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Production Objectives. To continue the company’s achievement In producing the great-tasting mouthwash In the next 3 years. To achieve grater efficiencies and operational excellence in the next 3 years. To provide consumers now and for generations to come with products that are of superior quality and value. Finance Objectives. To have an increment of 20% in revenue in the next 3 years. To maintain their market dominance and gain more profit for the organization in the next 3 years. Marketing Objectives. To continue doing research to Improve Scope that the mouthwash can Indeed reduce league better then Flax.

To advertise Scope as not only a “breath refreshment and good tasting” mouthwash, but also a mouthwash that fights plaque as well. Marketing Mix. Product Strategy. Scope is a product-oriented in the mouthwash marketplace which is under the health care industry. Scope’s primary products are to serve customers to help them with bad-breath protection with a great after taste as well. The products slogan “Scope fights bad breath. Don’t let the good taste fool you”. The company is also the leading market share In Canada. Scope most famous flavors of mouthwash are Orlando mint green), Peppermint, Cinnamon and Citrus.

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Price Penetration Strategy. Price Penetration Strategy can be define as a company offering a low price for a product and it is lower compared to other competitors. As seen in the case study, Scope implemented this strategy by marking their prices lower than other competitors especially in food stores as compared to drug stores. This strategy is to gain more consumers compared to the competitors. Scope place their prices slightly lower in the food store compared to the drug store due to the number of users and the effectiveness of advertising. Channel Strategy. Scope is currently the leader of market share.

This can be due to the several distribution channels that Scope has implemented. Their products are displayed mostly in food stores such as supermarket and drugstores, where 65 percent of all mouthwash sales went through drugstores white 35 percent of sales went through food stores. Other then that, Scope also distributed to wholesale clubs such as Price Club and Cost are also accounting for a greater share of mouthwash sales to further strengthen their market share. Communication Strategy. Scope communication strategy is advertising. Scope strategy has always been “breath freshmen and good tasting” focused.

Therefore their target market are usual targeted to consumers that wants to get rid with bad breath and how they advertised it is by Television advertising mainly with their slogan “Scope fights bad breath. Don’t’ let the good taste fool you”. Other then that, Scope’s other communication strategy is giving away free samples of their products. Scope uses this strategy to market their new product and for consumers to sample them first before convincing them to buy their products. Then in return, Scope would be able to increase their sales and maintain being the leader in the industry.

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