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Short burn times c loud be c caused by breaks in ignition wires, a worn rotor button, etc . Long burn times c loud be from fouled spark plugs, a rich h fuel mixture, etc . Power Balance Test: This test measures each h c yielder c nutrition relative to the others by turning off the spark plugs one at a time. All of the % drop numbers should be within 10% of one another. Out of range readings will be c impaired to other tests TCO infirm a problem. In addition to these major tests, the following other information will be determined: Life of brake pads and c notation of the c lappers and disc s/drums. Usable life of the tires. Temperature range of the engine coolant.

Page 4 Condition of instrument c luster and all working elect trip features within the interior of the vehicle lee. Ђ Condition of the belts and hoses, C.V. Joints and boots, exhaust, suspension c monuments, emergence y brake. The results of the inspect Zion are delivered on the spot in a 100 point inspect Zion regime. From the information provided with the inspect Zion, the c linen will know exec TTYL what is wrong with the c ar. This is useful beck cause depending on the c notation of the c ar, it might dissuade the person from purr hashing it, or will be used as leverage to reduce e the price e to AC c aunt for the needed repairs. 4. 0 Market Analysis Summary The market for used c ar inspect actions is made up of people topic ally purr hashing chic less over $5,000.

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While the c cost of the inspect Zion is $100, not a significant ant sum, not all people get an inspect Zion. This co c ours for one of two reasons, 1) they are unable to due to the restrict dive business hours of traditional mice Hanoi s, 2) the people do not race agonize the strong c cost benefit analysis argument for spending $100 to find out everything that c loud be wrong with a used c ar before it is purr hashed. These people will be targeted with a marketing message that c mnemonic dates the thoroughness of the inspect actions, as well as the newfound c nonviolence relative to other service e providers. Page 5 . 1 Market Segmentation Portland Mobile Auto Inspect tort’ target c customer will be a used c ar buyer, topic ally looking for a c ar over $5,000.

The used c ar buyer purr hashing c ar below $5,000 topic ally is looking for basic transportation and is not all that c once earned with the possible problems that might affect t the vehicle lee. In general they AC c pet the face t that there are going to be problems with the c ar and they are not willing to pay someone to tell them that there are a many things wrong with the c ar which h they c Anton afford to fix. Portland Mobile Auto Inspect tort’ c customer is buying a used c ar or one of two reasons, 1) they c Anton afford what the want in a new c ar, or 2) they race agonize the value that they gain by purr hashing a used c ar. This value is generating by the face t that a new c ar will deeper late the most, 20%, within the first year.

The target c customer has topic ally done their research h and narrowed down their search h too few different vehicles. They have looked at the car and found that it meets their needs. The last step is to make sure the c ar is in good c notation. Market Analysis Yearly Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Potential Customers Growth

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