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I will present you key responsibilities off marketing manager that Include: – Management of the marketing mix : UP – Developing the marketing strategy: Target Market, Collaborators, Competitors Marketing Mix Product Hewlett Packard provides Infrastructure technology, business process outsourcing, technology support and maintenance, networking products and resources, consulting and integration services and software, as well as personal computing and related access devices, imaging and printing related products and services. The usage of notebook in recent years increases tremendously.

HP focuses on their research and development of notebook in such a way that certain types of notebooks are specifically programmed and designed for professional use whereas some other type of notebooks are specifically programmed for personal use. Place Since our product is within an existing firm, we would be continuing with the sales tactics that the Hewlett and Packard Company has already established. Currently the reduces made by the company are sold in chains, In deed, sell in stores is the most efficient way to reach the most consumers within our target market.

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With having our product available in many different stores It Is easier for us to malting good customer relations as well as keep up with our technical support. But we will also be continuing with online sales of the products on the company website as well. Promotion The most effective way to reach our target market of consumers Is through pulsing television advertisements, magazine ads, promotions and online advertisements ( for example on the websites of our collaborators we will have to educate consumers on all that our product has to offer as well as making them aware of the benefits that they will receive when purchasing our computers.

Price The pricing strategy of our company is penetration pricing. We will enter the market as a new product but under an existing company. We want to Increase our market share in order to discourage competitor companies from entering our market. In this practice of pricing, we will offer the new product at a lower price in order to attract customers. This will make current and new customers aware of our product to then increase out market share and increase sales volume.

The Marketing Strategy Target Market With our product of personalization, we are looking at a target market of professional product line, when they buy the computer we will collaborate with the companies so that all of the software programs they need for their careers is already installed right for use. However, we have to be careful to target not the individuals that are working for the corporations but rather the decision maker within that business. In order to cake a sale of our product our customer base becomes the person who will influence the higher up’s in the company that purchasing our product is a smart business move.

Moreover, we are also looking at individuals : people nowadays lead busy lifestyles trying to balance both a work life and a family life. Sales of PC’s for personal utilization like social network, games, watching movies etc… HP has branding their products and services in such a way that they are actually targeting at medium and high-medium income consumers. Collaborators The largest collaborators for us will be the software manufacturers. The main companies will be Microsoft, Parametric Technology Company, and Terracotta Corporation. Parametric Technology Corporation (known for making Pro-Engineer) is a U. S. Based company that develops, markets, and supports software for product development. Terracotta Corporation (the maker of Prima) is another American computer company that sells database software for data warehouses and analytic applications. Besides Just simply supplying us with the licensing and right to sell their software without computer systems pre-installed, the collaboration effort would include staff training for better troubleshooting assistance, cooperative marketing initiatives, and cooperative engineering for seamless integration between current and future HP hardware with partners software development.

Both sides will experience benefits from collaboration. As partners the cooperative marketing plan is to maximize the scope and reach of advertising and better informing the market segment of potential benefits resulting from the purchase of HP computers. Competitors The market entry strategy we plan to function in is Product Development (when you cake a new product and place it in a present market). We can have a lot of success because our products are different than the already customizable functions you can get in PC’s.

With HP being the world’s leading provider of PC’s consumer and commercial printer hardware and the number one position in the US enterprise market, this means that many other companies are looking to design products to help compete. The current competitors in hardware sales and data processing and hosting services are the most relevant competitors. The main competitor in the computer and packaged software market is Dell. Dell controls 9% of the given market compared to Haps’ 7%.

In the data processing market HP leads with 15% market share compared to ‘Bums’ 14% second highest in the industry. Due to the uniqueness of Haps’ product a competitive advantage in product differentiation will be developed and exploited. Our contracts with software providers along with current corporate customer relationships will provide a large head-start and competitive advantage over any competition that attempts to offer similar customized computers. Our speed and performance, included software, assistance, and support will be unrivaled in the market.

With these advantages, HP will be able to get the leading market shares I will present you key responsibilities of a marketing manager that include: Marketing mix : Product = Infrastructure and support technology, networking, resources, integration services, software, personal PC’s and printing. Notebook. Professional and personal. Place = Sell in stores and online sales. Promotion = TV, Press, Internet ads. Price = Penetration pricing. New product Existing company. Lower price -> attract customers. Increase market share. Marketing strategy : Target market = professional, corporations, companies, individuals.

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