. Besides our marketing strategy, action plan, controlling and marketing plan tools are very developed. Analysis of Current Marketing Situation Market Description: The market of our Product ‘Olive Tea’ consists of consumers who want to change their taste and flavors of tea. The consumers are actually those who do not want or need new flavors but when it comes they take it easy and ant to taste it.

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So the target market should be segmented carefully to enter into the market. Product Review: Available in GM, GM and GM pack. Available powdered Caffeine free Made from the Amazonian and Mission Olive Tree leaves Do not have any bad effect on health Have instructions for “How to use” Now let’s look at the other side where olive tea is known for its health benefits. For years, Green Tea has had the spotlight in the area of health aspects, and while it is true drinking green tea can help Cissoids in several ways, right now we’re going to tip the cup on green and Look at what olive tea an step for us.

Some benefits of this beverage are: Combats viruses, inhabits them from Replicating Helps lower Cholesterol Helps lower blood pressure Has an anti-fungal property Has an anti-bacterial property Helps Prevent cold sores and herpes Maintains a strong and balanced immune system Helps prevent shingle Fights the common cold and Flu Bugs Competitive Review: There are several established companies which run their business competitively well. Our company is one of them. But we are bringing olive tea in the market for the first time.

In other words we are the only company which is entering olive tea into the market. So we don’t have any direct competitor except several indirect competitors. Our competitors are: Lipton Ceylon Camellia Kaki & Kaki Brook Bond etc. Chance Nell and Distribution Review: Our product will be distributed through a network of selected stores in the market of Bangladesh. We the Alsatian Group of Industries have a good distribution channel. The most important channel partners being conducted Distributors: Our company has distributors throughout the whole country.

So our target is to make the product convenience in the country. Our market segment will help us to reach to our target customers through the distributors. Departmental Stores: Our product will be provided in some departmental stores to distribute the product in the city. Super Stores: We are going to provide our product in some popular superstores of the city such as Agar, Mean Bazaar, Lamas, price Club, Swap’s etc. In Dacha and other divisions of Bangladesh. Super Market: Super Markets like New Market, Eastern Plaza, Pachysandra City and etc. Will carry our product to reach to the customer.

Our product will be distributed in the general stores of these markets. Our distribution of the product will be restricted in Bangladesh. We want to capture our local market at first year. Discussion of SOOT Analysis Strengths: Existing Company: Olive Tea will be launched by Alsatian which is a leading company at market share. Approved BY BSTJ: Olive Tea is been approved by BSTJ on November 2010. BSTJ has approved it as a healthy drink. Can Serve from Existing Sites: We can serve Olive tea from existing sites of Alsatian Company that surrounds all over Bangladesh.

Product Innovates Ongoing: We have already started to introduce people to Olive Tea and the benefits of it. High Quality with Considerable Price: We are pricing Olive Tea as low as possible. Brand Reputation: Alsatian has a good reputation regarding to supplying. Weakness: New Product: Olive Tea is coming in Bangladesh in Bangladesh for the first time. It cannot be ensured that the consumers will like this product. No Trial Done Yet: We didn’t trial this product to its target market. Disadvantage of Proposition: The people of Bangladesh always have negative propositions about any new products.

Lack of Trained Customer Service Staffs: As olive tea has a lot of benefits than an ordinary tea, the customer service staffs are required to be trained about this. Opportunities: Global Influence: It is modern era now. Good things are accepted by all. A pro-biotic Olive Tea an be affected globally. Chance to Distribute through Pharmacies: As Olive Tea is a proportion tea we can distribute this through all kinds of pharmacies. Attitudinal Advantage: Maximum people of Bangladesh prefer to take tea. Availability of Information and Research: In the technology based world we can get information from Internet.

Many research have been happened in China about Olive Tea. Development of Production Process: We can develop our Production process by installing many new types of machinery. The rats: Corporate Politics: Olive Tea is expected to gain a lot of fame. So it can be affected by internal report politics from the competitors. Competitors Intentions: Competitors may launch modified such kind of product. Market Demand: Market demand is a reason of a products success or failure market demand can fall down. Affect of Environment: People generally prefer to take tea in winter season.

Tea is sold lightly in winter season. Objectives and Issues First year Objectives: We are aiming for 8 present share of the market at first year of Olive Tea in Bangladesh. We will make it possible through unit sales volume of 454546. Second year Objectives: In the Second year we will try to achieve break even point. In this period our objective is also to achieve market share by developing products and advertising. Issues: We have a reputed brand name. So at the first time our Issue is to make a meaningful position by informing advantage of Olive Tea.

We must invest highly in marketing to provide good knowledge to the people about Olive Tea. So we must ensure Customer service. Positioning: To the people who like to change their taste and focus on the health-benefits of a product, Olive Tea is a different kind of tea which is different in taste and has many benefits to our health. Using product differentiation we are Positioning Olive Tea at the most healthy, tasty, value-added model for personal use. The market strategy will focus on the health-beneficial system.

So the main feature is differentiating the Olive Tea. Product Strategy: Tea is choice of connoisseurs every/here because it can be brewed to your individual pleasure. It can be blended with other herbs to make our own special brew, strong brewed in a crock pot, served hot or chilled etc. Our 100% natural loose leaf provides all the healing properties Olive leaf offers. The diet health secret is out at olives. Our Olive leaf tea is made with pure organic live leaf, provides a pleasant flavor and all the healthy properties olive leaf offers.

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