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The realty industry today has changed so much that each sector needs special skills to make it work efficiently. All over the world, prices are fluctuating. Global agencies monitor trends in the top influential cities. With many foreign investments in India and NRIs returning, the Indian property market watch is on the top most of every big agency. Mumbai is the costliest city to live in Asia. To understand real estate marketing one should at least have the minimum knowledge required to step into the complex industry. Out there, plenty of smart operators are looking for suckers.

They may not be dishonest but will technically confuse you to pay higher price and outsmart you. Therefore, if you know your onions and the deep layers beyond the skins it helps to get the best. The purchasing power of the new generation of Indians has increased. They are investing in real estate in a big way- in terms of investment and assets. People have acquired refined tastes in housing needs and become professional in dealing with builders. Financial companies and banks have given a boost to real estate marketing as well.

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To add to this the government has allowed foreign investors also to test the market conditions here have helped. Every area of real estate be it industrial, retail space, malls, office complexes, residential colonies, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare units have a vast potential for growth. As more opportunities grow for people to work they also wish to invest in places close by to live in. Builders or developers in various regions are now separately marketing each space. Even home loan companies and banks are independently marketing the properties they are giving loans.

This helps them to guide their dedicated clientele and ensure the marketing trends remain closely monitored for future development. They generally have customer relationship executives who are assigned (usually area wise) to assist customers in making decisions. They do have good knowledge, are professionals on the job and customers do benefit if they are not very familiar with various technicalities. Each company has its own marketing device and portfolio to attract customers. Various tie ups with groups in India and overseas have taken place this year ith increase in FDI. MGF Developments based in N However, on the other side everyone or every other executive does not feel the real estate sector in India is being well marketed or ew Delhi and Emmar Properties based in Dubai have joined hands in the first quarter of 2006 for investments within the country. Nowadays most of real estate focus is on shopping malls and residential complexes. In some areas down south, the thrust is on IT parks, and corporate offices and resorts. managed. Yes, there are some gray areas, which need to be covered up.

For instance, foreigners who wish to invest or firms who are looking at Indian partners are feeling the crunch of bureaucracy and familial ways of working. This obviously makes it difficult for them tapped wisely. A proper way is to have real estate marketing with the right professionals. Everyone wants to cash on the business. to do business. The potential is there but it needs to be Think about it. A sales letter is the most powerful employee you could ever hire. For about the price of a cup of coffee – it will relentlessly go out and deliver your message perfectly, every time.

It will never call in sick. It will never complain. And it will never quit on you. Simply put, a powerful sales letter is like having a little automatic, money-making robot working for you, tirelessly… day and night. But Creating That Winning Sales Letter Is The Hard Part… It could take you years and can cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combinations that make some sales letters work – while others fall flat on their face. ??? A brief overview of what marketing is ??? The mindset required to achieve marketing success ??? 9 key elements of successful marketing 6 common myths of marketing ??? How marketing real estate services is different from product marketing ??? How to set goals for your business ??? How to choose a real estate niche ??? Why mass marketing no longer works ??? How to create a marketing message and unique selling proposition (USP) ??? How to talk about what you do for a living ??? How to understand the process for how and why clients buy ??? How to create marketing materials that capture prospects’ attention ??? Ways to prioritize which prospects to follow up with ??? How to develop a referral system

Secrets To Generating Lifelong Clients Selling real estate is a tough job, especially when you don’t get paid until your client buys or sells a home. That means you need a lot of cash upfront to keep your business alive, from all of the marketing and advertising expenses, MLS and trade association fees, office supplies, and other overhead costs… not to mention your living expenses. Yet many real estate agents waste considerable advertising dollars prospecting for new clients while leaving cash on the table from their current and past clients.

What if there was a way to maximize your profit from each client so that the next time they are ready to buy or sell their home, you are the first person they think of? A way that builds relationships so that they repeatedly refer you new business. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on prospecting that gets minimal results at best, you can rely on your clients to send you repeat business. That way lies in attracting the right clients to your business. Some clients are a pleasure to work with.

Talking with them makes your day because they view you as a trusted advisor and value your opinion. But many clients aren’t like that. They will waste your time, ask you to lower your commission fees, disrespect you, put off making decisions, or just won’t take the necessary steps to move forward with buying or selling their home. If you’ve ever worked with someone like that, maybe you thought you did something wrong. The truth is that you were dealing with someone who would never make a good client, and it would have been better to avoid them and move on.

