Marketing Plan for Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry Assignment

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The company was founded In July 1956 with an aim of producing high quality non-alcoholic soft and hot rinks to Its customers. The company has a strong asset base. Fresh company Is lead by a well-able management team that leads approximately 1200 employees. Fresh’s products will be brought to market mainly through the direct-store-delivery (ADDS). The company will collaborate with bottlers and several distributors to maintain and operate a direct-store-delivery system.

This system will ensure that the Company’s products, that is, the snacks and beverages are delivered directly to retail stores. In a nutshell, the products will be merchandised by our employees and/or our bottlers. Direct-store-delivery will ensure that the company merchandise with maximum visibility and appeal. This will be especially well-suited to products that are usually restocked often or have a short lead time and respond to in-store promotion and merchandising. In addition, the company will also use and maintain a manual distribution center (MID) model.

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This model will operate within densely populated areas like around large towns which include New York City and other large cities in will maintain the links between the local bottler who may provide technical support and credit to the Meds. The owners of manual distribution center will own the bottles and crates they use. The main target market for Fresh products is the Brooklyn population. However, the company also targets the whole of New York state population and the United States as a whole. New York State has over 19. 7 million residents which represent 5% of the total population in America.

The products are targeted to meet the tastes of differ type of consumer despite their age. However, the product major targets the young people in schools and colleges and also the general public. This population comes from all ethnics groups in the United States. The target consumers include both male and female in the population. The products will be differentiated and customized to meet varying needs of all the social classes in America. The beverages will also be packed in different sizes to meet different needs that is, ready to consume and take home.

The mission of the company is to provide our customers with delicious, affordable, convenient and complementary foods and beverages from wholesome breakfasts to healthy and fun daytime snacks and beverages to evening treats. The company is also committed to invest in the people and the communities where the operation is aimed to help sustainable growth. There has increase in competition for the global beverage industry. However, there are opportunities for business improvements due to several factors such as new emerging markets. This market is major containing two types of drinks that are soft drinks and hot drinks.

The major competitors in the global non-alcoholic drinks are Pepsi Company and Coca-Cola Company. These two companies have dominated the market for a long time and enjoy the world’s largest market share. Sales of the beverages products are seasonal. The sales are on the peak during the warm months and lowest during the cold seasons. There are varying consumer preferences in this market and therefore they drive product diversification. Coca Cola and Pepsi Company has very strong brands in the market that are very known and preferred by consumers.

On one hand, Pepsi soft drink brands which major include Pepsi and Mountain Dew which are the major drinks but Coca products are not the company’s only drinks. Pepsi Company also sells Fruit Juice like Tropical Orange Juice, Storage sport drink, tea, and water. Besides these strong brands by Pepsi Company Coca Cola s the major brand name with a variety of product line like Coca Cola, Faint, and Sprite among others. The major barriers to entry in this market are due to strong market competition from these two companies and health regulations of the products.

These two companies among others offer direct competition to the Fresh Company products. In addition, there is also other form of direct competition from other companies. This will be major depending on the consumer’s behaviors and their taste and preferences. Hot drinks beverages companies like coffee and tea outlets act as a substitute for our products. Companies like Lily that produce Espresso which is a major competitor in the coffee industry will offer significant competition to our hot drink products.

However, besides the existence of strong competitors our marketing plans and strategies will offer an opportunity to thrive in this competitive market. To begin with, the company will introduce the energy drink product line. The energy drink, Fresh Storage, will obtain a significant market share due to less in mind that this sector is rapidly growing through out the world. This offers a great opportunity for rapid growth for the energy drink line. The company will use aggressive advertisement and promotion to reach to its target customers.

The company will used several channels including print media, TV Billboards, Social Media Advertisement among others. The company will use the five If’s strategy to take its information to its customers; I. Functions. The company will produce high quality beverages that will meet the customers’ expectations. The energy drink will boost the athlete’s performance in their sports. Other products will ensure our customers are always refreshed. It. Finances. The company will offer affordable products to all our customers. In addition, our products will contribute positively to the productivity of our consumers once they take their drinks.

For example, our energy drinks will enhance the performance of the athletes. Iii. Freedom. The product will be available in the stores next door. Our customers will have the freedom to purchase our product any time of the day that is convenient to them. ‘v. Feelings. The company will offer respectable brands for all our customers. The company will also employ respectable personnel with good customer service and relation. V. Future. Our products will enhance the customers’ productivity in the future. The company will produce high quality drinks that will boost productivity of the consumers and therefore a productive future.

The marketing vehicles of the company will help us to implement our marketing strategies and plans. The company will advertise its product using several channels. To begin with the company will use social media. The marketing team will create a Backbone page where several adverts will be placed. An Mainstream account will also be opened to share pictures of our customers enjoying our drinks. Other social media channel will include Twitter and Linked. The use of social media is a current trend on advertising and companies like Pepsi has been successful in using this channel.

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