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Chooks-to-Go is a chain of stores owned by Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. (BABY), a privately owned company operating in the Philippines. It offers roast chicken and processed meats for off-premise consumption, and is the largest roasted chicken retail business in the country. Chooks-to-Go currently has close to a thousand stores. The majority of the outlets are in suburban areas and small towns, enabling access to a larger part of the population. The product mix is often adjusted to suit local preference. The brand has 23 processing plants across the country, allowing logistical and recessing flexibility to match daily orders.

A cold-chain system delivers fresh products every day. Food safety is constantly monitored, with HACK compliance underway SOOT ANALYSIS Strengths Strong Management Unique Products Cost Advantages Pricing Power Customer Loyalty Brand Name Weaknesses Weak Supply Chain Opportunities Online Market Innovation New Products New Markets Threats Bad Economy Mature Markets Intense Competition Change in Tastes OBJECTIVE Chooks to go company objectives is to maintain the good image of their company that known to their “mascara chit waling Sara” motto.

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Continues build a good relation marketing plan By Generating business that give a profit to them. MARKET ANALYSIS Table 1. 1 Market Segment by Age Age Tally Percent is the one who got the highest percent with 35%. And the one who got the lowest percent is the 13 – 16 because they don’t have more purchase power to buy. Table 1. 2 Market Segment by Occupation Occupation Student Office Employed 9 45% Government Employed Self-Employed Others

As we can see to the table the one who got the highest percent is the Office Employed with 45% and the lowest is the Student and Self-Employed with 10%, it is because the Chooks-to-Go didn’t offer some budget for some Student who wants to avail their products. ACTION PLAN Product Innovation of product Description Chooks-t&Go is known for their quality roasted chicken product but they can innovate some more product to offer for their prospect customer. Time Frame 3 months – 6 months Estimated Budget 500,000 – 600,000 Estimated return of investment 800,000 – 900,000 Price Penetration Pricing Product

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