If you’ve ever wished you could be more selective in choosing the clients you work with, like turning away those tire-kickers and energy vampires, then the audio program, “Generating Lifelong Clients Workshop” is for you. This Program Is For You If… ??? You want to learn how to make more money and generate more referrals from your current clients. ??? You are still struggling to identify and work with clients who value and will pay for your services. ??? You want to choose a profitable real estate niche to target. ??? You would like to be more selective with which prospects you take on as clients. You haven’t defined who would make an ideal client for you. ??? You have a list of past clients but haven’t contacted them in awhile. Here’s What You’ll Learn: Here are more details on what the program covers. ??? The 3 main ways to grow your business. ??? How to calculate the lifetime value of your clients. ??? How to figure out how much you are spending to acquire a new client and how much profit you make per client. ??? 7 ways to start generating more revenue from clients. ??? The best way to insure you provide exceptional client service. How to narrow your focus by choosing a profitable target market. ??? How to define your ideal client profile if you already have clients. ??? How to define your target market and ideal client profile if you are just starting out. ??? Tips for handling client problems. ??? A three step system for generating more referrals. Ordering Details for This Program In this program, you’ll learn the step-by-step strategies for identifying ideal clients for your business. Here’s what you get: ??? 64-minute audio lecture delivered in MP3 format 30-page transcription of the talk delivered in PDF format ??? 42-page workbook with 6 worksheets so you can implement what you’ve learned delivered in PDF format ??? 100% money back guarantee of satisfaction |Marketing Planning Strategy #1: Perhaps the single, most important |Marketing Strategy #6: Speaking of media relations, another strategy| |marketing strategy that should be practiced by all small business |worth exploring is to let the media know that you’re an expert in | |owners is to make marketing a daily routine. Granted, there may be |your field and are available as a company or industry spokesperson. |101 different priorities vying for your attention at any given |Depending on your credentials, as well as your comfort-level with | |moment, but if you neglect marketing on more than just an occasional|being interviewed by a reporter, you might want to send a brief | |basis, then you risk losing potential sales, being overtaken by the |letter outlining your accomplishments and expertise, and encourage | |competition, and placing self-imposed limitations on your income |them to call you if they need comments, quotes, background | |growth.

In a challenging economy it’s more important than ever to be|information, or opinion on a news article or feature story they’re | |known as a company that provides value, dependability, and great |working on. The positive publicity, credibility, and recognition you| |service. Without some sort of regular marketing program, your |could potentially get from this kind of coverage can potentially | |existing and prospective customers may find themselves to be |give your business or practice a real boost. |unexpectedly interested in your competitor’s latest offerings — |Marketing Strategy #7: Business cards can either by a waste of paper| |which may have been brought to their attention through a postcard |or an effective bridge between a prospect and their potential as a | |mailing, a trade show exhibit, a blog posting, a phone call, a press|long-term client. Business cards are an integral element of your | |release, a brochure, a door-hanger, or a well-written sales letter. company’s branding strategy, and can sometimes make or break you | |(It’s the old “out of sight, out of mind” principle. ) |when it comes to getting prospects to take you seriously. A lot of | |Marketing Strategy #2: Develop a “marketing consciousness”. If you |companies skimp on business card design, concept development, and | |can get yourself to become just a little “obsessed” with marketing, |printing; and that lackluster image is conveyed directly to | |then you’ll tend to read more marketing books, attend more marketing|prospective clients.

Bottom line is: Your chances of favorably | |seminars, and discover more marketing websites, newsletters, and |impressing prospects will improve substantially if your business | |blogs that will provide you with valuable ideas and inspiration. Of |cards are printed on high-quality paper, display a | |equal importance is becoming more attuned to how other people are |professional-looking logo, and use a font style that’s easy to read | |marketing their businesses, and learning from their successes and |and is representative of the nature of your business.

Your business | |marketing blunders. |cards should also contain either a well thought-out slogan or a | |Marketing Strategy #3: Continually ask questions, re-evaluate what |short bulletted list that capsulizes your services, your expertise, | |you’re doing, and be flexible. If your website isn’t converting the |and your commitment to excellence. | |way it ought to be, try to pinpoint its weaknesses and correct them. |Marketing Planning Strategy #8: Anticipate why a prospective | |The same holds true for print ads that are not generating responses. customer might be reluctant or ambivalent about doing business with | |If the solution doesn’t jump right out at you, ask your associates, |you, and then make sure to address their concerns in a clear, | |acquaintances, neighbors, or spouse what their initial gut reaction |deliberate, and confident way. Guarantees of satisfaction, | |is to your latest print ad, website landing page, a marketing |believable testimonials from satisfied customers, and assurances of | |postcard, or a radio ad.

