Marketing Plan Executive Summary Assignment

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Many of our premier services we offer to our patients are those in our Heart and Vascular Center, where international procedures are asking place every day in order to prevent our patients from having to undergo open-heart surgeries and being transferred to tertiary facilities. The Heart & Vascular Center is equipped with state-of-the-art procedure rooms that offer patients the most advanced form of cardiovascular imaging in the area. We employ the latest heart care and vascular technology which provides the ability to perform both cardiac and peripheral vascular procedures on a single system.

Our technology gives detailed diagnostic information that leads to effective treatments of heart and vascular diseases. This up to date equipment is at the inserting of our physicians allowing them to perform intricate procedures such as placing balloons, extents and other therapeutic_ agents in vessels requiring treatment. By informing our service area and the general public of our competent and well educated cardiology specialists and elegant state-of-the-art amenities through grassroots outlets and direct contact, (Insert) will quickly gain more market share.

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We will also provide benchmark customer service and flexibility _ Targeted consumers of our services will be those individuals and families in nearby communities at higher risks of contracting cardiovascular sissies due to lifestyle choices, family history, and certain demographics. These patients are usually referred after admittance to our facility or by other health care professionals such as primary care physicians, outside specialists, or extended care facilities.

Our hospital has already developed an excellent reputation With many Of these professionals, but plans to align ourselves With even more community health providers in order to attract more patrons in our service area. We also will also utilize data obtained from the Georgia Hospital Association to solicit consumers in our service area directly. There are currently tuft other hospitals that serve North Decatur. One is a research based hospital located less than ten miles away from our location.

Due to the lack of highly skilled physicians specializing in international cardiovascular procedures, we believe that once this is communicated with our service network, interest in their cardiovascular services will decline greatly. The other hospital currently operating in our area only markets in to small number of our targeted zip codes; they also do not otter the unique blend to specialty care and patient engagement which (Insert} will be providing. Objectives Increase brand awareness, evidenced by an increase in unsolicited requests for services.

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