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Philippine Junior Marketing Association MARKETING PLAN COMPETITION SYNERGY TRANING PROGRAM Currently we have a problem regarding to establish our big idea test which is comprised of: Consumer Insight + Product Truth = BIG IDEA Example: Pepsi and Nestle will be merge, what BIG IDEA can you give? Look at the two companies’ product truth. Pepsi: Upbeat, lively, active lifestyle products Nestle: good life, healthy living, So what’s the big idea?? BIG IDEA: “Step Up to a Good Life” “Step up”- is for Pepsi and “Good Life” ??? is for Nestle (did you see the logic? ) “STEP OUT OF THE BOX AND THINK OF GREAT THINGS

WE MUST MAKE IT SIMPLE BUT EVERYBODY CAN GRASP IT MOST ESPECIALLY OUR TARGET MARKET” CONSUMER INSIGHT: “As a regular marketing student, I want to see the real value of my job in the real world in order to be contributive for our country. ” (On how they pursue to view their real value in the future? ) By best trainings, concrete lessons and hard core marketing stuff. PRODUCT TRUTH: (again our product is PJMA as an Org); “PJMA creates opportunities for students, (big, small, smart or regular kids) to build CHARACTER and CAREER. ” BIG IDEA: PJMA and I: “GEARING TOWARDS JuaNATION”

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ANO ANG DATING NITO KAPAG NABASA ITO NG CONSUMER? AKO AT ANG PJMA , KASAMA KO TUNGO SA ISANG MAKABANSANG PAG-AHON * Client Centered * Direct to the consumer insight * Direct to the product truth that PJMA will provide Is the Big Idea still corporate it looks like makabayan? YES! Because as business entities we claim to ourselves that the our nation will expand through business, AND BY THIS BIG IDEA WE WILL MAKE A UNIQUE STORY, A UNIQUE STORY THAT PJMA AND STUDENTS WILL BE NEVER FORGET. * Ordinary Student * Unreached * Spreading of Influence * More project handlings STRUCTURE

WHAT WILL BE POSTED IN OUR COVER PAGE?? WHAT ARE THE ELEMENTS THAT WE NEED TO USE?? * MAP OF THE PHILIPPINES * SUN RISE * HANDS REACHING EACH OTHERS * SIGNAL CONNECTION EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: SAKA NA YAN.. I. STATEMENT OF THE MARKETING CHALLENGE * Theme PJMA and I: “GEARING TOWARDS JuaNATION” The theme hereof, signifies that the business students are having an intact or interpersonal commitment with PJMA for developing themselves for the development of our nation. * Marketing Objectives a. Primary (MAIN OBJECTIVE) To expand the penetration of the market of half of its volume in this year. Specific * Measurable * Attainable * Realistic * Time Bound b. Specific (Supporting Actions of Primary Objective) To develop stronger Brand Image at 90% increase at the 4th quarter of the year as its completion. To develop a High Quality Training within the organization with a success rate of 85% at the 1st quarter of the year. (Peer Coach: “Percentage is based on your assumptions and in marketing, most that are given are intelligent assumptions and as long as you know you have enough justifications for your assumptions, you don’t need hard facts. “) II. SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS . Company (PJMA) Analysis i. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTH| The organization has large database consisting of 60 member schools with over 60,000 marketing students. The organization has in touch the feelings of the Filipino youth for the development of the country with a pride and honor of being a Filipino. | WEAKNESS| The organization has a weak brand image causing the market share not increase of the half of the volume of it. The organization doesn’t establish a complete interpersonal contact to the market. “It’s not being above/ superior to the market but being one with them. | OPPORTUNITY| The market will gain knowledge and skills in the field of marketing. The market will gain a job opportunity and expose them in marketing arena. | TREATHS| The market penetration is low due to the weak brand image despite of the good marketing tactics. * The market has low interpersonal relationship to organization. * The competitor provides intensive promotion and establishes trust within the market. | ii. Focus The organization is centralized to serve Filipino Youth Marketers and promising young leaders of the country through the Filipino Factor. iii. Culture

The organization as an official affiliate of Philippine Marketing Association pursuit of excellence in all the endeavors and professionalism in the field of marketing, with the aim of attaining the essential skills and developing socially responsible individuals, for the betterment of the society and our country. b. Market Analysis i. Number ii. Types iii. Value c. Competitor Analysis i. Market position ii. Market Share III. Marketing Program a. Main Strategies i. Market Development ii. Service Development b. Product Strategies c. Price Strategies d. Distribution Strategies e. Promotion Strategies IV. Short Term Projections

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