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Our company is providing a place to dream of as you try to escape the daily stresses of life and just a comfortable place to meet your friends, where the customer can receive quality food, service and entertainment at a reasonable price. The Cupcake hut will offer a variety of choices to the customers.

Cupcake of all sorts are offer for sweet lovers with variants in coffee and tea. The interior design of the building will focus on projecting a relaxed atmosphere. Cupcake hut will be divided into different areas. Some will have comfortable tables and chairs, an audio-music system will be installed so that the music can be heard throughout. A large selection of table games will be provided. Mission Statement: To provide a friendly, comfortable atmosphere where the customer can receive quality food, service and entertainment at a reasonable price.

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Current Marketing Situation: From the last four years many businesses has started operating in Sucker egging and many professionals are working in different banks and companies but it has been observed that they did not find any place to serve their UN- inform guest or outdoor official get together. Market Description: Our market consist of professionals and middle class families who prefer to go the places where they can find relaxation of stresses from their work and the customers who want spend time in fresh environment.

Product Review: Our company, Cupcake Hut offers the following features. Product sum includes: – Fresh cupcake (with variants) – Coffee & Tea (with variants) Services: – Free Wi-If connectivity – Party celebrations – Home delivery – Online reserved tables – Indoor games (snooker etc) Environment: fully air-conditioned and comfortable sitting environment with soft voice of music. In terms of Environment…. Segment Demands and Corresponding features: Targeted Segment Customer Demands Corresponding features Professionals (consumer market) Place to serve their guest in comfortable atmosphere.

Wi-if connectivity to discuss businesses. Middle class family Family gathering and celebration of parties (birthday etc) Cakes on offer. Decorated environment. Competitive Review: Competitors Ta regret Segments Features Cafe-al-Feared Middle class Fast food, lunch and dinner. Crowded environ meet. Don Restaurant NO standardize class Tea and snacks. Outdoor. KEF High class families Fast food. Self purchase. Pizza Town High class & middle class Operating in fast food.

SOOT Analysis : Strength: – Variants in Cupcakes, tea and coffee High quality in terms of freshness – It can be made with any type of design according to our consumer’s desire. Weakness: – Parking problem – quality maintenance is difficult for each product new business – high rent cost Opportunities: – Trend is increasing for cupcake parties rather than traditional cakes. No any other cupcake business. – Availability of cupcakes for home parties. – Office demonstration.

The read: – local bakeries – sustainability issue Objectives and Issues: We have set profitable and achievable objectives for the first and second years of market entry. First year objective: we are aiming to have 25,584 unit sales in the initial year for break even. Second year objective: As we will create customer value within a year so for he second year we are aiming to have 35,000 unit sales. Issues: We have to invest heavily in market to create distinctive image with tuff competition.

As our company is a new concept so we will have to make more efforts for awareness and promotion Champaign. Marketing Strategy: Positioning: We are positioning our company in terms of environment by providing fresh, friendly and professional environment for our target customers. Product Strategy: Our product, cupcake is having one day life.

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