Instead of asking them what they think of |dependable customer service after the sale are a few of the ways | |it, ask them the more pointed question of how they think it could be|that you can reduce sales resistance. | |improved (and assure them that you won’t be offended by their |Marketing Strategy #9: If you find yourself chatting with a blogger | |constructive criticism). Useful feedback can often come from |who’s in your profession or industry, but does not directly compete | |unexpected sources. with you, offer to fill in for him, occasionally, as a “guest | |Marketing Strategy #4: Start a blog related to your area of |blogger”. Blogging can be a pretty arduous undertaking, so they | |expertise about solving or preventing problems or making the most |might welcome the chance to take a break and present their readers | |out of the products or services you offer. Then, invite your |with a slightly different point of view.

Make sure, of course, that | |customers and prospective customers to check our your latest blog |you are allowed to include one or two links back to your website. | |posts. Blogging will help give you more credibility as an expert, |This will accomplish two objectives: 1) You’ll probably draw in | |and it will also help keep your name and company in the forefront of|anywhere from a “trickle” to a “flood” of additional traffic to your| |your customers’ minds. website, and 2) Inbound links to your site from other relevant, high| | |quality sites can help improve your search engine positioning | | |(ranking) in Google, resulted in more targeted traffic and potential| |Marketing Strategy #5: Email a press release to your local media |customers. |whenever you have anything newsworthy to announce. It’s a free way |Marketing Planning Strategy #10: When developing a marketing plan, | |to keep your name in front of the public, and it should be a part of|don’t forget that there is a huge range of marketing ideas you can | |an integrated marketing strategy. Two tips 1) Insert your press |employ, many of which are free or inexpensive.

Marketing ideas and | |release into the body of your short, introductory email message. The|techniques include yellow pages advertising, Pay Per Click | |reason for doing that is many reporters and editors don’t like to |advertising on Google and other Internet portals, exhibiting in | |open email attachments. 2) Only send press releases if you have |trade shows, networking at local/regional professional conferences | |something newsworthy to announce.

That could include hiring new |and business groups, knowing how to write a business proposal (and a| |employees, getting a government grant, organizing a successful fund |good business proposal letter), using direct mail to your advantage,| |raising event, a grand opening, a new web site, being a keynote |distributing coupons, brochures, flyers, postcard marketing, | |speaker at a seminar or graduation ceremony, a business expansion or|sponsoring contests, and of course, traditional media advertising, | |relocation, and that sort of thing. such as radio, TV, newspaper, and magazine display ads. Raising your| | |visibility through participation in online social networking sites, | | |such as Linkedin. com, is becoming an increasingly effective way to | |Professional PR Management Software |gain valuable exposure.

That’s just the short list of marketing | |PublicityBuilder provides everything to plan, create and deliver a |strategies you can pursue as part of a planned marketing campaign, | |PR campaign. Use the tools used by PR agencies! Includes a |so devise an exhaustive list of possibilities, target your audience,| |collection of public relations management templates, including press|and then plan a marketing campaign based on your budget and your | |releases, that you can easily edit with Microsoft?? Word.

Expert |goals. | |comments throughout each document provide direction, ideas, and | | |examples. Includes Microsoft Excel?? budgeting worksheets. | | |Get your products, services & business featured in blogs, websites, |Professional Marketing Planning Software | |magazines, newspapers, and on TV.

Multi-user capability enables |MarketingBuilder provides everything to develop your strategy, | |collaboration over the Internet. More about PR software… [pic] |organize your plan, and set priorities to create successful | |15-years refinement |marketing campaigns. It manages a collection of sample business | |Professionally formatted. |marketing plan templates that you can easily edit using Microsoft?? | |Versions for Windows or Macintosh |Word.

With step-by-step instructions, samples, and over 80 templates| |Downloadable |to help you get the best results for your marketing investment. Also| | |includes 33 customizable decision support tools in Excel?? to analyze| | |options, substantiate promotions and measure results — simply fill | |[pic][pic] |in the variables and print.

Multi-user capability enables | | |collaboration over the Internet (Win only for now). More about | | |marketing plan software… [pic] | | |20+ years refinement | | |Professionally formatted. | |Versions for Windows or Macintosh | | |Downloadable | | | |

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